Fashion designer Kathy Huong

Kathy Huong

Living place: Vietnam

Birthday: 6-8-1985 (39 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1985: 58,87 millions

Global rank: #58214



Phone number: updating

Fashion designer Kathy Huong profile

Who is Fashion designer Kathy Huong?
Kathy Huong (Nguyen Thu Huong), currently living and working in Hanoi. She is known for winning the title of 2nd runner-up in the Miss Ao Dai 2019 contest. Possessing a height of 1m71, measurements of 90 - 60 - 92, Kathy Huong easily captivates "men" with her perfect beauty. perfect Asian style.
Before that, she worked as a fashion designer for 10 years. However, at the time of her coronation, she wanted to focus on working in showbiz and investing in the beauty industry. When her life stabilized, she returned to living with her passion - designing beautiful evening gowns.
The runner-up not only possesses youthful beauty but also makes many people admire her. by the modern look and intelligence of a designer. She shared, "This award is the motivation to help her improve herself and do more useful work. Accordingly, she will continue to take care of the Kathy Beauty & Fashion (Designer) brand to further develop. Helping Vietnamese women have more and more opportunities to shine splendidly on the red carpet with beautiful and luxurious evening gowns. “The journey is beautiful and new doors will open for me. My success is thanks to the love of my family, friends, customer partners and the audience," runner-up Kathy Huong shared.
Many years of contributions to the beauty field As the most famous beauty expert Ha Thanh, training thousands of generations of students, few know that she is also a successful businesswoman when she successfully built two brands: Kathy Huong Beauty Institute and Kathy Beauty & Fashion.
After only a few years of being born, the young businesswoman's brand has been known and trusted by the Vietnamese businesswoman community. Besides, the beautiful Kathy Huong is also a genuine Hotface with nearly 40,000 followers on Facebook.
Highly appreciated for her gout for evening fashion, designer Kathy Huong always knows how to shine and attract all eyes thanks to her choice of clothes "Confident shape, bright style" - the fashion slogan she set.
She is a mother of 2 children, runner-up in Austria Kathy Huong surprised the audience when she still maintained her radiant beauty and slim figure like when she was first crowned. Her charisma and charm have moved millions of hearts of beauty lovers.
In the coming time, Ao Dai runner-up Kathy Huong will continue to develop and expand her products. My beauty brand to accompany the beauty of Vietnamese women. At the same time, she also maintains and promotes community activities, supporting and helping unfortunate children.

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How tall is Fashion designer Kathy Huong? What Kathy Huong's weight?
Height: 1m71
Weight: updating
3 measurements: 90 - 60 - 92

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When was Fashion designer Kathy Huong born?
Kathy Huong birthday 6-8-1985 (at the age of 39).
Where is Fashion designer Kathy Huong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Kathy Huong was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Leo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Ox. Kathy Huong's global rank is 58214 and whose rank is 256 in list of famous Fashion designer. Population of Vietnam in 1985 is about 58,87 millions persons.
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Designer Kathy Huong (Nguyen Thu Huong)
Designer Kathy Huong (Nguyen Thu Huong)
Nguyen Thu Huong was crowned 2nd runner-up of Miss Ao Dai 2019 contest
Nguyen Thu Huong was crowned 2nd runner-up of Miss Ao Dai 2019 contest
Businesswoman - graceful designer shows off her radiant beauty
Businesswoman - graceful designer shows off her radiant beauty
Designer Kathy Huong and her husband at an event
Designer Kathy Huong and her husband at an event

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