Hot mom Moc Mien

Moc Mien

Living place: Hungary

Birthday: 28-8-1990 (32 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1990: 66,02 millions

Global rank: #92129


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Who is Hot mom Moc Mien?
Hot mom Moc Mien is known to everyone as the mother of Minh Tu Isabella, who has the ability to understand all 3 languages ​​when she was 16 months old.
Moc Mien was born and raised in the countryside of Phu Yen, she met and fell in love with a foreign man, that is Harmos Miklós, a guy with Hungarian nationality. The love is big enough, the two move to marriage, much happier when the baby Minh Tu Isabella was born. The little princess with two Vietnamese-Hungarian bloodlines inherits the beauty of her appearance as well as her confident and liberal personality from both her parents. Despite being just over 1 year old, the baby has shown extremely flexible language ability, he has understood all 3 languages ​​Vietnamese - Hungarian - English. Moc Mien shared that since having a baby, the young couple's life has changed a lot, both become busier and happier.
Baby. Minh Tu Isabella is the sweet result of the love between a Vietnamese girl and a Hungarian guy. In 2017, through a mutual friend, Moc Mien and Mr. Harmos began to know each other. At that time, Moc Mien was collaborating and supporting some international volunteers when they came to work at an English center Phu Yen province . Moc Mien shared “I worked with foreigners a lot before, but I never thought of marrying a foreign husband due to concerns about geographical distance as well as cultural differences. " But maybe it's her destiny, Moc Mien's foreign best friend makes Harmos for her and the young couple soon become a love couple.
Not long after that, Moc Mien brought Harmos home to introduce to her family, after half a year of research, in April 2018 the couple held a wedding in Vietnam, she officially followed him to become a bride. Her husband moved abroad to settle down, but she always feels lucky when Mr. Harmos is always by her side to help her with everything, especially taking care of and raising children. had a baby Minh Tu Isabella Before, every time she went out on the street, she would always praise and compliment her when going out on the street, but she never thought that she would marry a Western husband and have a mixed child. when she still thought she was dreaming, looking at Have a baby every day without getting bored.


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When was Hot mom Moc Mien born?
Moc Mien birthday 28-8-1990 (at the age of 32).
Where is Hot mom Moc Mien's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Moc Mien was born in Phu Yen, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Hungary. Ms, whose Zodiac is Virgo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Moc Mien's global rank is 92129 and whose rank is 11 in list of famous Hot mom. Population of Vietnam in 1990 is about 66,02 millions persons.
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Portrait of Hot mom Moc Mien
Portrait of Hot mom Moc Mien
 Picture of Hot mom Moc Mien's daily life
Picture of Hot mom Moc Mien's daily life
 Picture of Hot mom Moc Mien and her husband Harmos Miklós
Picture of Hot mom Moc Mien and her husband Harmos Miklós
 Picture of baby Minh Tu Isabella - daughter of Hot mom Moc Mien
Picture of baby Minh Tu Isabella - daughter of Hot mom Moc Mien

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Events in 1990 and 28-8

Events in the world in the birth year of Moc Mien

  • General Manuel Noriega surrenders in Panama (Jan. 3).
  • Yugoslav Communists end 45-year monopoly of power (Jan. 22).
  • Communist Party relinquish sole power in Soviet government (Feb. 7). Background: Dissolution of the USSR
  • South Africa frees Nelson Mandela, imprisoned 27½ years (Feb. 11).
  • US-Soviet summit reaches accord on armaments (June 1).
  • Western Alliance ends Cold War and proposes joint action with Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (July 6).
  • Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, setting off the Persian Gulf War (Aug. 2 et seq.). Background: The Persian Gulf War
  • East and West Germany reunited (Aug. 31 et seq.).
  • Margaret Thatcher resigns as British Prime Minister (Nov. 22); John Major succeeds her (Nov. 28).
  • Lech Walesa wins Poland's runoff Presidential election (Dec. 9).

Birthday Moc Mien (28-8) in history

  • Day 28-8 year 1609: British explorer Henry Hudson discovered Delaware Bay, USA.
  • Day 28-8 year 1850: Richard Wagner's opera, Lohengrin , premiered at Weimar, Germany.
  • Day 28-8 year 1922: The first commercial to be broadcast on radio aired on station WEAF in New York City. The ten minute advertisement for the Queensboro Realty Company cost $100.
  • Day 28-8 year 1955: Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, was abducted and by white men after he supposedly whistled at a white woman in Mississippi. The case was reopened in 2005.
  • Day 28-8 year 1963: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial to civil rights demonstrators.
  • Day 28-8 year 1968: Anti-Vietnam war protesters and police clashed in the streets of Chicago while the Democratic National Convention nominated Hubert H. Humphrey for president.
  • Day 28-8 year 1981: The Centers for Disease Control announced a medical task force had been formed to look into the incidence of Kaposi's sarcoma and pneumocystis in homosexual men. AIDS was later found to be the cause.
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