Only Toker Vy Cat Lai

Vy Cat Lai

Living place: Tay Ninh

Birthday: 26-11-1995 (29 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1995: 72 millions

Global rank: #3818



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Who is Only Toker Vy Cat Lai?
Vy Cat Lai (full name Huynh Vy Cat Lai) is a gardening TikToker specializing in reviewing simple but "cool" garden fruits. No need for luxury investments; Just need a guava, mango and a bowl of salt and chili. Vy Cat Lai is also famous for a series of million-view videos floating around on social networks. For Vy Cat Lai, the simpler it is, the more unique it is. Currently, the TikTok channel @vycatlai has nearly 80,000 followers and more than 2.2 million likes. Her fanpage also has more than 125,000 followers. These numbers prove the great attraction of this extremely rural TikToker.
On the journey to becoming an "Agricultural Hunter", Vy Cat Lai decided to embark on the professional KOC path when participating in the reality show KOC Vietnam 2023. Even though she had to compete with many famous KOCs everywhere country, but Vy Cat Lai excelled in the top 1 of the voting round (the first qualifying round of the program). Vy Cat Lai believes that KOC Vietnam is a stepping stone for her to learn and improve herself. Participating in the program, the pharmacist works in a group, challenges herself and learns from the Team and other KOCs about how to work and come up with ideas.
Vy Cat Lai is famous for her videos of enjoying fruit right under the hut behind her house. But few people know that her starting point is not a simple village girl but once worked as a television producer for the second largest entertainment company in our country. During the Covid-19 outbreak, she returned to her hometown and wanted to do something for herself in her free time. And that is why the TikTok channel about fruit was born. Because she didn't have much money, Vy Cat Lai asked her parents to build a hut and then review the fruits in her garden. Vy herself was very surprised when just sitting under the guava tree, picking guava fruit to eat, the views were very high. She builds content based on her instincts and true personality, so she conquers the audience with her naturalness and authenticity.
Vy Cat Lai's upcoming plan is to make a journey across Vietnam to try all kinds of fruits in all regions of the country. Vietnam there are many strange fruits in each province, so Vy wants to find Go to the garden, find every tree, pick every branch to review for the audience.

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Summary of Vy Cat Lai profile

When was Only Toker Vy Cat Lai born?
Vy Cat Lai birthday 26-11-1995 (at the age of 29).
Where is Only Toker Vy Cat Lai's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Vy Cat Lai was born in Tay Ninh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. Vy Cat Lai's global rank is 3818 and whose rank is 272 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1995 is about 72 millions persons.
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TikToker Vy Cat Lai is famous for reivew fruits in her garden
TikToker Vy Cat Lai is famous for reivew fruits in her garden
Vy Cat Lai is a famous garden TikToker with many million-view videos
Vy Cat Lai is a famous garden TikToker with many million-view videos
TikToker Vy Cat Lai owns many million-view videos
TikToker Vy Cat Lai owns many million-view videos
TikToker Vy Cat Lai is a promising factor in the KOC 2023 program
TikToker Vy Cat Lai is a promising factor in the KOC 2023 program

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Events in 1995 and 26-11

Events in the world in the birth year of Vy Cat Lai

  • US rescues Mexico's economy with $20-billion aid program (Feb. 21).
  • Russian space station Mir greets first Americans (March 14). US shuttle docks with station (June 27).
  • Nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway kills eight and injures thousands. The Aum Shinrikyo ("Supreme Truth") cult is to blame (March 20). Background: International Terrorism
  • Death toll 2,000 in Rwanda massacre (April 22).
  • Fighting escalates in Bosnia and Croatia (May 1). Warring parties agree on cease-fire (Oct. 5); sign peace treaty (Dec. 14).
  • France explodes nuclear device in Pacific; wide protests ensue (Sept. 5). Background: nuclear weapons
  • Israelis and Palestinians agree on transferring West Bank to Arabs (Sept. 24). Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin slain by Jewish extremist at peace rally (Nov. 4).

Birthday Vy Cat Lai (26-11) in history

  • Day 26-11 year 1789: The first national Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. was proclaimed by President George Washington.
  • Day 26-11 year 1922: Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen (Tut) since it was sealed in 1323 B.C.
  • Day 26-11 year 1940: The Nazis began to force Warsaw's Jews to live in a walled ghetto.
  • Day 26-11 year 1950: China entered the Korean War.
  • Day 26-11 year 1975: Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, was found guilty of trying to assassinate President Ford.
  • Day 26-11 year 1998: Tony Blair became the first British prime minister to speak to the Irish parliament.
  • Day 26-11 year 2000: Katherine Harris certified George W. Bush the winner in Florida's presidential balloting.
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