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Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen)

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 12-12-1990 (34 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1990: 66,02 millions

Global rank: #1541


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Dad Ken (Hieu Nguyen) - "National Dad" is famous in the diaper community for inspiring hundreds of thousands of parents to raise their children scientifically. Ken's father receives the attention and follow-up of many nursing mothers thanks to regularly sharing useful parenting knowledge. Currently, the group "EASY: Help your baby eat well and sleep enough - Dad Ken" has more than 400,000 members. Group is where Ken's father wants parents to share their difficulties and successes when applying the EASY method, encouraging their babies to fall asleep on their own. His personal Facebook also has nearly 100,000 followers. The number of people following him on social networks continues to increase every day. Ken's father's scientific child-rearing knowledge helps parents avoid mistakes when taking care of their children.
Before little Ken was born, Hieu Nguyen studied many books. , participating in countless sessions sharing about parenting methods from famous speakers. Since then, he has selected and successfully applied the EASY method for his son, helping him have happy meals, quality sleep, and a happy family. EASY is composed of the first letters of EAT (eat), ACTIVITY (play), SLEEP (sleep), YOUR TIME (relax). Simply put, EASY is a series of activities that take place in a baby's day. From the process of taking care of his children, he draws many valuable experiences and lessons to share with everyone.
Hieu Nguyen is an enthusiastic young father with extensive experience in taking care of mother and baby's health. He regularly shares and inspires about the EASY method, scientific weaning and even small details when taking care of children. He strives to create a community that raises children in a scientific and healthy way. He also spends a lot of time consulting and answering the concerns and questions of nursing mothers. With his love for children, enthusiasm and experience, father Ken is becoming a companion on the child-rearing journey of many mothers at Vietnam.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wishes Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) more and more success and many contributions to the community!

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Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) birthday 12-12-1990 (at the age of 34).
Where is Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen)'s birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) was born in Nghe An, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen)'s global rank is 1541 and whose rank is 3 in list of famous Admin. Population of Vietnam in 1990 is about 66,02 millions persons.
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Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) la admin Group cham con khoa hoc
Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) la admin Group cham con khoa hoc
Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) chia se kien thuc va kinh nghiem nuoi day con cai
Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) chia se kien thuc va kinh nghiem nuoi day con cai
Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) la ong bo noi tieng trong cong dong bim sua
Admin Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) la ong bo noi tieng trong cong dong bim sua

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Events in 1990 and 12-12

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  • General Manuel Noriega surrenders in Panama (Jan. 3).
  • Yugoslav Communists end 45-year monopoly of power (Jan. 22).
  • Communist Party relinquish sole power in Soviet government (Feb. 7). Background: Dissolution of the USSR
  • South Africa frees Nelson Mandela, imprisoned 27½ years (Feb. 11).
  • US-Soviet summit reaches accord on armaments (June 1).
  • Western Alliance ends Cold War and proposes joint action with Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (July 6).
  • Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, setting off the Persian Gulf War (Aug. 2 et seq.). Background: The Persian Gulf War
  • East and West Germany reunited (Aug. 31 et seq.).
  • Margaret Thatcher resigns as British Prime Minister (Nov. 22); John Major succeeds her (Nov. 28).
  • Lech Walesa wins Poland's runoff Presidential election (Dec. 9).

Birthday Bo Ken (Hieu Nguyen) (12-12) in history

  • Day 12-12 year 1787: Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
  • Day 12-12 year 1870: Joseph Rainey took his seat as the first African American in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Day 12-12 year 1913: The Mona Lisa was recovered in Florence after having been stolen two years earlier (August 1911) from the Louvre.
  • Day 12-12 year 1963: Kenya gained its independence from Britain.
  • Day 12-12 year 1998: The House Judiciary Committee approved a fourth and final article of impeachment against President Clinton.
  • Day 12-12 year 2000: The U.S. Supreme Court stopped the presidential election recount in Florida.
  • Day 12-12 year 2001: Yasir Arafat closed the offices of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
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