Vietnamese historical celebrity Bui Huu Nghia

Bui Huu Nghia

Living place: Can Tho

Birthday: 1-1-1807

Global rank: #96047

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Vietnamese historical celebrity Bui Huu Nghia profile

Who is Vietnamese historical celebrity Bui Huu Nghia?
Bui Huu Nghia, also known as Nghi Chi, is one of the modern patriots. He was a talented Nguyen Dynasty mandarin with the ability to write poetry and compose Vietnamese plays. In addition, he is also a mandarin with many progressive ideas and an upright, honest, indomitable official in the face of power and is known as the "Golden Dragon" in literature Dong Nai is taught by the people about the morality of a husband, a loving father and a worthy exemplary teacher. students for generations to follow.
Businessman Bui Huu Nghia died on January 21, 1982 after a serious illness at the age of 66.

Young / Before famous

Born into a poor family, but being intelligent since childhood, he was supported by his father for his education. The village chief at that time was Mr. Ngo Khac Gian, who was very fond of Bui Huu Nghia's talents and virtues, so he sponsored him and introduced him to Bien Hoa to receive the teacher Hoanh, ie Nguyen Pham Ham, an associate of the leader. Le Van Khoi. After many years of hard work, in 1835, during the reign of King Minh Mang, he passed the 16th prize of Giai Nguyen - Thu. faculty of the incense exam in Gia Dinh and became a famous figure throughout the six provinces. In 1936 - a year later, he went to Hue for the Hoi exam but unfortunately failed the exam and was given an internship at the Ministry of Ceremonies by the court for a while, then he was sent to China. After returning, he was appointed tri-district in Phuoc Long of Bien Hoa province; Although he held a great official position, he always kept his integrity and integrity, helped many poor people, severely punished crooks, causing him to confront corrupt officials in the court and was changed to the tri district of Tra Vang district. - Tra Vinh - Vinh Long a>.
The conflict between the two sides of China and the Khmer people killed many people. He was a defender of the Khmer against corrupt officials. He was framed and falsely accused by his father and governor. "Inciting people to riot, plotting murder" and was sentenced to death by the king's decree. Knowing the story, his wife went to the imperial city of Hue and entered Tam Phap Ty to complain for her husband. After being re-examined by the Minister of the Ministry, Phan Thanh Gian, he was forgiven by the king for his death. After that, he took the position of Prime Minister at Vinh Thong fortress, Chau Doc - where many rebellions of the Mien took place. Thanks to his many feats, he was promoted to the rank of Deputy Manager. After returning to Vinh Thong post for a while after he was arrested and returning to Cambodia, he resigned his position as an official and returned with his wife to his hometown in Binh Thuy, opened a school to teach, dispense medicine for people, taking the nickname of "Lord Lieu Lam".
During the days when the country was invaded by the French colonialists, the Nguyen court at that time had weakly sold the country to cut Cochinchina in six provinces to the French. Despite his advanced age, he could not directly participate in fighting the enemy, but he wrote poetry to express his passionate patriotism and encourage the anti-French patriotic movement at that time. In 1968, the French colonialists heard that he had joined the Van Than movement, so they arrested him and imprisoned him in Vinh Long, then brought him back to Gia Dinh to not let the enemy buy him in the end before his indomitable spirit was forced by the French colonialists. let him go home.

Family life info

His father is Bui Huu Vi and the family lives by fishing. He married Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ton - the daughter of Mr. Nguyen Van Ly in Bien Hoa, who took care of him during his studies. She passed away in her hometown after a period of acquittal of her husband, his first daughter, Bui Thi Xiem, also passed away.
After that, he remarried Mrs. Luu Thi Hoan (Luu Thi Chi) daughter of the head of the village, Luu Van Du.

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Summary of Bui Huu Nghia profile

When was Vietnamese historical celebrity Bui Huu Nghia born?
Bui Huu Nghia was born in 1-1-1807, death day is 21/01/1982, at the age of 175.
Where is Vietnamese historical celebrity Bui Huu Nghia's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Bui Huu Nghia was born in Can Tho, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Capricorn, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Bui Huu Nghia's global rank is 96047 and whose rank is 53 in list of famous Vietnamese historical celebrity.
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Photos/ Images

Statue of the patriot - valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia
Statue of the patriot - valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia
 Grave and temple of the valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia
Grave and temple of the valedictorian Bui Huu Nghia
 The screen was built in front of Bui Huu Nghia's tomb
The screen was built in front of Bui Huu Nghia's tomb

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Birthday Bui Huu Nghia (1-1) in history

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  • Day 1-1 year 1908: The ball signifying the New Year was dropped for the first time at Times Square in New York City.
  • Day 1-1 year 1914: The world's first airline, St. Petersburg Tampa Airboat Line, starts operation in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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  • Day 1-1 year 1993: Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Day 1-1 year 1994: The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect.
  • Day 1-1 year 2002: Euro coins and notes went into circulation in twelve European nations.
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