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So Yoen

Living place: Dong Nai

Birthday: 2-2-1995 (28 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1995: 72 millions

Global rank: #90437


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Phone number: 0908 193 968

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Who is DJ So Yoen?
DJ So Yeon's real name is Pham Thi Que Huong, born in 1995, currently living and working in Bien Hoa city - Dong Nai. She started this job from 2015 to present. She is famous in the DJ industry for her vibrant music sets. Not only possessing musical talent, DJ So Yeon is also noticed by her beautiful beauty and attractive body.
DJ So Yeon is no longer a strange name among young people as well as the Southern DJ village. Through years of relentless efforts, So Yeon is now a familiar face sought after by many bars and pubs, not only in the country but also abroad. Currently, she is still a good leader for a number of different large and small clubs.
Recently, So Yeon also attracted attention when participating in the DJ Star program - a DJ talent search contest conducted by VTVcab. Organized by Star3 Club. With a small but sexy appearance, she is loved and supported by many young people. She quickly amassed a strong fan base.
With an excellent display of her skills accumulated over the years. So Yeon is the only Southern contestant to make it to the top of this program. She was judged by the judges as a female DJ with a lovely face and a catchy and creative way of playing music. Not only that, the BGK also gave winged compliments on her mixing technique. It can be seen that she is one of the elite of the current DJ village.
When asked about the changes after participating in the contest, So Yeon confided: "After the program I was known and loved by many people. Many of you sent messages to cheer me up and get to know me. That made me very happy. And after the show, I joined V. entertainment by Bob. mc. Besides, I have more opportunities, being contacted by many advertising companies to work together."
About the plan in the near future, So Yeon said, in the immediate future. She is still working on her plans. In the next year, So Yeon will launch projects and products to send to everyone. She also hopes that everyone will love and support her more in the near future

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When was DJ So Yoen born?
So Yoen birthday 2-2-1995 (at the age of 28).
Where is DJ So Yoen's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
So Yoen was born in Dong Nai, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Aquarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. So Yoen's global rank is 90437 and whose rank is 594 in list of famous DJ. Population of Vietnam in 1995 is about 72 millions persons.
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DJ So Yeon
DJ So Yeon
The DJ girl has a beautiful and attractive appearance
The DJ girl has a beautiful and attractive appearance
she is currently a familiar face that is sought after by Bar Pubs.
she is currently a familiar face that is sought after by Bar Pubs.

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Events in 1995 and 2-2

Events in the world in the birth year of So Yoen

  • US rescues Mexico's economy with $20-billion aid program (Feb. 21).
  • Russian space station Mir greets first Americans (March 14). US shuttle docks with station (June 27).
  • Nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway kills eight and injures thousands. The Aum Shinrikyo ("Supreme Truth") cult is to blame (March 20). Background: International Terrorism
  • Death toll 2,000 in Rwanda massacre (April 22).
  • Fighting escalates in Bosnia and Croatia (May 1). Warring parties agree on cease-fire (Oct. 5); sign peace treaty (Dec. 14).
  • France explodes nuclear device in Pacific; wide protests ensue (Sept. 5). Background: nuclear weapons
  • Israelis and Palestinians agree on transferring West Bank to Arabs (Sept. 24). Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin slain by Jewish extremist at peace rally (Nov. 4).

Birthday So Yoen (2-2) in history

  • Day 2-2 year 1536: The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is the largest port city founded by Spanish explorer Pedro de Mendoza.
  • Day 2-2 year 1709: Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was rescued after four years alone on a deserted island off the coast of Chile. He was the inspiration for writer Daniel Defoe to write the famous novel "Robinson Crusoe."
  • Day 2-2 year 1848: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the Mexican War, was signed. In the treaty, Mexico ceded to the United States a huge portion of what is today the American West and Southwest, including California and New Mexico.
  • Day 2-2 year 1870: The Cardiff Giant was revealed to be a hoax.
  • Day 2-2 year 1876: The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was formed.
  • Day 2-2 year 1887: The first gathering at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsatawney, Pa. to wait for the groundhog's shadow occurred.
  • Day 2-2 year 1922: James Joyce's Ulysses was published.
  • Day 2-2 year 1943: Nazi troops surrendered in the World War II Battle of Stalingrad.
  • Day 2-2 year 1971: Idi Amin became dictator of Uganda.
  • Day 2-2 year 1980: The Abscam scandal was revealed.
  • Day 2-2 year 1990: South African President F. W. de Klerk lifted a ban on the African National Congress and promised to free Nelson Mandela.
  • Day 2-2 year 2003: Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel stepped down after 13 years.
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