Only Toker Nguyen Tien Dat

Nguyen Tien Dat

Living place: Khanh Hoa

Birthday: 20-6-1993 (30 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1993: 69,64 millions

Global rank: #79813


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Who is Only Toker Nguyen Tien Dat?
Nguyen Tien Dat with the nickname (Nguyentiendatphuisport) was born in 1993 - a name that is no longer strange to the world. He is currently both the manager of the young football team "Dat Sport" and a talented young businessman who sells professional sportswear at Tien Dat Sport, which is interested by many sports lovers. The name "Dat Sport" has now made a sports brand that is popular with the audience here.
In order to have the success like today, he had to go through a difficult and thorny start-up journey. Most of them do not have capital, but with the mindset, vision, passion and enthusiasm for the king sport, Tien Dat has always tried his best in the business of sports products. themselves to do the cost of the team. Along with the support of his family has helped him overcome all difficulties to get the success he is today. The brand name "Tien Dat Sport" has now conquered the market and is trusted by many customers, becoming one of the famous brands with sports players in the coastal city.
Before becoming a boss, a businessman Nguyen Tien Dat was a talented Taekwondo athlete. At the age of 5, he started practicing Taekwondo with his 2 older brothers. By talent and effort at the age of 13, he was able to join the Taekwondo team in Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang goes to compete in all major and small tournaments in the country. At the age of 17, Nguyen Tien Dat won the first Gold medal in his competitive career at the National Youth Taekwondo Championship held at Phu Yen. After that, he won 2 more gold medals at the national student tournament while studying at the University Binh Duong . Since 2009-2019, Tien Dat has won 10 consecutive provincial gold medals, national gold medals, 2 national student gold medals, ministry of defense gold medals.
At the peak of his career, Tien Dat had to put aside his passion to enlist in the army. His charm with football also started here. The more he plays, the more he finds himself loving and passionate about this king sport. Therefore, right after being discharged from the army, Tien Dat returned to the coastal city Nha Trang founded the team "Dat Sport" because he himself is the boss. Sharing about the difficulties faced by Tien Dat shared: Managing a football team is organizing a playground for children, because they have never practiced and experienced a professional environment, everything has to be done by themselves. take care of eating, exercising, ..
At the age of 28, Tien Dat is both a successful young businessman and living fully with his passion. He hopes that in the future, he can expand the business scale to cover the whole country. And develop the football movement in the coastal city of Khanh Hoa.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wish Nguyen Tien Dat a lot of health so that he can fulfill his passions and plans!

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Height: 1m73

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When was Only Toker Nguyen Tien Dat born?
Nguyen Tien Dat birthday 20-6-1993 (at the age of 30).
Where is Only Toker Nguyen Tien Dat's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Tien Dat was born in Khanh Hoa, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rooster. Nguyen Tien Dat's global rank is 79813 and whose rank is 710 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1993 is about 69,64 millions persons.
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Portrait of boss Nguyen Tien Dat
Portrait of boss Nguyen Tien Dat
 Image of boss Nguyen Tien Dat is also a talented young businessman
Image of boss Nguyen Tien Dat is also a talented young businessman
 Image of Nguyen Tien Dat on the field
Image of Nguyen Tien Dat on the field
 Image of talented boss Nguyen Tien Dat
Image of talented boss Nguyen Tien Dat

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Events in 1993 and 20-6

Events in the world in the birth year of Nguyen Tien Dat

  • Vaclav Havel elected Czech President (Jan. 26).
  • British House of Commons approves European unity pact (May 20). Maastricht Treaty takes effect, creating European Union (Nov. 1).
  • Twenty-two UN troops killed in Somalia (June 5).
  • Israeli-Palestinian accord reached (Aug. 28).
  • Yeltsin's forces crush revolt in Russian Parliament (Oct. 4 et seq.).
  • China breaks nuclear test moratorium (Oct. 5).
  • South Africa adopts majority rule constitution (Nov. 18).

Birthday Nguyen Tien Dat (20-6) in history

  • Day 20-6 year 1756: British soldiers were forced into Fort William, Calcutta, measuring just 4.5m x 5.5m. It is known as "Calcutta's Black Hole."
  • Day 20-6 year 1782: The Great Seal of the United States was adopted.
  • Day 20-6 year 1819: The 320-ton Savannah became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic.
  • Day 20-6 year 1837: Queen Victoria ascended the British throne.
  • Day 20-6 year 1863: West Virginia became the 35th state in the United States.
  • Day 20-6 year 1893: Lizzie Borden, accused of murdering her parents, was found innocent by a jury in New Bedford, Mass.
  • Day 20-6 year 1967: Muhammad Ali was convicted of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted.
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