Only Toker Duy Van Pham

Duy Van Pham

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 10-11-1999 (23 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1999: 76,6 millions

Global rank: #4313


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Who is Only Toker Duy Van Pham?
Tiktok Duy Van Pham is the stage name of Pham Van Duy, born in 1999, hometown Vinh Phuc. Duy Van Pham was a student at Hanoi University of Culture. Here he graduated with a major in "Art and Culture Management". Nam Tiktoker currently lives and works in Hanoi.
It is known that he is currently on the payroll of media company ACV Entertainment as a content creator. Well known on Titkok through short comedy clips as well as listening to young people. In addition, he also occasionally shows off his singing talent when he covers many popular hits today.
Duy Van Pham's famous career started when he discovered and used Tiktok. It was in 2020 at the same time he got a job at Vinh Phuc radio and television station. This time Van Duy only posted short clips to catch the trend. After that, he decided to post many clips of cover songs as well as perform various short comedy clips himself. Fortunately, he was well received by young people from that time. That is, in May 2020, he gradually got his first followers.
Duy Van Pham continued to make short comedy clips on Tiktok besides sharing song covers. On Facebook. Until he created a buzz on entertainment fanpages on Facebook. This time was really his peak when he started making a hot Tiktoker.
So on over time Duy Van Pham did the above content. Tiktok is getting better and better. Therefore, the number of followers as well as interactive hearts on Tiktok short clips reached more than 3 million followers and more than 40 million hearts in just 6 months.
At the end of 2020, he caused a stir. surprised the fans who followed him when he announced that he would release a music MV composed by himself. It is known that this MV is called "Girl goes to Cub 50" with lovely words and images that are easy to remember. It is known that his ambition is to follow the path of art and aesthetics.
In 2021, he joins and works for the entertainment company ACV Entertainment. Here, the advertising and marketing work as well as the quality of the content of Van Duy's series are clearly improved. Gradually, he is showing that he has an impact on young people, not just a famous KOL Tiktoker.

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Summary of Duy Van Pham profile

When was Only Toker Duy Van Pham born?
Duy Van Pham birthday 10-11-1999 (at the age of 23).
Where is Only Toker Duy Van Pham's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Duy Van Pham was born in Vinh Phuc, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Duy Van Pham's global rank is 4313 and whose rank is 172 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1999 is about 76,6 millions persons.
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Portrait of Hot Tiktoker Duy Van Pham
Portrait of Hot Tiktoker Duy Van Pham
The hot tikoker guy has an extremely handsome appearance
The hot tikoker guy has an extremely handsome appearance
With a cheerful and sociable personality
With a cheerful and sociable personality
the 9X boy easily won the love of the audience
the 9X boy easily won the love of the audience

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Events in 1999 and 10-11

Events in the world in the birth year of Duy Van Pham

  • Russian president Boris Yeltsin survives impeachment hearings (May), reshuffles his cabinet twice (May, Aug.), and takes military action against Islamic separatists in Dagestan and Chechnya. Background: 1999 in Review.
  • Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa, steps down (June 16), and Thabo Mbeki takes over.
  • War erupts in Kosovo after Yugoslavia's president Slobodan Milosevic clamps down on the province, massacring and deporting ethnic Albanians. NATO begins Operation Allied Force on March 24, 1999, launching air strikes against Belgrade for 78 consecutive days until Milosevic relents. Background: Timeline: The Splintering of Kosovo and Timeline: NATO in Kosovo.
  • Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills more than 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless in Turkey (Aug. 17).
  • East Timor population votes for independence from Indonesia (Aug. 30, 1999), which causes pro-Indonesian forces to massacre and uproot thousands of East Timorese.
  • Pakistani government is overthrown in the midst of economic strife and intensified fighting with India over Kashmir (Oct. 12). Background: 1999 in Review.
  • The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug, with more drastic millennial theorists warning of Armageddon.
  • See also: 1999 Year in Review: News of the World

Birthday Duy Van Pham (10-11) in history

  • Day 10-11 year 1871: Journalist and explorer Henry Stanley found the missing David Livingstone in Central Africa and made his famous comment, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
  • Day 10-11 year 1928: Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan.
  • Day 10-11 year 1951: The first long distance telephone call without operator assistance took place.
  • Day 10-11 year 1969: Sesame Street premiered on PBS TV.
  • Day 10-11 year 1970: The Great Wall of China opened to the world for tourism.
  • Day 10-11 year 1982: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened in Washington, DC.
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