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Nguyen Phong Viet

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 18-7-1980 (43 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1980: 53,7 millions

Global rank: #48344

Facebook: facebook.com/nguyenphongviet/

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Who is Poet Nguyen Phong Viet?
Nguyen Phong Viet is a journalist and poet with great success in the past 5 years. He was called "the most popular poet". The young writer's published poetry collections have been well received and appreciated by readers. Phong Viet was a publishing phenomenon in Vietnam as it sold tens of thousands of copies, a rarity for Vietnamese poetry decades earlier. The poetry collection "Going through the memory" written within 5 years, published in December 2012 by Phong Viet set a record of selling 10,000 copies within 50 days. The total number of printed copies of the book amounted to more than 30,000 copies. Most of the works in this poetry collection were posted by Phong Viet on his personal Facebook, in addition, there are some new works. The content of the poem "Going through the memory" revolves around the painful obsession of incomplete love. In mid-2013, "Going through the memory" was re-published with 5,000 copies.
Following the success of "Going through the memory and remembering", Phong Viet published a collection of poems "From love to love" with 50 poems. (60% was previously posted by Phong Viet on his personal page) in December 2013. The collection of poems has created an interesting phenomenon in the Vietnamese publishing industry. Before being released, it had to apply for a second edition license to meet the needs of readers. There are more than 17,500 books sold even though the official release date has not been reached.
After the resounding success of the first two poetry collections, Phong Viet continued to publish poetry collections "Born to be lonely" (2014) and "Living a normal life" (2015). Up to now, Phong Viet has done something that no poet has dared to think of, has released more than 85,000 books. Despite achieving many successes as a poet, Phong Viet still thinks of himself as an amateur poet, writing only according to his own feelings. Phong Viet's poems are gentle whispers but make the audience feel many things about each person's life, love and thoughts.

Young / Before famous

Nguyen Phong Viet attended High School for the Gifted Nguyen Hue, then graduated from University Studying Foreign Languages ​​- Informatics in Ho Chi Minh City.
In 1998, Phong Viet became a member of the Vom Me Xanh pen association of Ink Purple newspaper under the pseudonym Me Que. By 2012, Phong Viet was the chief editor of the association. Phong Viet was honored to receive the "New Pen" award three times from Tuoi Tre newspaper. In addition, Phong Viet is also the head of Xzone page. vn in Ho Chi Minh City.
In the past, Phong Viet often posted her works on her personal Facebook. Thanks to the positive feedback from the online community, it has given Phong Viet the confidence to print and publish the book.

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When was Poet Nguyen Phong Viet born?
Nguyen Phong Viet birthday 18-7-1980 (at the age of 43).
Where is Poet Nguyen Phong Viet's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Phong Viet was born in Phu Yen, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Cancer, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. Nguyen Phong Viet's global rank is 48344 and whose rank is 184 in list of famous Poet. Population of Vietnam in 1980 is about 53,7 millions persons.
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Poet Nguyen Phong Viet
Poet Nguyen Phong Viet
 a rare writer who successfully publishes poetry
a rare writer who successfully publishes poetry
 Poet Nguyen Phong Viet is a phenomenon of Vietnamese literature about 5 years ago
Poet Nguyen Phong Viet is a phenomenon of Vietnamese literature about 5 years ago

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Events in 1980 and 18-7

Events in the world in the birth year of Nguyen Phong Viet

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  • US breaks diplomatic ties with Iran (April 7).
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  • Iraqi troops hold 90 square miles of Iran after invasion; 8-year Iran-Iraq War begins (Sept. 19).
  • Three US nuns and a lay worker are found shot in El Salvador (Dec. 4).

Birthday Nguyen Phong Viet (18-7) in history

  • Day 18-7 year 64: A great fire destroyed Rome. This fire caused Emperor Nero to begin his persecution of Christians, and he assumed they were the ones who started the fire.
  • Day 18-7 year 1925: The first volume of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf was published.
  • Day 18-7 year 1936: The Spanish Civil War began.
  • Day 18-7 year 1947: President Harry S. Truman signed the Presidential Succession Act.
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  • Day 18-7 year 1999: New York Yankee David Cone pitched the 16th perfect game in baseball history.
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