Football player Pham Trong Thy

Pham Trong Thy

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 16-11-1988 (36 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1988: 63,26 millions

Global rank: #1969



Phone number: 0368 491 316

Football player Pham Trong Thy profile

Who is Football player Pham Trong Thy?
Pham Trong Thy, also known as Thy Freestyle, is a very famous guy in Freestyle Soccer. He is interested and loved by a large audience.
Pham Trong Thy was born and raised in Thanh In Ho Chi Minh City, right from middle school, he fell in love with Freestyle Soccer. At the beginning of training, the 8X guy also faced a lot of difficulties and challenges. But with his burning love for the ball and magical transformations, it makes him even more trying, trying and motivated to aspire and conquer. That's why, today, player Pham Trong Thy has become extremely famous with his talent for pitching the ball.
His clever footwork and flattery. He received a standing ovation from the audience. Everyone was watching intently and felt like the ball was "sticking" to his feet, ready to listen to him in every touch. Under the super slow-motion lens of the Galaxy S10+, these movements become even more beautiful when shown in a true and clear way to each moment.
Up to now. Currently, Mr. Pham Trong Thy has been practicing and playing football for more than 15 years, practicing countless beautiful skills, among which are: The skill of 2 rounds around the ball, transferring the ball from the chest to the lap. feet in a lying position, tossing the ball over the head, tossing the ball on the heel, catching the ball in a one-handed position,...
To ignite the love of a round ball, especially in In the field of football, Mr. Trong Thy has set up a fanpage called "Thy Freestyle Soccer". On his personal page, he often shares beautiful clip art from easy to difficult along with exciting sports news. His page has attracted more than 270K followers - a very impressive number.
Pham Trong Thy always upholds the spirit of "Do What You Can't" - Do the impossible when encouraging everyone, whatever their job, to pursue their dreams. "Only through constant effort and perseverance can we achieve unimaginable success."
Nguoinoitieng. tv wishes you good health and more success on the path you have chosen!

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When was Football player Pham Trong Thy born?
Pham Trong Thy birthday 16-11-1988 (at the age of 36).
Where is Football player Pham Trong Thy's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Pham Trong Thy was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Pham Trong Thy's global rank is 1969 and whose rank is 72 in list of famous Football player. Population of Vietnam in 1988 is about 63,26 millions persons.
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Handsome image of player Pham Trong Thy
Handsome image of player Pham Trong Thy
 Pham Trong Thy smiling with the golden cup
Pham Trong Thy smiling with the golden cup
 Pham Trong Thy practicing with the ball
Pham Trong Thy practicing with the ball

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Events in 1988 and 16-11

Events in the world in the birth year of Pham Trong Thy

  • US and Canada reach free trade agreement (Jan. 2). Background: NAFTA
  • Terrorists kill nine tourists on Aegean cruise (July 11).
  • Benazir Bhutto, first Islamic woman prime minister, chosen to lead Pakistan (Dec. 1).
  • Pan-Am 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on ground (Dec. 21).

Birthday Pham Trong Thy (16-11) in history

  • Day 16-11 year 1864: General Sherman and his troops began their "March to the sea" during the Civil War.
  • Day 16-11 year 1907: Oklahoma became the 46th state.
  • Day 16-11 year 1933: The United States and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations.
  • Day 16-11 year 1973: President Nixon signed the bill authorizing the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
  • Day 16-11 year 1995: International Tolerance Day or International Tolerance Day is an annual action day proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1995 to create public awareness of the dangers of abuse. Zero tolerance was celebrated on November 16
  • Day 16-11 year 2004: President George W. Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as secretary of state.
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