Photographers Trang Minh Tho

Trang Minh Tho

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 14-10-1991 (32 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1991: 67,24 millions

Global rank: #39104


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Photographers Trang Minh Tho profile

Who is Photographers Trang Minh Tho?
Trang Minh Tho is a young and very talented photographer. He is currently the Boss at Commercial Studio - Trang Minh Tho - a professional portrait photography and advertising design studio that is trusted and supported by a large number of young people in Ho Chi Minh City.
Trang Minh Tho was born and raised in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province. From an early age, he showed a talent for photography, liked to look at beautiful, colorful photos and idolized famous photographers. He once dreamed of becoming a professional photographer when he grew up.
However, after graduating from high school, following the direction of his family, the 9X young man studied sociolinguistics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities City Ho Chi Minh. But after 1 year, he switched to majoring in Information Technology at HUTECH - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. HCM. In addition to the main study time at school, Minh Tho spends time learning more about photography techniques, participating in many photography groups and forums to exchange and learn photography skills from photographers. professional. Here, he was broadened his understanding, deepened his knowledge of composition, image rules, colors, lines and emotions conveyed in photos. Since then, he has applied in his photography and produced many quality photos, always bringing satisfaction to customers.
And officially since 2011 he has been a photographer, Until now with more than 10 years of experience, Trang Minh Tho is more and more confident and develops his talents.
Besides he also has the enthusiastic support from his wife. stylist Nguyen Thi Binh Nhi. The husband is in charge of taking pictures and the wife is in charge of arranging clothes for customers. The couple's good combination always makes customers satisfied and more and more customers trust them, including famous actors, models, and hotgirls.
Share a little more about In the future, photographer Trang Minh Tho said that he will try his best to learn and apply new technologies to photography, create and further develop the artistic path he is pursuing. He also hopes that in the near future, he will release many unique photo sets to satisfy all customers.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wishes you good health and lots of success on the road ahead.

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When was Photographers Trang Minh Tho born?
Trang Minh Tho birthday 14-10-1991 (at the age of 32).
Where is Photographers Trang Minh Tho's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Trang Minh Tho was born in Dong Nai, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Goat. Trang Minh Tho's global rank is 39104 and whose rank is 60 in list of famous Photographers. Population of Vietnam in 1991 is about 67,24 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Handsome image of photographer Trang Minh Tho
Handsome image of photographer Trang Minh Tho
Trang Minh Tho smiling when buying 4 cakes
Trang Minh Tho smiling when buying 4 cakes
Trang Minh Tho with his wife at a birthday party
Trang Minh Tho with his wife at a birthday party
Photographer Trang Minh Tho with his beautiful wife
Photographer Trang Minh Tho with his beautiful wife

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  • Europeans end sanctions on South Africa (April 15). South African Parliament repeals apartheid laws (June 5).
  • France agrees to sign 1968 treaty banning spread of atomic weapons (June 3). China accepts nuclear nonproliferation treaty (Aug. 10). Bush-Gorbachev summit negotiates strategic arms reduction treaty (July 31).
  • Communist Government of Albania resigns (June 4).
  • Warsaw Pact dissolved (July 1).
  • Boris Yeltsin becomes first freely elected president of Russian Republic (July 10). Yeltsin's stock increases when he takes a prominent role in suppressing an anti-Gorbachev coup by communist hardliners (Aug. 18-22). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
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  • Soviet Union breaks up after President Gorbachev's resignation; constituent republics form Commonwealth of Independent States (Dec. 25). Background: Dissolution of the USSR

Birthday Trang Minh Tho (14-10) in history

  • Day 14-10 year 1066: Under the leadership of William the Conqueror, the Normans defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings.
  • Day 14-10 year 1933: Nazi Germany withdrew from the Geneva disarmament conference and the League of Nations.
  • Day 14-10 year 1947: U.S. Air Force Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager became the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound.
  • Day 14-10 year 1964: Martin Luther King, Jr., was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in civil rights.
  • Day 14-10 year 1968: The first live telecast from a staffed U.S. spacecraft was transmitted from Apollo 7.
  • Day 14-10 year 1990: Composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein died in New York at age 72.
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