Photographers Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)

Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 14-7-1986 (37 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1986: 60,25 millions

Global rank: #59424


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0965 775 139

Photographers Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill) profile

Who is Photographers Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)?
Photographer PhucBill's real name is Le Thanh Phuc. As an 8x person, always full of energy and enthusiasm for the job. Currently, he specializes in training professional Retouchers and Photographers. The works that he made are full of his own artistic character. PhucBill Photography is an image editor. Mr. Phuc has retouched for many studios, fashion magazines, individuals,... Later he realized that he likes to be photographed, likes to join professional teams. So he started researching and attending photography courses. From there, he started to engage in one more passion, retoucher.
With the accumulated knowledge and experience, he trained new Retouchers and Photographers. His enthusiasm for work has made him famous in the world and known by many people. He is currently the teacher chosen by young people to study photography and image editing. Every profession has its own difficulties, the important thing is how we accept it. PhucBill always optimistically accepts these difficulties. He shared: “When we like our work, we don't feel discouraged no matter how hard or difficult it is.” The joy in his profession is seeing his students take and process photos on day 1. In addition, he is also a very emotional and profound person. He is always ready to listen and share with everyone about his photography major. He often livestreams with the topic "Chatting with PhucBill" ". The livestreams are intended to support and share some questions about issues in the photo industry. He always loves the saying: "Giving is forever".
PhucBill creates products with its own artistic colors and personality. The big lies in practice, not in theory. The more I do, the more experiences I will have. Each character, each theme is an experience for you.” Perhaps, this is what makes PhucBill Photography's own artistic features. Sharing about future plans, PucBill shared that he will continue to work, practice and try harder. Actively attend advanced courses to serve the job and supplement knowledge. From there, you can pass it on to your students.

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When was Photographers Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill) born?
Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill) birthday 14-7-1986 (at the age of 37).
Where is Photographers Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)'s birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill) was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Cancer, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)'s global rank is 59424 and whose rank is 124 in list of famous Photographers. Population of Vietnam in 1986 is about 60,25 millions persons.
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Portrait of Photographer PhucBill
Portrait of Photographer PhucBill
Photographer PhucBill has a handsome appearance
Photographer PhucBill has a handsome appearance
Photographer PhucBill is an 8x person
Photographer PhucBill is an 8x person
always full of energy and enthusiasm for his profession
always full of energy and enthusiasm for his profession

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Events in 1986 and 14-7

Events in the world in the birth year of Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill)

  • Spain and Portugal join European Economic Community (Jan. 1).
  • President Reagan freezes Libyan assets in US (Jan. 8). US planes attack Libyan "terrorist centers" (April 14).
  • Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier flees to France (Feb. 7).
  • President Ferdinand Marcos flees Philippines after ruling for 20 years; newly elected Corazon Aquino succeeds him (Feb. 26).
  • Union Carbide agrees to settlement with victims of Bhopal gas leak in India (March 22).
  • Major nuclear accident at Soviet Union's Chernobyl power station alarms world (April 26 et seq.).
  • Ex-Navy analyst, Jonathan Jay Pollard, 31, guilty as spy for Israel (June 4).
  • World Court rules US broke international law in mining Nicaraguan waters (June 27).

Birthday Le Thanh Phuc (Phucbill) (14-7) in history

  • Day 14-7 year 1789: The storming and destruction of Bastille marked the beginning of the French Revolution.
  • Day 14-7 year 1798: Congress passed the Sedition Act, making it a crime to publish false, scandalous, or malicious writing about the U.S. government.
  • Day 14-7 year 1881: Billy the Kid was shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett in New Mexico.
  • Day 14-7 year 1921: In one of the most controversial cases in U.S. history, anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were convicted of two murders and sentenced to death.
  • Day 14-7 year 1933: In Germany, all political parties except the Nazi party were outlawed.
  • Day 14-7 year 1946: Dr. Spock's Common Sense Book of Baby & Child Care was published.
  • Day 14-7 year 1958: A military coup overthrew the monarchy in Iraq, killing King Faisal II. General Abdul Karim Kassem becomes Iraq's leader.
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