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Working place: Illinois

Founding day: 11-5-2017 (7 years old)

Global rank: #88658


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Who is Game Injustice 2?
Injustice 2 is a DC superhero-themed fighting game with cult names like Batman, Superman or Joker... recreated perfectly. It is expected to bring players extremely epic and exciting matches.
How to Play:
By having nearly every superhero in DC Comics, Injustice 2 offers thrilling confrontations for player. Classic duels like Joker vs Batman or Batman vs Superman will be recreated in a vivid and engaging way. The player's operation in "Injustice 2" is relatively new but does not cause difficulties for players during the experience. The player's device screen will still be split in two like many other fighting games.
The left part of the screen will take care of up, down, left, right and this screen. there's also a help button that puts the character on defense to reduce damage from enemies.
The right side of the screen includes the normal attack command and the option to use moves ( the number of moves depends on the character) when the player clicks on any empty tile. In addition, the middle key of the screen below also has a command to use special moves, helping superheroes launch special skills that deal great damage. In any mode of the game the most important goal is to take down the entire opposing team.
In the game, each superhero belongs to a separate group, including 5 groups: Tech (technology), Agility (agile), Might (extraordinary), Metahuman (superman) and Arcane (Complex). Except for Arcane that is neither controlled by any group nor controlled by any group, the remaining groups will counter each other in order: Tech counters Agility, Agility counters Might, Might counters Metahuman and Metahuman will again. counter Tech.
Graphics and sound:
Injustice 2's graphics are amazing as they faithfully reproduce DC comic characters in a way full of life. Injustice 2 is designed with dark tones as the main theme, but that creates a mysterious, bold fighting style for the game. The cinematic quality footage is integrated to help players sometimes wonder if this is a movie or a game.
Injustice 2 has a melodious, gentle background music. The sound effects from attacks to skills are made very realistic and vivid.

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When was Game Injustice 2 born?
Injustice 2 founding day 11-5-2017 (at the age of 7).
Where is Game Injustice 2's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Injustice 2 was born in Illinois, of United States. is a Game, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rooster. Injustice 2's global rank is 88658 and whose rank is 81 in list of famous Game.
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Injustice 2 is a fighting game with DC superhero theme
Injustice 2 is a fighting game with DC superhero theme
Game Injustice 2 interface image
Game Injustice 2 interface image
Game Injustice 2 graphic image
Game Injustice 2 graphic image
Game Injustice 2 will bring players interesting experiences.
Game Injustice 2 will bring players interesting experiences.

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Events in 2017 and 11-5

Founding day Injustice 2 (11-5) in history

  • Day 11-5 year 1858: Minnesota became the 32nd state in the United States.
  • Day 11-5 year 1894: The Pullman Strike began.
  • Day 11-5 year 1949: Siam changed its name to Thailand.
  • Day 11-5 year 1960: Israeli agents captured Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.
  • Day 11-5 year 1973: Charges against Daniel Ellsberg for his role in the Pentagon Papers case were dismissed.
  • Day 11-5 year 1981: Reggae performer Bob Marley died of cancer in Miami at the age of 36.
  • Day 11-5 year 1997: IBM's supercomputer, Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov, the reigning world champion, in a six game chess match (2 for blue, 1 for Kasparov, and 3 ties).
  • Day 11-5 year 1998: India set off atomic blasts.
  • Day 11-5 year 2003: 91% of Lithuanian voters opted to join the European Union—the first former Soviet nation to do so.
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