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Tran Thanh

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 5-2-1987 (35 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1987: 61,75 millions

Global rank: #1



Phone number: updating

MC Tran Thanh profile

Who is MC Tran Thanh?
Tran Thanh, Huynh Tran Thanh is a multi-talented artist who is attracting the attention of the public. This MC guy is loved by the audience through his eloquence and flexible improvisation on stage. Tran Thanh is also able to fluently use two foreign languages, English and Cantonese-Chinese.
In 2006, with the 3rd prize in the 2006 TV presenter contest, Tran Thanh Step into your career more smoothly. This talented MC is the MC of a number of popular programs such as: 100 million a minute, The Mysterious Person, The King of Vietnamese Comedy... He also appeared in a number of other popular comedy programs such as: Night Secrets. Sunday, the role of a coach in "The Arena of Humor", the role of a jury in "Challenge of Comedians"...
In early February 2016, intimate images above the level of friends of Tran Thanh and female singer Hari Won began to spread on online newspapers. In response to the suspicion that the two are dating, Hari Won officially confirmed that they really love each other. Although, not long ago, Hari Won broke up with male singer Dinh Tien Dat after 9 years of dating. dating. In June 2016, rumors of an emotional rift between Tran Thanh and Hari were discussed by netizens when Hari continuously posted many sad statuses lamenting about her lover on her personal page. After the status lines of the Korean-born female singer posted on her personal page attracted the attention of the online community, many netizens expressed doubts about the couple's emotional rift. this. However, Hari Won hastily deleted his status lines without giving any explanation.
Until late at night 12/7/2016, information Tran Thanh proposed to his girlfriend Hari Won was rumored. surprise the fans. On the personal page of a friend Tran Thanh revealed information about this marriage proposal and said that the male MC had prepared a big secret to surprise his girlfriend. Eyewitnesses said that after proposing, the two exchanged passionate kisses. Thus, it has been nearly 6 months since the couple officially announced their acquaintance until the day he proposed to her.
On April 25, 2017, information TV station Vinh Long announced to stop broadcasting game shows with Tran Thanh participating, causing a stir in public opinion. Mr. Quang Nguyen, former Director of Vinh Long Television Station, in an interview with the press, said that Tran Thanh has caused many scandals recently, from the opening act of the play To Anh Nguyen at a maritime center. foreign language, Tran Thanh was criticized for being vulgar and losing the true image of the original version. After that, this male MC also became the central figure of scandals related to comedy. With the "banning" of Tran Thanh, Vinh Long Television has confirmed that its move is to tighten the content of vulgar and humorous content in the game shows that are broadcast. However, Le Quang Nguyen also explained that Tran Thanh would not be banned, but Vinh Long Television saw that he was not suitable for the program "Excellent duet children" so invited MC Thanh Bach instead.
On May 30, 2020, Tran Thanh was angry and reported to the police because of rumors of using stimulants. spread on social networks. He has officially asked the police to intervene and wants to have a suitable punishment for the person who has smeared his honor. And after only 2 days, 3 Facebook spreading false rumors also contacted his manager to apologize and say it was just a joke.
MC Tran Thanh and the statement of charity money:
MC Tran Thanh was also named in the controversy about the lack of transparency in charity activities with other organizations. famous artists like Hoai Linh, Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung. Even Businessman Nguyen Phuong Hang in the livestream on September 5 said that she is ready to give 50 billion if Tran Thanh has a full statement of charity money. Not letting the audience wait too long, on September 7, 2021, Tran Thanh posted 1000 pages of bank statements for everyone to know. His actions immediately attracted great attention from the online community.

1. The Most Favorite MC Award at the 2016 Awards
2. Favorite Comedian Award at HTV Awards 2016
3. Most Favorite Male MC Award at HTV Awards 2015
4. Impressive MC award at VTV Awards 2015
5. Impressive Comedian Award at VTV Awards 2015
6. The most favorite MC award at the Golden Mai Awards 2015
7. First Prize Perfect Couple (season 1)
8. 2006 TV presenter third prize
9. The Most Favorite Comedian Award at the Golden Mai Awards 2013
10. Contribution Award at HTV Awards 2014
11. The most favorite MC award at the Golden Mai Awards 2014.
2019: Tran Thanh won the title of Best Actor for the role of Trong Thoai in the movie "Crab back pregnant wife"
1. Decipher the pair
2. My man can - Men must be
3. Lip Sync Battle - Lip Sync Battle
4. Beauty and the Geek - Beauty and the fool
5. Vietnamese voice season 4
6. Liveshow Quang Le: Singing in the homeland
7. Liveshow Nhat Cuong: Smile to remember
8. Nhat Cuong Liveshow: Smile to remember 2
9. Teen dance moves
10. Vietnamese comedy king
11. Perfect Couple 2013
12. Challenge with dance - So You Think You Can Dance
13. Who is smarter than a 5th grader
14. Say it if you dare
15. Smile Gala 2011
16. Women's ideas, men's words
17. Let's see me act - Let us show...
18. Voice kids - The voice kids season 1
19. Rubic Chat
20. Duet with idol season 1
21. Because you deserve it - You deserve it
22. Who understands mom best?
23. I shine
24. Mysterious person
25. Because you are worthy
26. One hundred million a minute
27. MC of the program "Viet Rap" 2020
  • In 2020: The Godfather as Ong Thanh (online film)
  • In 2019: Trang Quynh as Xam and Cua re's wife pregnant role Ho Trong Thoai
  • 2018: Swapping the role of Mr. Tam
  • 2017: Sunny 2
  • 2016: Ghost Hospital as Huynh Van Thanh (movie) in theaters)
  • 2015: The reluctant prince plays the role of Tran Thanh (theatrical film)
  • 2015: The boss plays the role of Johnny Tri Hung (theatrical film)
  • Year 2014: Hai Lua as Ba Tron (theatrical film)
  • Year 2013: Love you! Dare I? the role of Cuong (theatrical film)
  • Year 2013: The agile angels in the role of Tran Thanh (short film)
  • 2012: Dream of playing Gia Huy (the role of Gia Huy) Full-length film)
  • 2012: The female tutor plays the role of Tri (theatrical film)
  • 2012: The accidental moment of the role of Lam (Long series)
  • Year 2011: The invisible truth of the role of Thao Binh (Long series)
  • Year 2011: A time when we chased the shadow of the role of Tri Tre (Long series)
  • Year 2011: The love story of the flower village with the role of Long Falling well (Long series)
  • Year 2010: The teenage princess and the five tiger generals as MC Tran Thanh (theatrical film)
  • 2010: I'm as gentle as a nun in the role of Bau So (theatrical film)
  • 2010: Autumn love story in the role of Bao (Long series)
  • Year 2010: The Gate of the Sun as Quoc's Friend (Series)
  • Year 2009: After the glory of the role of Doctor Vu (Series)
1. Rose petals fade
2. What a surprise (singing with Truc Nhan)
3. Losing to a stranger (singing with Duong Ngoc Thai)
4. Come close and kiss me
5. The meaning of roses
6. King of instant noodles
7. Rap ​​Hue
8. Can't take my eyes of you
9. Rap ​​house rent (singing with Isaac 365daband)
10. 10 star dorm (singing with Isaac 365daband)
11. Freshman aspirations (singing with Isaac 365daband)
12. Is love an abyss (singing with Ly Hai)
13. The moment of separation (singing with Ly Hai and Hoang Chau)
14. Angry at you (singing with Doan Trang)
15. Belle-The baby bird in the lipstick cage (singing with Doan Trang)
16. Fly on your dreams (singing with Isaac 365daband)
17. Transient happiness (singing with Noo Phuoc Thinh)
18. Love you! Dare I? (sing with Miu Le and Dan Truong)
19. Don't love me
20. Romeo and Juliet
21. Only you understand me
22. Falling in love
23. Thunderstorm
24. The song of embracing palanquin
25. Old Christmas season (singing with Hoang Chau)
26. Just the two of us (singing with Doan Trang)
27. Ly 10 Thuong (singing with Doan Trang)
Program Judge:
1. Comic Arena 2016
2. Duel (2016)
3. Talent search: Vietnam's Got Talent 2015
4. Challenge Comedy
5. Laughing across Vietnam
6. Swap 2015
7. Do Re Mi 2012
8. Watch me act - Let us show...
9. I Dare to Sing 2013
10. Who Dare to Sing 2014
11. Shine Together
12. Celebrity Challenge 2015

Young / Before famous

He studied at the Acting Department of Theater and Cinema, but is well known as an MC and a comedian.
In May 2012, Tran Thanh and the beautiful Mai Ho officially announced her love story to the public. But this love affair lasted only two years and then broke up.

Family life info

Tran Thanh was born into a family with three Chinese people and his mother is Tien Giang. ordinary workers. Tran Thanh has 2 beautiful sisters. On December 25, 2016, the wedding of Tran Thanh and Hari Won took place at a luxury restaurant at Tp. Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of a large number of artists in the Vietnamese showbiz world. During the wedding party, the groom Tran Thanh gave the bride the sweetest kisses. The groom and the bride also had a jubilant "dance" with the guests of the artist at the wedding party.

Close relationship

Who is Girl friend/ wife/ darling MC Tran Thanh?
Female singer Hari Won is Tran Thanh's wife. He has a close relationship with many famous artists such as: Hoai Linh, Viet Huong, Truong Giang...

Body measurements of

How tall is MC Tran Thanh? What Tran Thanh's weight?
Height: 170cm
Weight: about 75kg
Three measurements: updating
MC Tran Thanh's height is still modest, so he often uses "padded shoes" to lift his height!

Summary of Tran Thanh profile

When was MC Tran Thanh born?
Tran Thanh birthday 5-2-1987 (at the age of 35).
Where is MC Tran Thanh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Tran Thanh was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aquarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Tran Thanh's global rank is 1 and whose rank is 1 in list of famous MC. Population of Vietnam in 1987 is about 61,75 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Tran Thanh received an award at the HTV TV Awards ceremony
Tran Thanh received an award at the HTV TV Awards ceremony
 A new image of MC Tran Thanh
A new image of MC Tran Thanh
 Tran Thanh is a young MC who is being loved by many viewers
Tran Thanh is a young MC who is being loved by many viewers
 Picture of MC Tran Thanh in a meeting with his fans
Picture of MC Tran Thanh in a meeting with his fans
 Very funny wedding photos of MC Tran Thanh
Very funny wedding photos of MC Tran Thanh
 Latest pictures of MC Tran Thanh
Latest pictures of MC Tran Thanh

Tran Thanh ranking


Nghệ sĩ Trấn Thành 23/03/22 21:36
Nghệ sĩ Trấn Thành bị dương tính COVID-19

Nghệ sĩ Trấn Thành 06/03/22 17:08
5-2-1987 (35 tuổi) Nghệ sĩ Trấn Thành tuyên bố bà Nguyễn Phương Hằng tẩy chai phim Hẻm Cụt

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Events in 1987 and 5-2

Events in the world in the birth year of Tran Thanh

  • William Buckley, American hostage in Lebanon, reported slain (Jan. 20).
  • Iraqi missiles kill 37 in attack on US frigate Stark in Persian Gulf (May 17); Iraqi president Hussein apologizes (May 18).
  • Prime Minister Thatcher wins rare third term in Britain (June 11).
  • Klaus Barbie, 73, Gestapo wartime chief in Lyon, sentenced to life by French court for war crimes (July 4).

Birthday Tran Thanh (5-2) in history

  • Day 5-2 year 1811: After George III was declared insane, the Prince of Wales became Prince Regent of England, and later George IV.
  • Day 5-2 year 1917: Congress passed the Immigration Act, which restricted Asian immigration, over President Wilson's veto.
  • Day 5-2 year 1937: FDR proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court justices—"packing" the court.
  • Day 5-2 year 1994: Byron De La Beckwith was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Medgar Evers, 30 years after the crime in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Day 5-2 year 1997: Under international pressure, three of Switzerland's biggest banks created a fund worth 100 million Swiss francs for Holocaust victims and their families.
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