Only Toker Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)

Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 20-11-1992 (31 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1992: 68,45 millions

Global rank: #88083


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Only Toker Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) profile

Who is Only Toker Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)?

Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son, also known as Son Min, is a young man who loves fashion and a famous chain of fashion stores. He and his team always bring interesting videos to share knowledge about fashion and outstanding trends of the market on the social networking platform TikTok.

As a fashion lover, TikToker Phan Thanh Son and his wife started the first steps in the fashion business journey. Up to now, the young man's fashion stores have received the support of many women. In addition, he also has 20 sales agents across the country, serving the market with quality and trendy products.

In addition to focusing on business, Mr. Phan Thanh Son is now is a tiktoker that attracts a large number of viewers on social networks. With useful opinion sharing videos about fashion and emerging trends in the market. The content that he posted was quickly supported by the online community and trended on tiktok. In addition, he also regularly shares content instructing how to coordinate beautiful and personality for women. With each fashion product, women can completely combine with different styles. Depending on personality and personal preferences, viewers can refer to and choose the right fashion style for themselves.

His businesses always aim for diversity in style. . Therefore, he always has the conditions to upload interesting videos about coordination as well as update the latest styles on the market to the community. Thereby, viewers also understand more about fashion and know how to coordinate clothes that are suitable for their body shape and personality. And update the latest trends to catch the trend in time, express personality through dress taste.

Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son also posted interesting sharing videos about the entrepreneurial journey. in this field. He does not hesitate to share with the community useful knowledge about business as well as how to import goods and find suitable products. With meaningful sharing content and special voice and a professional team. Mr. Phan Thanh Son's Tiktok channel, Mr. Phan Thanh Son, has quickly received the support of the community.


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Summary of Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) profile

When was Only Toker Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) born?
Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) birthday 20-11-1992 (at the age of 31).
Where is Only Toker Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)'s birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)'s global rank is 88083 and whose rank is 813 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1992 is about 68,45 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Portrait of Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son
Portrait of Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son
Phan Thanh Son is the owner of Tiktok channel General Warehouse Son Min
Phan Thanh Son is the owner of Tiktok channel General Warehouse Son Min
Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son often shares sales experiences
Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son often shares sales experiences
Picture of Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son and his family
Picture of Tiktoker Phan Thanh Son and his family

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Events in 1992 and 20-11

Events in the world in the birth year of Phan Thanh Son (Son Min)

  • Yugoslav Federation broken up (Jan. 15). US recognizes three former Yugoslav republics (April 7). UN expels Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia (Sept. 22).
  • Bush and Yeltsin proclaim a formal end to the Cold War (Feb. 1).
  • US lifts trade sanctions against China (Feb. 21).
  • General Manuel Noriega, former leader of Panama, convicted in US court (April 9) and sentenced to 40 years on drug charges (July 10).
  • Russian Parliament approves START treaty (Nov. 4).
  • US forces leave Philippines, ending nearly a century of American military presence (Nov. 24).
  • Czechoslovak Parliament approves separation into two nations (Nov. 25). Background: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • UN approves US-led force to guard food for Somalia (Dec. 3).
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed (Dec. 17).

Birthday Phan Thanh Son (Son Min) (20-11) in history

  • Day 20-11 year 1789: New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights.
  • Day 20-11 year 1910: Francisco Madero began an armed revolt against the president of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz.
  • Day 20-11 year 1945: The war crimes trials of 24 German World War II leaders began in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Day 20-11 year 1947: The future Queen Elizabeth II married Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Ediburgh.
  • Day 20-11 year 1962: President John F. Kennedy agreed to lift the American blockade of Cuba, ending the Cuban missile crisis.
  • Day 20-11 year 1975: Spain's General Francisco Franco died.
  • Day 20-11 year 2000: Peru's president Alberto Fujimori resigned.
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