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Living place: Japan

Birthday: ?-?-1984 (40 years old)

Population of the world 1984: 4.769 billions

Global rank: #40209

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Who is Fictional characters Saitama?
Saitama is the main character of Anime One Punch Man, which is one of the famous movies worldwide. The name of "Saint Pong Shrimp" Saitama is well known to many people. With just one punch, he can knock down the opponent. The story is about a guy who works as a superhero just for fun and is always bored because he is too strong. He then decided to enroll in the hero association to become a professional hero. He is currently ranked 7th in class B and defending Z city.
Saitama is a guy with a very normal appearance, thin body but quite muscular, the most outstanding feature in Saitama is a shiny bald head without a single hair. It is known that his hair fell out due to the intense 3 years of training to become a superhero. Saitam is the strongest in the series, that power is hard to control. However, Saitama can completely control his power. No one has been able to hurt Saitama in any way and no enemy has survived one of his punches, but he always gives his opponents a chance to show his strength before finishing him off. . Saitama's power is far beyond human limits, achieving amazing feats, Saitama's power is so great that it surpasses even artificial machines, people with natural superpowers or level monsters. dragons or elixir made for destruction. Because no enemy can make it difficult for him.
Saitama's fighting style is simple techniques such as punching, slapping, smashing, butts, headbutts… However, these moves are surprisingly effective thanks to Saitama's infinite power and speed. Garou judged Saitama that all of his actions were trivial, full of loopholes and without any combat skills. Saitama has two types of fighting: normal fighting and serious fighting. When fighting, Saitama usually doesn't try to attack, even though these attacks are very gentle on Saitama, most of his opponents can't stand them. And when fighting seriously, this is when Saitama really wants to attack, however Saitama still punches without using too much force compared to normal blows, just his face in the more serious part.

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When was Fictional characters Saitama born?
Saitama ?-?-1984 (at the age of 40).
Where is Fictional characters Saitama's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Saitama was born in Japan. Mr, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Saitama's global rank is 40209 and whose rank is 43 in list of famous Fictional characters. Population of the world in 1984 is about 4.769 billions persons.
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Saitama is the main character of Anime One Punch Man
Saitama is the main character of Anime One Punch Man
Saitama is a guy with a very normal appearance
Saitama is a guy with a very normal appearance
Saitama's name is known to many people.
Saitama's name is known to many people.

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  • Syria frees captured US Navy pilot, Lieut. Robert C. Goodman, Jr. (Jan. 3).
  • US and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus (Jan. 10).
  • Reagan orders US Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force (Feb. 7).
  • Yuri V. Andropov dies at 69; Konstantin U. Chernenko, 72, named Soviet leader (Feb. 9). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Italy and Vatican agree to end Roman Catholicism as state religion (Feb. 18).
  • Soviet Union withdraws from summer Olympic games in US, and other bloc nations follow (May 7 et seq.).
  • José Napoleón Duarte, moderate, elected president of El Salvador (May 11).
  • Three hundred slain as Indian Army occupies Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar (June 6).
  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards; 1,000 killed in anti-Sikh riots; son Rajiv succeeds her (Oct. 31).
  • Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000 (Dec. 3).
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