Only Toker Le Tieu Linh

Le Tieu Linh

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 1-2-1991 (32 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1991: 67,24 millions

Global rank: #80764

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: updating

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Who is Only Toker Le Tieu Linh?
Le Tieu Linh, whose real name is Le Tieu Luan, also known as H'Heni Suyen, is a transgender person who has inspired many people with a new look at the LGBT community's concept of beauty. Although not possessing outstanding appearance, Le Tieu Linh scored with ethereal elegance and deep understanding. This has made her respected by many in the LGBT community. In addition, she is also a Tiktoker who owns millions of likes on the Tiktok platform.
In 2018, she came to The Tiffany Vietnam program as a charm. When participating in the program, she feels lucky because she had the opportunity to come out in a more positive way. She thinks that, without The Tiffany VietNam as a catalyst, it is unlikely that she can live with her true self now. She also commented that what she shows at this program is her true self.
Since childhood, Tieu Linh has received see the importance of English. She also noticed that Vietnam is just 1 out of 200 countries in the world. The world and Vietnamese people need a tool to integrate into the international community, and that is the English language. Since she was a high school student at Le Quy Don School for the Gifted at Binh Dinh Province, she has noticed a group of classmates. The English major is very active and modern, which has inspired her to study English harder. In addition, there are many other reasons why we need to learn English, because it is the door that opens the world for us.
After many times. Starting a business but failed, Le Tieu Linh decided to establish and develop Be Home Hotel Co., Ltd in Phu Quoc. She successfully raised 5 billion VND when participating in the Shark Tank program, in order to continue to develop this project and aspire to create job opportunities for the transgender community. Le Tieu Linh bravely faced difficulties and challenges, even objections. In the process of operating Be Home, she has realized many issues related to Information Technology that can be applied in hotel management. She believes that a company that makes good use of information technology will be able to optimize its operation method and save human resources, thereby saving a lot of costs and labor for the company. Therefore, she decided to register for the IT Young Talent scholarship contest and chose to study at FPT Jetking. And surprisingly, she excellently won the scholarship of FPT Jetking.
As a Tiktoker, Le Tieu Linh received a lot of attention and love. loved by the online community thanks to the creation of rich and inspiring content to learn English to many young people. Her channel currently owns hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes. In the future, Le Tieu Linh's channel will surely grow and achieve more success.

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When was Only Toker Le Tieu Linh born?
Le Tieu Linh birthday 1-2-1991 (at the age of 32).
Where is Only Toker Le Tieu Linh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Le Tieu Linh was born in Binh Dinh, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Aquarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Le Tieu Linh's global rank is 80764 and whose rank is 819 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1991 is about 67,24 millions persons.
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Portrait photo of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh
Portrait photo of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh
Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh is a face that is no stranger to the LBGT community in Vietnam
Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh is a face that is no stranger to the LBGT community in Vietnam
New image of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh
New image of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh
Female and sexy image of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh
Female and sexy image of Tiktoker Le Tieu Linh

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Events in 1991 and 1-2

Events in the world in the birth year of Le Tieu Linh

  • Cease-fire ends Persian Gulf War (April 3); UN forces are victorious. Background: The Persian Gulf War
  • Europeans end sanctions on South Africa (April 15). South African Parliament repeals apartheid laws (June 5).
  • France agrees to sign 1968 treaty banning spread of atomic weapons (June 3). China accepts nuclear nonproliferation treaty (Aug. 10). Bush-Gorbachev summit negotiates strategic arms reduction treaty (July 31).
  • Communist Government of Albania resigns (June 4).
  • Warsaw Pact dissolved (July 1).
  • Boris Yeltsin becomes first freely elected president of Russian Republic (July 10). Yeltsin's stock increases when he takes a prominent role in suppressing an anti-Gorbachev coup by communist hardliners (Aug. 18-22). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia win independence from USSR (Aug. 25); US recognizes them (Sept. 2).
  • Haitian troops seize president in uprising (Sept. 30). US suspends assistance to Haiti (Oct. 1).
  • US indicts two Libyans in 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland (Nov. 15).
  • Soviet Union breaks up after President Gorbachev's resignation; constituent republics form Commonwealth of Independent States (Dec. 25). Background: Dissolution of the USSR

Birthday Le Tieu Linh (1-2) in history

  • Day 1-2 year 1790: The United States Supreme Court was convened for the first time in New York City.
  • Day 1-2 year 1862: Julia Ward Howe's poem "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was published in the Atlantic Monthly.
  • Day 1-2 year 1884: The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary A–Ant, was published.
  • Day 1-2 year 1946: A press conference announced the first electronic digital computer, ENIAC, was held at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Day 1-2 year 1960: Four black college students began a series of sit-ins at a white-only lunch counter in Woolworth’s, Greensboro, N.C.
  • Day 1-2 year 1968: During the Vietnam War, a Viet Cong officer was executed with a pistol shot to the head by Saigon's police chief and the image captured in a famous news photograph.
  • Day 1-2 year 1979: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Tehran after 15 years of exile.
  • Day 1-2 year 2003: The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it tried to reenter the Earth's atmosphere after a sixteen-day mission in space. All seven members of the crew were lost.
  • Day 1-2 year 2004: Janet Jackson's famous "wardrobe malfunction" occurred at Super Bowl XXXVIII.
  • Day 1-2 year 2009: Johanna Sigurdardottir takes office as Iceland's first female prime minister.
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