Bodybuilding athletes Dinh Kim Loan

Dinh Kim Loan

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 25-2-1988 (34 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1988: 63,26 millions

Global rank: #83389


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Bodybuilding athletes Dinh Kim Loan profile

Who is Bodybuilding athletes Dinh Kim Loan?
Dinh Kim Loan is an extremely famous female bodybuilder. She is also nicknamed "the golden girl in the fitness village". Because in his bodybuilding career, Dinh Kim Loan has earned himself many remarkable achievements such as:
- 2 world gold medals,
- 8 Asian gold medals
- National champion 14 years in a row (from 2006 - 2020) in both women's singles and mixed doubles.
- At SEA Games 31 (2022) held in home country. Kim Loan also won the gold medal in the women's singles bodybuilding event.
From a young age, Kim Loan was very passionate about sports. At the age of 18, she participated in the Gymnastics - Sports Congress An Giang province in 2 sports of bicycle and stick push. Immediately after the match, coach Nguyen Van Hai - the main referee in the putter sport, found Loan and asked her to join the bodybuilding team to prepare for the upcoming National Gymnastics and Sports Congress. That was the chance, the first turning point that helped Loan become a professional bodybuilder and have a brilliant competitive career. Up to now, Kim Loan has been with bodybuilding for 16 years and in that same time she fought in domestic and international arenas.
To achieve success. With such a brilliant work, in addition to her own efforts, Kim Loan also received encouragement and enthusiastic support from her family as well as the guidance and support of teachers, coaches and teammates.
Loan also shared more about the first time she entered the profession, she also had to face prejudices, even harsh words from people when she saw a girl whom she didn't like. and has strong muscles. Loan felt extremely sad and uncomfortable but then she decided to put it aside to continue on the chosen path. Kim Loan thought: "After all, those words are just outside, more importantly, I know: What am I doing? What do I want? What is my goal? Moreover, I also learn how to choose. Filter out judgments or compliments from people because keeping an emotional balance will help you be more consistent." And she herself did it and confirmed that what she chose was extremely right.
Share a little more about the love story, Kim Loan said she is very happy. However, she also wants to devote more to Vietnamese bodybuilding, so when the competition ends, she will have a plan to get married.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wish Kim Loan will always be healthy and achieve more success in her sports career!

Family life info

Kim Loan was born into a family with very difficult circumstances in An Giang province. Her father and mother both work as hired laborers to earn a meal for the whole family. The poverty of the family haunted her so much that she always wanted to earn money to help her parents. Therefore, Kim Loan always tries her best to change the family economy, help her parents have a better life.
And the result after decades of competition, female bodybuilder Kim Loan has done it. this. In addition to salary and bonus after each competition, she also runs a business and opens her own fitness training center. Currently, her family's economy has gradually stabilized and Kim Loan feels very happy and happy about it.

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Summary of Dinh Kim Loan profile

When was Bodybuilding athletes Dinh Kim Loan born?
Dinh Kim Loan birthday 25-2-1988 (at the age of 34).
Where is Bodybuilding athletes Dinh Kim Loan's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Dinh Kim Loan was born in An Giang, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Dinh Kim Loan's global rank is 83389 and whose rank is 6 in list of famous Bodybuilding athletes. Population of Vietnam in 1988 is about 63,26 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan with prestigious gold medal
Bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan with prestigious gold medal
Bodybuilding athlete Dinh Kim Loan in the image of a warrior
Bodybuilding athlete Dinh Kim Loan in the image of a warrior
Bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan practicing hard
Bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan practicing hard
Picture of Dinh Kim Loan performing in SEA Games 31
Picture of Dinh Kim Loan performing in SEA Games 31

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Events in 1988 and 25-2

Events in the world in the birth year of Dinh Kim Loan

  • US and Canada reach free trade agreement (Jan. 2). Background: NAFTA
  • Terrorists kill nine tourists on Aegean cruise (July 11).
  • Benazir Bhutto, first Islamic woman prime minister, chosen to lead Pakistan (Dec. 1).
  • Pan-Am 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on ground (Dec. 21).

Birthday Dinh Kim Loan (25-2) in history

  • Day 25-2 year 1570: Elizabeth I, Queen of England, Excommunicated by Pope Pius V
  • Day 25-2 year 1836: Inventor Samuel Colt patented the first rotating multi-shot gun.
  • Day 25-2 year 1870: Hiram Revels became the first black United States senator, taking over the term of Jefferson Davis.
  • Day 25-2 year 1901: J.P. Morgan formed U.S. Steel Corporation, the first billion-dollar corporation in the world.
  • Day 25-2 year 1948: Communists took control of the government in Czechoslovakia.
  • Day 25-2 year 1964: Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) became world heavyweight boxing champion for the first time by knocking out Sonny Liston in Miami Beach.
  • Day 25-2 year 1983: Tennessee Williams, American playwright, died.
  • Day 25-2 year 1986: President Ferdinand Marcos fled the Philippines; Corazon Aquino took over the office.
  • Day 25-2 year 1990: Violeta Chamorro was elected president of Nicaragua, a victory for opponents of the Sandinistas.
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