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H'hen Nie

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 15-5-1992 (31 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1992: 68,45 millions

Global rank: #160


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Who is Model H'hen Nie?
H'Hen Niê is a model emerging from Vietnam's Next Top Model 2015. She is considered by the judges of the contest as a "chameleon" as she is constantly changing. Recently, this model from her hometown Dak Lak appeared as a contestant in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 contest, causing Many people were surprised and excited. In the final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, H'Hen Niê overcame more than 40 other competitors to win the crown. She is the first ethnic minority in history to be crowned the highest at a national beauty pageant.
Having a height of 1m74, an angular face full of personality, H'Hen Niê discovered that it is very suitable for modeling. When she was in her second year of university, H'Hen Niê started acting, taking pictures and going to catwlk, she felt very interested in this job. In Vietnam's Next Top Model 2015, H'Hen Niê was a factor that brought many interesting things to the show, although she was not the winner. She owns a lot of beautiful photos and was praised by the judges for her ability to constantly transform.
Before coming to Vietnam's Next Top Model 2015 contest, this beauty used to be one of the model faces. New potential that designer Do Manh Cuong discovered in her Twin show since the end of 2014. This is also the first time when H'Hen Nie has just entered the profession.
After nearly 2 years after coming out of Vietnam's Next Top Model 2015, H'Hen Nie has There are significant changes in style and appearance. H'Hen Nie is currently a personality model with diverse styles. She is one of the most expensive models in the Vietnamese fashion industry because of her impressive and attractive performance style.
When she was a student, every time she watched beauty contests, H'Hen Niê felt I admire the beauty queens like Mai Phuong Thuy, Truong Thi May... Since then, she has a passion and wants to try her hand at the beauty arena in Vietnam as well as in the world. And recently, H'Hen Nie surprised many fans when she appeared in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 contest.
H'Hen Nie said that modeling makes her always happy. need to gain more experience, refresh and diversify themselves in the field of art. And Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 is a great opportunity for her to improve her knowledge and find a new style for herself. H'Hen Nie is still trying to practice skills, knowledge as well as body to fight hard in this beauty arena.

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Body measurements of

How tall is Model H'hen Nie? What H'hen Nie's weight?
Height: 1m74
Weight: 55kg
Three measurements: 84-59-94 cm

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When was Model H'hen Nie born?
H'hen Nie birthday 15-5-1992 (at the age of 31).
Where is Model H'hen Nie's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
H'hen Nie was born in Dak Lak, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. H'hen Nie's global rank is 160 and whose rank is 3 in list of famous Model. Population of Vietnam in 1992 is about 68,45 millions persons.
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Portrait of model H'Hen Niê
Portrait of model H'Hen Niê
 H'Hen Niê is an expensive model of Vietnamese model village
H'Hen Niê is an expensive model of Vietnamese model village
 Image of model H'Hen Nie transforms into a charming bride
Image of model H'Hen Nie transforms into a charming bride
 Image of model H'Hen Nie is Conf
Image of model H'Hen Nie is Conf
Image of Model H'hen Nie 4
Image of Model H'hen Nie 5

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Events in 1992 and 15-5

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  • Bush and Yeltsin proclaim a formal end to the Cold War (Feb. 1).
  • US lifts trade sanctions against China (Feb. 21).
  • General Manuel Noriega, former leader of Panama, convicted in US court (April 9) and sentenced to 40 years on drug charges (July 10).
  • Russian Parliament approves START treaty (Nov. 4).
  • US forces leave Philippines, ending nearly a century of American military presence (Nov. 24).
  • Czechoslovak Parliament approves separation into two nations (Nov. 25). Background: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • UN approves US-led force to guard food for Somalia (Dec. 3).
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed (Dec. 17).

Birthday H'hen Nie (15-5) in history

  • Day 15-5 year 1862: The U.S. Department of Agriculture was created by an act of Congress on this day.
  • Day 15-5 year 1911: The Standard Oil Company, headed by John D. Rockefeller, was ordered dissolved by the Supreme Court, under the Sherman Antitrust Act.
  • Day 15-5 year 1918: The first air mail route in the U.S. was established between New York and Washington, DC, with a stop at Philadelphia.
  • Day 15-5 year 1930: On a Boeing Air Transport flight between Oakland and Chicago, Ellen Church became the first airline stewardess.
  • Day 15-5 year 1940: Nylon stockings went on sale for the first time in the United States.
  • Day 15-5 year 1972: Alabama Governor George Wallace was shot and crippled as he campaigned for the presidency.
  • Day 15-5 year 1988: The Soviet Union began to withdraw its estimated 115,000 troops from Afghanistan.
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