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Trang Dang

Living place: Vietnam

Birthday: 13-11-1997 (27 years old)

Population of the world 1997: 5.840 billions

Global rank: #73391


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Who is CEO Trang Dang?
CEO Trang Dang's full name is Dang Thi Phuong Trang, not only owns a beautiful and charming beauty, she is also the owner of the EDENA beauty salon and the fashion store Rabbit West Boutique, which is trusted by many people. Beauty products trust to choose.
Share about the opportunity to come to the field of aesthetics - a field that is considered extremely fierce and difficult, Trang Dang said: "The reason why I built EDENA from understanding the beauty needs of many women, those with facial defects, or women who want to look more confident but do not have the conditions to do it or not. She was still afraid because she could not find a reputable address." Starting from that sympathy and understanding, Trang Dang bravely stepped in to build the EDENA beauty salon brand with the goal of becoming the leading beauty address. for women. Since its establishment, EDENA has always aimed at the following goals: Real prestige - Real safety - Real quality - Real attractive price. To do that, Trang Dang always strives to bring customers the best service and products. Currently, EDENA has become a name that is trusted and chosen by a large number of customers, with a solid position in the market and an established reputation.
To achieve the current success. , "Boss" Trang Dang of EDENA has experienced many difficulties. She shared that initially she did not receive support from her husband when she came up with the idea of ​​​​doing in the cosmetology profession. Because this market faces many controversies and faces many challenges and difficulties. However, with her bravery and strength, Trang Dang not only convinced her husband but also made him voluntarily become her effective assistant.
As can be seen, successful Trang Dang's success is predictable because of her enthusiasm, intelligence and business bravery. EDENA's success is also a reward for her efforts in the past time. Not only successful in the market, Trang Dang also has a happy home with her husband and cute little angel. This is also a great motivation to help female CEOs stand firm in the face of difficulties and strive to rise up. No less than the beauty of a big star, ideal height and lovely figure, that is also the point that makes many people impressed when it comes to CEO Trang Dang.

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When was CEO Trang Dang born?
Trang Dang birthday 13-11-1997 (at the age of 27).
Where is CEO Trang Dang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Trang Dang was born in Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Ox. Trang Dang's global rank is 73391 and whose rank is 199 in list of famous CEO. Population of the world in 1997 is about 5.840 billions persons.
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Portrait of CEO Trang Dang
Portrait of CEO Trang Dang
CEO Trang Dang owns a beautiful beauty
CEO Trang Dang owns a beautiful beauty
CEO Trang Dang is the owner of EDENA beauty salon
CEO Trang Dang is the owner of EDENA beauty salon
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Daily life image of CEO Trang Dang

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Events in 1997 and 13-11

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  • Hebron agreement signed; Israel gives up large part of West Bank city of Hebron (Jan. 16). Israeli government approves establishment of Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, a setback in Middle East peace process (Feb. 26). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations
  • US, UK, and France agree to freeze Nazis' gold loot (Feb. 3).
  • Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule (June 30).
  • Khmer Rouge hold trial of longtime leader Pol Pot (July 25).
  • Swiss plan first payment to Holocaust victims (Sept. 17).
  • European Union plans to admit six nations (Dec. 13).

Birthday Trang Dang (13-11) in history

  • Day 13-11 year 1775: U.S. forces, under the command of Gen. Richard Montgomery, captured Montreal during the American Revolution.
  • Day 13-11 year 1927: The world's first long, mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, opened between New York and New Jersey.
  • Day 13-11 year 1940: Walt Disney's Fantasia debuted.
  • Day 13-11 year 1942: The minimum draft age was lowered from 21 to 18.
  • Day 13-11 year 1946: Vincent Schaefer produced artificial snow from a natural cloud for the first time at Mount Greylock in Massachusetts.
  • Day 13-11 year 1956: The Supreme Court struck down laws calling for racial segregation on buses.
  • Day 13-11 year 1982: The Vietnam War Memorial, designed by Maya Lin, was dedicated in Washington, DC.
  • Day 13-11 year 2001: The Taliban abandoned Afghanistan's capital of Kabul when the Northern Alliance entered the city.
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