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Ricmin Hoang

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 15-9-1999 (25 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1999: 76,6 millions

Global rank: #81863



Phone number: 0364 448 031

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Ricmin Hoang (born 1999) was born and raised in Hai Duong, currently a student at the Academy Vietnam woman, majoring in Journalism and Communication. Ever since he was a student at school, he has loved fashion and music. That's why, besides studying, Ricmin is also a freelance model and singer.
He comes from a family that has no tradition of art and is inclined towards art. With professions such as teacher, engineer, worker, Ricmin Hoang received absolutely no support from his family when he expressed his desire to pursue art, but instead oriented towards medicine or the military. .
His artistic dream was built and cherished right from his junior high school years. Ricmin wants to become a versatile artist who can work in many different fields such as: Singing, modeling, acting,... Although perhaps this is a pretty big dream, I personally He is still trying his best to hone his skills to make that dream come true. At the same time, a student learns knowledge, so that in the future, he can aim to become an artist who is educated and thinks about art.
During his time as a student member, Ricmin joined the Academy's Pioneer Performing Arts Team to practice and perform with everyone in the team. Having people directly spread fire and love made him feel very warm, thereby giving him more motivation to continue pursuing his dream. At the same time, Ricmin also expanded into the modeling field, due to her limited height of only 1m75, and now confidently strides on large and small runways, doing many fashion photo shoots, along with He is a freelance singer with a number of interesting cover videos.
Through his own story, he hopes that it will be an inspirational story for his friends. Children are like me in the past, they have fallen, they have given up, they have doubts about themselves... "Continue to pursue the path you want. Believe in yourself, because when you believe in yourself and try your best, I'm sure you will succeed".

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Height: 1m75
Weight: updating
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Ricmin Hoang birthday 15-9-1999 (at the age of 25).
Where is Model Ricmin Hoang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ricmin Hoang was born in Hai Duong, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Virgo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Ricmin Hoang's global rank is 81863 and whose rank is 1997 in list of famous Model. Population of Vietnam in 1999 is about 76,6 millions persons.
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Portrait of model Ricmin Hoang
Portrait of model Ricmin Hoang
Ricmin Hoang is currently a student at the Vietnam Women's Academy. Besides studying
Ricmin Hoang is currently a student at the Vietnam Women's Academy. Besides studying
Ricmin is also a freelance model and singer. To pursue her passion
Ricmin is also a freelance model and singer. To pursue her passion
Ricmin Hoang has experienced many things. hard
Ricmin Hoang has experienced many things. hard

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Events in 1999 and 15-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Ricmin Hoang

  • Russian president Boris Yeltsin survives impeachment hearings (May), reshuffles his cabinet twice (May, Aug.), and takes military action against Islamic separatists in Dagestan and Chechnya. Background: 1999 in Review.
  • Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa, steps down (June 16), and Thabo Mbeki takes over.
  • War erupts in Kosovo after Yugoslavia's president Slobodan Milosevic clamps down on the province, massacring and deporting ethnic Albanians. NATO begins Operation Allied Force on March 24, 1999, launching air strikes against Belgrade for 78 consecutive days until Milosevic relents. Background: Timeline: The Splintering of Kosovo and Timeline: NATO in Kosovo.
  • Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills more than 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless in Turkey (Aug. 17).
  • East Timor population votes for independence from Indonesia (Aug. 30, 1999), which causes pro-Indonesian forces to massacre and uproot thousands of East Timorese.
  • Pakistani government is overthrown in the midst of economic strife and intensified fighting with India over Kashmir (Oct. 12). Background: 1999 in Review.
  • The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug, with more drastic millennial theorists warning of Armageddon.
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Birthday Ricmin Hoang (15-9) in history

  • Day 15-9 year 1789: The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs changed its name to the Department of State.
  • Day 15-9 year 1821: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador gained independence.
  • Day 15-9 year 1835: Naturalist Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle have reached the Galapagos Islands.
  • Day 15-9 year 1917: Alexander Kerensky proclaimed Russia a republic.
  • Day 15-9 year 1935: The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of their citizenship and made the Swastika the official emblem of Nazi Germany.
  • Day 15-9 year 1963: A church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, killed four young black girls.
  • Day 15-9 year 1989: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Penn Warren, the first poet laureate of the United States, died.
  • Day 15-9 year 2004: The National Hockey League lockout began. The 2004-2005 season would ultimately be canceled.
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