Only Toker Chau Muoi

Chau Muoi

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: ?-?-1986 (36 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1986: 60,25 millions

Global rank: #3146



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Who is Only Toker Chau Muoi?
Chau Muoi (real name Vo Ngoc Thuy Chau) TikToker is famous for its simple but equally beautiful cooking clips. Her "sweet" voice and cute way of starting a conversation are also her own charms that help Chau Muoi capture viewers' hearts from the very first seconds. Chau Muoi's channel is not only pleasing to the eye in terms of form and color, but the way to convey the dish is also simple and easy to do. Currently, Chau Muoi owns a strong fan base on TikTok with more than 900,000 followers and more than 27 million likes. Learning from Chau Muoi's 1-minute cooking video, you can cook many delicious and beautiful dishes.
The recipes Chau Muoi shares are completely improvised, not subject to themes. at all. Sometimes, she instructs to make braised meat, cutlet ribs... to eat rice. Sometimes they share recipes for strange snacks. If you are a foodie, you must be familiar with the name Chau Muoi. Watch Chau Muoi's cooking clip with attractive and eye-catching dishes; Surely many people want to rush into the kitchen to show off their talents.
Chau Muoi loves to cook since childhood, often imitating her mother, aunt, and uncle to cook in the family kitchen. Practicing cooking many dishes, although not always successful, she still loves to be in the kitchen. Later, the Internet gradually became popular, Chau Muoi learned many recipes online and then bought ingredients to create dishes. Chau Muoi is not too important to the outcome of the dish. What makes her most excited is being able to freely cook her favorite dishes in the kitchen. When cooking delicious food, Chau is very happy, swaying and enjoying the result. Unfortunately, the dish is too bad, the cooking process is not smooth; Chau will consider this an interesting experience and learn from it for the next time. Chau Muoi believes that a meal made with her own hands will definitely have a special taste, especially for those she loves. TikTok channel is like a diary that saves Chau Muoi's entire cooking process.
If you look at Chau Muoi's cool appearance, few would think that she is so passionate about cooking. Chau Muoi herself believes that it is not only traditional women who cook well. Style does not affect whether a woman is brave and skillful.
In addition to filming TikTok, Chau Muoi is also an experienced employee in the field of image production for platforms. Ecommerce.

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When was Only Toker Chau Muoi born?
Chau Muoi birthday ?-?-1986 (at the age of 36).
Where is Only Toker Chau Muoi's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Chau Muoi was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Chau Muoi's global rank is 3146 and whose rank is 118 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1986 is about 60,25 millions persons.
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The bright smile of Chau Muoi TikToker
The bright smile of Chau Muoi TikToker
 Chau Muoi TikToker has a stylish fashion style
Chau Muoi TikToker has a stylish fashion style
 Chau Muoi TikToker is famous for its cooking videos
Chau Muoi TikToker is famous for its cooking videos

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  • Spain and Portugal join European Economic Community (Jan. 1).
  • President Reagan freezes Libyan assets in US (Jan. 8). US planes attack Libyan "terrorist centers" (April 14).
  • Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier flees to France (Feb. 7).
  • President Ferdinand Marcos flees Philippines after ruling for 20 years; newly elected Corazon Aquino succeeds him (Feb. 26).
  • Union Carbide agrees to settlement with victims of Bhopal gas leak in India (March 22).
  • Major nuclear accident at Soviet Union's Chernobyl power station alarms world (April 26 et seq.).
  • Ex-Navy analyst, Jonathan Jay Pollard, 31, guilty as spy for Israel (June 4).
  • World Court rules US broke international law in mining Nicaraguan waters (June 27).
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