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Working place: Seoul

Founding day: 17-6-2023 (1 years old)

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Who is Movie King The Land?
King the Land Korean name is 킹더랜드, is a Korean drama Korean starring Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho. The series began streaming on JTBC on June 17, 2023. In addition, viewers can also watch the series online on TVING in Korea and on the Netflix platform in select regions.
Prior to the broadcast, King The Land is expected by the audience to be the most explosive romantic comedy-comedy film in the middle of 2023. The project has elements to created a resounding success such as: the film was broadcast on JTBC cable station, the film has the combination of the couple Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho. However, the most important element of the film is the content of the script, which makes many viewers feel regretful. Just over a week after its debut, King The Land has shown a weakness in the content stage, which is both predictable, predictable, without dramatic elements, deeply influenced by the line. movie rom-com....
Many viewers think that King the Land is definitely a movie that honors and highlights Strongest on Yoona's beauty during her acting career. Since debuting as a member of SNSD until now, Yoona has always been one of the top names, a "wall" in the beauty industry of idol singers. In the movie King the Land, Yoona's role as Sa Rang created even more conditions for the actress to promote her strengths in appearance. No more "countryside" like You Are My Destiny or as confused as in Big Mouth, Yoona in King the Land sometimes just Just standing still and smiling pretty is enough to make fans' hearts flutter and get huge views.
Yoona and Lee Jun-ho have been close colleagues for many years, so when they became friends. the main couple in King The Land, the two easily got along well. However, the combination after 15 years of the main couple was considered "right person at the wrong time" because the King The Land script was considered weak, the plot was predictable and did not cause any problems. curious. The movie started with a rating of 5.1%. But after 4 episodes, it's almost reached the 2-digit rating. The audience's reaction to the film has also changed.

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When was Movie King The Land born?
King The Land founding day 17-6-2023 (at the age of 1).
Where is Movie King The Land's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
King The Land was born in Seoul, of South Korean. is a Movie, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. King The Land's global rank is 4778 and whose rank is 65 in list of famous Movie.
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Image of King the Land movie
Image of King the Land movie
Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho are the main couple of King the Land movie
Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho are the main couple of King the Land movie

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Founding day King The Land (17-6) in history

  • Day 17-6 year 1775: The Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the siege of Boston at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.
  • Day 17-6 year 1885: The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City aboard the French ship Isere.
  • Day 17-6 year 1928: Amelia Earhart embarked on the first trans-Atlantic flight by a woman.
  • Day 17-6 year 1944: The Republic of Iceland was established.
  • Day 17-6 year 1963: U.S. Supreme Court ruled that no locality may require recitation of Lord's Prayer or Bible verses in public schools.
  • Day 17-6 year 1972: Burglary of Democratic Party headquarters in Washington, DC, started the Watergate political scandal.
  • Day 17-6 year 1994: O. J. Simpson's slow-speed chase by the police, watched by millions on TV, ended in his arrest.
  • Day 17-6 year 2002: Australian scientists announced that they had "teleported" a laser beam—breaking it up and reconstructing it in another location.
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