Businessmen Chinh Truong

Chinh Truong

Living place: Phu Tho

Birthday: ?-?-1984 (38 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1984: 57,69 millions

Global rank: #4938


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Business Chinh Truong's real name is Truong Quoc Chinh - a military player lan for more than 10 years now and his name is no longer strange to the lan world around the country. Chinh Truong currently owns Hoa Lan Resort Chinh Truong Gia worth a few hundred billion dong.

Before There, businessman Chinh Truong was originally a soldier, but because of his predestined relationship with orchids that he decided to collect and spend a lot of time and effort to Take care of your own orchid garden. Hoa Lan Resort Chinh Truong is out life and become a gardener specializing in preserving and propagating orchids, especially rare mutant orchids. Up to the present time, hybrid garden Chinh Truong has hundreds of precious orchid species, which are valued very high, typically mutant orchids with 5 white petals, snow orchids with pink tops, giant butterflies,... Recently, in the community, there has been a stir in the purchase and sale of mutant orchids with tens of billions of dong. Explaining that fever, Mr. Chinh said: Mutant orchids are very rare because tens of thousands of springs can only get one mutant orchid. The fact that mutant orchid transactions are pushed up to tens of billions of dong is real and many people want to collect and own those beautiful, unique and strange orchids. He also shared: "In order to get the desired orchid, I have spent many difficult days, eating and sleeping with orchids, understanding each temperature, sunlight, and humidity that flowers need in each period. The value of orchids depends on each person's tastes. Playing flowers and plants is an eternal cultural beauty that does not belong to anyone. And the value it brings is great, both mentally and physically. /p>

No Known as an efficient and prestigious individual business household, Hoa Lan Chinh Truong Resort is also a place to share love and actively participate in charity work to help people in difficult circumstances. Most recently, Mr. Chinh has donated 11.7 billion VND to the fund to fight against Covid 19 from the auction of a mutant variety called Butterfly Dai Thousand, and he also raised over 54 billion VND on the occasion of the Government. The government launched a movement to join hands to fight the Covid-19 epidemic and donated nearly VND 25 billion to support the flood victims in the Central region. These humane acts adorn the beauty of precious orchids and the humanistic tradition of the Vietnamese nation.


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When was Businessmen Chinh Truong born?
Chinh Truong birthday ?-?-1984 (at the age of 38).
Where is Businessmen Chinh Truong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Chinh Truong was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Phu Tho, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Chinh Truong's global rank is 4938 and whose rank is 76 in list of famous Businessmen. Population of Vietnam in 1984 is about 57,69 millions persons.
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Image of businessman Chinh Truong with a sunny smile
Image of businessman Chinh Truong with a sunny smile
 The majestic orchid garden of businessman Chinh Truong
The majestic orchid garden of businessman Chinh Truong
 Businessman Chinh Truong join hands to support against Covid 19 epidemic
Businessman Chinh Truong join hands to support against Covid 19 epidemic
 Image of businessman and wife Chinh Truong
Image of businessman and wife Chinh Truong

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  • US and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus (Jan. 10).
  • Reagan orders US Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force (Feb. 7).
  • Yuri V. Andropov dies at 69; Konstantin U. Chernenko, 72, named Soviet leader (Feb. 9). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Italy and Vatican agree to end Roman Catholicism as state religion (Feb. 18).
  • Soviet Union withdraws from summer Olympic games in US, and other bloc nations follow (May 7 et seq.).
  • José Napoleón Duarte, moderate, elected president of El Salvador (May 11).
  • Three hundred slain as Indian Army occupies Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar (June 6).
  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards; 1,000 killed in anti-Sikh riots; son Rajiv succeeds her (Oct. 31).
  • Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000 (Dec. 3).
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