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Nhac Phi

Living place: Chiet Giang

Birthday: 24-3-1103

Global rank: #55490

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Who is Chinese War Hero Nhac Phi?
Yue Fei was an outstanding general in Chinese history during the Southern Song Dynasty. He cps 126 times with the Kim army and won all of them. He is considered the most famous general in Chinese history, when he was murdered he was holding the position of Grand Marshal. The Chinese people for generations have always taken Yue Fei as an example, considering him a national hero, a brave scholar and loyal servant.
When the Northern Song fell, Cao Tong ascended the throne and fled to the South, Yue Fei was a subordinate, but because of his upright disposition, he sent a message to Cao Tong to rebuke the policy of the pacifist faction and advise Cao Tong. personally went to battle to cross to the North, restore Trung Nguyen. But Cao Tong did not listen, but on the contrary, Yue Fei was accused of "overstepping his position" by the pacifist mandarins and demanded his dismissal.
Lee Fei's determination to fight Kim has not changed. He joined the army for the warlord of Ha Bac, Truong So. Here, he was treated like a national soldier, and was ordered to follow Vuong Ngan across the river to fight against the Kim army. The Song army arrived in Tan Huong district (present-day Ha Nam), seeing that the Kim army was crowded and strong, Vuong Ngan did not dare to command the attack, Yue Fei alone led his subordinates to rush into the battlefield, he personally stormed up to take the battle. Taking the enemy's command flag, the Song army, seeing this, enthusiastically rushed forward to defeat the Kim army and capture Tan Huong. The next day there was another big battle, Yue Fei was full of injuries, but all his strength was to fight the retreating Jin army. At this time, Yue Fei's name was famous throughout the land of Hebei.
In 1130, General Kim, Ngot Truc, sent a large army across the Truong Giang River to attack the Song, so the General army panicked and fled. Yue Pho sent troops to Changzhou (present-day Jiangsu province) to fight Wut Tru four times, and the Jin army was defeated. Yue Fei continued to attack the towns of Giang Dong, Thanh Thuy, and both won. At this time, Yue Fei had 40,000 troops in his hand, becoming a famous general against Kim who was famous all over the world when he was only 257 years old.
After defeating Kim Lang, Yue Fei sent troops to attack regions such as Hunan and Jiangxi. , Liangguang (Guangdong and Guangxi) and Fujian, pacified the bandits and peasant uprisings, and consolidated the Southern Song government. Tong Cao Tong leased the four large characters on the flag, "Yu Phi to the heart" to reward him, and promoted him to the position of Tributary to Jiangxi. However, Yue Fei was still not satisfied, so he repeatedly asked for punishment from the North, but Tong Cao Tong did not accept it.
In 1134, the Kim people associated with the Luu Qi government in the North supported by the Kim people. attacked the Southern Song, defeated 6 Tuong Duong districts in the middle Truong Giang, threatening the Southern Song government. Tong Cao Tong ordered Yue Fei to leave the army, but requested that only 6 districts of Tuong Duong be conquered, not to attack the North. Although he was controlled by the court, this was also an opportunity for him to report the country. He advanced to the North, reaching Dang Chau (present-day Nam Duong Ha Nam province today), Tuong Chau (Tuong Duong province). Hebei), Dinh Chau (Hubei province), Sui Chau (Hubei province)... These illustrious feats have encouraged the military and military force of the southern Song against Kim, resolutely determined to conquer Trung Nguyen of Yue Fei. But Cao Tong summoned Yue Fei to Kinh, and promoted him to the Qingyuan Military Temperament.

In 1136, Truong Tuan Nhac Phi, Han The Trung, presided over the Song army to launch the Northern punishment. Yue Fei went to battle in Tuong Duong town, using a plan to spread east and west, he attacked a series of pretends to the south of the Yellow River, capturing a large area of ​​​​land for the Southern Song. Yue Fei and the Southern Song army were welcomed by people everywhere, and hundreds of large and small insurgents responded. However, at this time Cao Tong and Qin Coi were very afraid, they summoned the Northern troops to punish, once again making Yue Fei unable to do great things.

In 1140, the army Kim massively moved to the South, attacked and besieged Bo, and General Luu Ky had to report. Yue Fei ordered reinforcements. Yue Fei broke through the elite cavalry team of Ngot Truc in Yancheng, and defeated the main army of the Jin army at Zhou Xian. However, the court once again took Yue Fei's victory as capital to ask for a peace with the Jin army. In just one day, 12 golden cards to summon Yue Fei were distributed. Before that, Qin Coi also secretly ordered his generals to retreat, leaving Yue Fei and his generals to enter the battlefield.

Nhuc Phi was forced into a difficult position, dreaming of collecting the mountains. become illusory. The Kim army hated Yue Fei deeply, so they joined forces with Qin Coi to force the Song Dynasty to kill Yue Fei to make peace. On the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, 1141, Nhac Phi and his son Nhac Van were poisoned by Qin Coi at Phong Ba communal house belonging to the agent of Lam An.


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When was Chinese War Hero Nhac Phi born?
Nhac Phi was born in 24-3-1103, death year is , at the age of 920.
Where is Chinese War Hero Nhac Phi's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nhac Phi was born in Ho Nam, of China. Mr working and living in Chiet Giang, of China. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Goat. Nhac Phi's global rank is 55490 and whose rank is 6 in list of famous Chinese War Hero.
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Birthday Nhac Phi (24-3) in history

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