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Hong Nhung

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 8-1-1997 (25 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1997: 74,31 millions

Global rank: #4489



Phone number: 0966 712 220

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Who is MC Hong Nhung?
Hong Nhung (born in 1997) full name is Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung. The hometown girl Bac Ninh is known as an MC, freelance model and a beautiful streamer. Possessing an elegant appearance, a gentle voice, and a charming lead, MC Hong Nhung received a lot of love from the audience.
The charm with the profession of "speaking" is a part of success. In Hong Nhung's career, along with her youthful and dynamic appearance, a smile always on her lips makes many people admire.
Before coming to the MC profession, Hong Nhung used to be. is a teacher. However, she realized that the educational environment was not suitable for her, so she tried another field. Then, the job of host came to Hong Nhung by chance. Initially, the club birthday parties, group meetings with the role of program moderator, gradually became larger programs of the faculty and school. After that, more and more cooperation invitations were sent to her.
According to Hong Nhung's share, MCing is not as simple as people think. MC is not just reading the news, being on screen two or three times is famous, this is a profession that requires hard work and improvisation in all situations. At work, MCs must constantly learn from books and colleagues.
Besides the ability to host programs fluently, MCs need to have skills in teamwork and time control. , body language. Appearance is of course also a very important factor. Possessing a height of 1m67, a weight of 50 kg and a measurement of 88-66-96, Hong Nhung always knows how to choose for herself outfits that respect her figure, prioritizing youth and dynamism. Because of the nature of her work, Hong Nhung often transforms costumes in many different situations.
Revealing her next plan, MC Hong Nhung will accumulate more experience to prepare to conquer the upcoming goals. She also hopes to receive more support from everyone.

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How tall is MC Hong Nhung? What Hong Nhung's weight?
Height: 1m67
Weight: About 50kg
Measurement of 3 rings: 88-66-96 cm

Summary of Hong Nhung profile

When was MC Hong Nhung born?
Hong Nhung birthday 8-1-1997 (at the age of 25).
Where is MC Hong Nhung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Hong Nhung was born in Bac Ninh, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Capricorn, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Hong Nhung's global rank is 4489 and whose rank is 45 in list of famous MC. Population of Vietnam in 1997 is about 74,31 millions persons.
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Portrait of MC Hong Nhung
Portrait of MC Hong Nhung
Hong Nhung owns a beautiful and charming beauty
Hong Nhung owns a beautiful and charming beauty
Besides the ability to host the program fluently
Besides the ability to host the program fluently
appearance is also a very important factor
appearance is also a very important factor

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Events in 1997 and 8-1

Events in the world in the birth year of Hong Nhung

  • Hebron agreement signed; Israel gives up large part of West Bank city of Hebron (Jan. 16). Israeli government approves establishment of Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, a setback in Middle East peace process (Feb. 26). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations
  • US, UK, and France agree to freeze Nazis' gold loot (Feb. 3).
  • Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule (June 30).
  • Khmer Rouge hold trial of longtime leader Pol Pot (July 25).
  • Swiss plan first payment to Holocaust victims (Sept. 17).
  • European Union plans to admit six nations (Dec. 13).

Birthday Hong Nhung (8-1) in history

  • Day 8-1 year 1815: The date of the Battle of New Orleans was the last battle of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and America.
  • Day 8-1 year 1918: Woodrow Wilson outlined his Fourteen Points peace program.
  • Day 8-1 year 1958: Bobby Fischer won the United States Chess Championship for the first time at age 14.
  • Day 8-1 year 1959: Charles de Gaulle became the first president of France's Fifth Republic.
  • Day 8-1 year 1964: President Lyndon Johnson announced his War on Poverty.
  • Day 8-1 year 1982: The AT&T Bell System telephone monopoly agreed to divest itself of 22 Bell System companies and split itself into seven "Baby Bells."
  • Day 8-1 year 1998: The mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Ramzi Yousef, was sentenced to life in prison.
  • Day 8-1 year 2011: Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords is among 17 shot by a gunman at a meeting outside a grocery store. Six people are fatally wounded, including United States District Court Judge John Roll, and a young girl. Police identify the gunman as Jared Lee Loughner.
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