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Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 7-3-1988 (35 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1988: 63,26 millions

Global rank: #1553


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Who is Gamer LOL Qtv?
Nguyen Tran Tuong Vu is also known as Quach Tuong Vu or QTV. He is a professional gamer of League of Legends. QVT is currently playing in the mid lane of Boba Marines.

Before becoming famous in League of Legends, QTV was a Dota player for Masta. In August 2012, QTV joined the Saigon Jokers team, playing as a top laner. The squad at that time Saigon Jokers also had Violet (jungle), Archie (ADC), NIXWATER (mid lane) and Junie (support). QTV and his teammates won against Singapore Sentinels in the final qualifying round at Da Nang, helping Saigon Jokers win the trophy. tickets to the World Finals season 2. However, Saigon Jokers had to stop quite early when they met 2 heavyweights, EG (of "farm god" Froggen) and Najin Sword (of Shen MakNooN). At the end of the season, Saigon Jokers ranked 9-10. After the defeat in the world tournament, Saigon Jokers were continuously defeated in many other tournaments. In GPL Spring and Summer 2013, Saigon Jokers only ranked 4th thanks to QTV's breakthrough. In the Southeast Asian Finals, Saigon Jokers only ranked 3rd after losing to Mineski.

QTV is considered the player with the most stable performance when Saigon Jokers consecutively. failure. At IEM Season VIII Singapore, QTV couldn't beat Madlife's "old man" CJ Entus Frost, but he also helped Saigon Jokers climb to 3-4 when the tournament ended. At the same time, QTV was transferred to Saigon Fantastic Five (SF5), replacing Gony who was playing in the top lane. With the innovation in gameplay, QTV is helping SF5 to stand in 4th place in GPL, but did not win a ticket to the final round of the 4th world dance tournament. QTV is recognized by the Southeast Asian League of Legends community for its talent. , he was also the one who was voted to attend the 2014 Superstar War in Paris, the highest tournament in the region. After season 4 ended, QTV and some members of SF5 left the team and formed the Boba Marines team, QTV kept the position of mid laner.


  • GPL Season 1 2012
  • Champions - GPL 2012 Season 2 World Championship Qualifiers
  • Champions - Dell Invitation Cup 2013
  • 4th place - 2013 Legendary Journey
  • GPL Spring 2013
  • Champion - Dell Invitation Cup II 2013
  • Champion - Dell Invitation Cup III 2013
  • Grade 4 - GPL Summer 2013
  • Dell Invitation Cup IV 2013
  • Rank 3-4 - IEM VIII Singapore
  • Grade 4 - GPL Winter 2014
  • Grade 4 - GPL Spring 2014
  • Rank 4 - GPL Summer 2014

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When was Gamer LOL Qtv born?
Qtv birthday 7-3-1988 (at the age of 35).
Where is Gamer LOL Qtv's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Qtv was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Qtv's global rank is 1553 and whose rank is 3 in list of famous Gamer LOL. Population of Vietnam in 1988 is about 63,26 millions persons.
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Portrait of QTV
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Events in 1988 and 7-3

Events in the world in the birth year of Qtv

  • US and Canada reach free trade agreement (Jan. 2). Background: NAFTA
  • Terrorists kill nine tourists on Aegean cruise (July 11).
  • Benazir Bhutto, first Islamic woman prime minister, chosen to lead Pakistan (Dec. 1).
  • Pan-Am 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on ground (Dec. 21).

Birthday Qtv (7-3) in history

  • Day 7-3 year 1850: Daniel Webster gave a three-hour speech endorsing the Compromise of 1850.
  • Day 7-3 year 1876: Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone.
  • Day 7-3 year 1936: Adolf Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact when he ordered troops to march into the Rhineland.
  • Day 7-3 year 1945: During World War II, U.S. troops crossed the bridge at Remagen, the first incursion into Germany by Allied forces.
  • Day 7-3 year 1965: Peaceful civil rights demonstrators marching from Selma, Ala., are brutally attacked with billy clubs and tear gas by police on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The event is later called “Bloody Sunday.”
  • Day 7-3 year 2004: V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire was invested as the first openly gay Episcopal Church bishop.
  • Day 7-3 year 2005: John R. Bolton was nominated by President Bush to be U.S. ambassador to the UN.
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