Only Toker Nguyen Thanh Cong

Nguyen Thanh Cong

Living place: Hai Phong

Birthday: 18-4-2002 (20 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2002: 79,54 millions

Global rank: #3640


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Who is Only Toker Nguyen Thanh Cong?
Nguyen Thanh Cong is a famous TikToker when he shares hundreds of beautiful, creative and unique PowerPoint templates for free. Although it's free, it doesn't mean that you can't finish it. The PowerPoint templates shared by Success are all his passion, highly applicable, creative and trend-catching. The images that are familiar to young people such as: Idol groups, Chinese actors, hot movies ... are cleverly integrated into the slide by Thanh Cong, both new and interesting to students when giving presentations. submit. The male student confirmed that it took all week to come up with ideas and design PowerPoint because of passion, no fee. Not only sharing PowerPoint templates, Thanh Cong also set up a group exclusively for those who are interested in PowerPoint, attracting nearly 30,000 members. Here, everyone can post their designs and get everyone's input.
Thanh Cong is currently a student majoring in Maritime Safety Engineering, University of Aviation. Sea. I thought that the technical people would be dry, but the boy had an artistic talent and many creative ideas. Millions of "views" videos on TikTok with content around PowerPoint presentations are considered a valuable resource that he brings to everyone. In just a short time, Thanh Cong's TikTok channel has more than 700,000 followers, more than 11 million likes.
Whenever she has free time, Thanh Cong plunges into designing, creating and sharing with everyone. The guy's designs are based on hot trends on social networks, so they quickly become trends, attracting the attention of young people. Famous on social networks, Thanh Cong continues to release new PowerPoint templates, helping students, students and working people reduce the burden when making presentations.
Basic. Destiny brought Thanh Cong to this very by chance. When doing the homework the teacher asked, the boy thought how to look the most beautiful and impressive. Success came up with the idea to make Apple's iOS operating system style wallpaper. When posting a presentation on TikTok, Thanh Cong received many messages asking for presentation slides. At that time, the friend knew that his video had reached the Top trending with very high views. Since then, Thanh Cong has oriented the content of his TikTok channel like that.
Many people think that making such a "artistic" Slide, Thanh Cong must go through a training school. But in fact, the boy only taught himself through social networks. The compliments and encouragements from everyone such as: The best slide ever seen or Thanks to your slide, my team got 10 points for presentation... have further motivated Thanh Cong to maintain his job of making PowerPoint for free.
Success has received many messages wanting to be paid to use it because it feels guilty about receiving his friend's work for free. Therefore, male students only accept donations up to 100,000 VND and insist that they do not consider this as the main source of income. In the future, Thanh Cong will continue to maintain a TikTok channel to satisfy his passion but only consider this a side job. Thanh Cong plans to learn more about Hotel Management to help his family run the business.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wishes TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong will have more impressive PowerPoint templates and always be loved by everyone.

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When was Only Toker Nguyen Thanh Cong born?
Nguyen Thanh Cong birthday 18-4-2002 (at the age of 20).
Where is Only Toker Nguyen Thanh Cong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Thanh Cong was born in Hai Phong, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Nguyen Thanh Cong's global rank is 3640 and whose rank is 155 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 2002 is about 79,54 millions persons.
Special event in 18-4-2002: Afghanistan’s former king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, returned after 29 years in exile.
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TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong designs creative and beautiful PowerPoint
TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong designs creative and beautiful PowerPoint
TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong shares many free PowerPoint templates
TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong shares many free PowerPoint templates
TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong owns many million-viewed videos on TikTok
TikToker Nguyen Thanh Cong owns many million-viewed videos on TikTok

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