Only Toker Halsey Nguyen

Halsey Nguyen

Living place: Amsterdam

Birthday: 26-1-2000 (24 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2000: 77,63 millions

Global rank: #85027



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Only Toker Halsey Nguyen profile

Who is Only Toker Halsey Nguyen?
Halsey Nguyen's real name is Nguyen Thuy Huyen (born in 2000), she was an international student in the Netherlands, currently works in the media field and is becoming known to many people through videos sharing simple food recipes. , diverse on social networking sites.
With the experience of having successfully lost weight twice, as well as currently maintaining a scientific diet, Halsey confided: "I started learning about and practicing "eat clean" from the beginning of 2017. Meanwhile, the concept of "eat clean" is not yet popular in Vietnam, so the first difficulty is that there are not enough Vietnamese resources for reference. The knowledge I have about "eat clean" is mainly filtered from many foreign sources and following experienced and reputable people in the Vietnamese gym world.
Giving up the idea that "eating clean" is just a regime, having good spirit and health is the goal that Halsey has been pursuing for a long time. In addition to choosing "clean" organic foods, she limits the use of fried foods to "lighten" her body. Halsey replaces sugar with healthy sweeteners, which help slow down the aging process of the skin. Halsey also chose to eat less salt, helping her body limit water retention and avoid facial swelling. As for sleep, Halsey always makes sure to get enough sleep, which helps reduce cravings and prevents water retention.
In addition to the field of communications, Halsey also researches psychology and has applied it in her diet. She shared: "The more you ban, the more you do is a short saying to summarize my psychological tendency in the journey of pursuing "eat clean" for nearly 5 years. " This is also the psychological cycle of young people suffering from "eating disorders", such as "Binge eating" or "Yoyo". The manifestation of the symptom is often self-forbidden eating but then "eating mindlessly" and "feeling guilty".
For Halsey, initially coming to cuisine was just to satisfy her passion for cooking as well as a place to record the process of pursuing the body she desired. “But later, when everyone accepted and supported me, it made me feel very happy and excited, so I wanted to contribute more, thereby more or less influencing the construction style as well as the content I transmit. load through each post. I am always careful to research carefully through many different sources before posting, " Halsey expressed.
Currently, this blogger has more than 60, 000 followers on Instagram and more than 361 thousand followers on TikTok. New and attractive videos sharing simple but no less creative recipes have attracted many young people with passion and interest in eating and responded positively, making the "diet" Drinking "science" no longer becomes boring and harsh, especially during the days of separation.

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When was Only Toker Halsey Nguyen born?
Halsey Nguyen birthday 26-1-2000 (at the age of 24).
Where is Only Toker Halsey Nguyen's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Halsey Nguyen was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Amsterdam, of Netherlands. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aquarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Halsey Nguyen's global rank is 85027 and whose rank is 914 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 2000 is about 77,63 millions persons.
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Tiktoker Halsey Nguyễn
Tiktoker Halsey Nguyễn
Halsey được biết đến qua các video chia sẻ công thức chế biến đồ ăn đơn giản
Halsey được biết đến qua các video chia sẻ công thức chế biến đồ ăn đơn giản
Cô gái trẻ truyền cảm hứng bằng lối sống “eat clean”
Cô gái trẻ truyền cảm hứng bằng lối sống “eat clean”

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Events in 2000 and 26-1

Events in the world in the birth year of Halsey Nguyen

  • Austria at center of European dispute after conservative People's Party forms coalition with the far-right Freedom Party, headed by xenophobe Jörg Haider (Feb. 3).
  • Reformists win control of Iranian parliament for first time since 1979 Islamic revolution (Feb. 26).
  • Governing of Northern Ireland passes back and forth between Britain and nascent Northern Irish parliament; major dispute over IRA's refusal to disarm (Feb-May).
  • Former Indonesian president Suharto under house arrest, charged with corruption and abuse of power (May 29).
  • Presidents of North and South Korea sign peace accord, and at least symbolically, end a half-century of antagonism (June 13).
  • Vicente Fox Quesada elected president of Mexico, ending 71 years of one-party rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) (July 2).
  • Concorde crash kills 113 near Paris (July 25).
  • Palestinians and Israelis clash, spurred by visit of right-wing Israeli leader Ariel Sharon to a joint Jewish/Muslim holy site; "Al Aksa intifada" continues unabated (Sept. 30 et seq.).
  • Nationwide uprising overthrows Yugoslavian president Milosevic (Oct. 5); Vojislav Kostunica sworn in as president (Oct. 7).
  • U.S. sailors on Navy destroyer Cole die in Yemen terrorist explosion (Oct. 12).
  • Mad cow disease alarms Europe (Nov. 30 et seq.).
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Birthday Halsey Nguyen (26-1) in history

  • Day 26-1 year 1788: The first European settlers landed in Sydney, Australia.
  • Day 26-1 year 1802: Congress passed an act calling for establishment of a library within the US Capitol.
  • Day 26-1 year 1837: Michigan became the 26th state in the United States.
  • Day 26-1 year 1950: India, three years after gaining its independence from the United Kingdom, formally became a republic.
  • Day 26-1 year 1979: Former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller died in New York at age 70.
  • Day 26-1 year 1988: Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera opened on Broadway. It would go on to become the longest-running Broadway show.
  • Day 26-1 year 1993: Vaclav Havel was elected president of the new Czech Republic.
  • Day 26-1 year 2001: A magnitude 7.7 earthquake rocked the Indian state of Gujarat, killing more than 20,000 people.
  • Day 26-1 year 2004: President Hamid Karzai signed the new constitution of Afghanistan.
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