Performer Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)

Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 28-5-1996 (28 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1996: 73,16 millions

Global rank: #64521



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Performer Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie) profile

Who is Performer Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)?
Vu Hue Nhi also known by the nickname Hanie or Hanie Vu, Nhi honey, Nhi SVM, Nhi Shrimp is an actress of SVM tv channel. She was born in Bac Giang and currently lives and works in Hanoi. Nhi's current job is Project/Product Manager and a KOLs. As an outstanding actress of SVM TV, she has not undergone any acting training school. She graduated from Polytechnic University. She once participated in the 2015 Robocon contest. In 2018, Hue Nhi's team won the F8 award of Facebook Developer, which was the premise for her to win a scholarship to Facebook's training program later. This girl born in 1996 also achieved a number of achievements in sports such as: Gold and Bronze medals in female football Hanoi city. In terms of art, she has received more than 200 million views on Facebook and Youtube since 2015-2020.
Having a sweet beauty, the girl from Bac Giang has dreams and ambitions big enough to overcome difficulties to conquer the jobs that i love. When she arrived at the University of Technology, she actively participated in activities and looked for opportunities for herself. And fate helped her become an actress, MC. It seems that the efforts and goals and the future have helped Hanie become strong and energetic to strive to become an influential person for young people on social platforms. Since childhood, Hui Nhi was very interested in acting. She followed her mother to perform at local, provincial and city stages. Until she became a university student, she also quickly fell in love with acting.
In 2016, Vu Hue Nhi became an actress of SVM TV - one of the three most popular YouTube channels in the North. The first short film that she participated in quickly gained more than 10 million views and her name was quickly known to young people in the North. After that, she transformed into the roles of Hui Nhi - Sitcom Shrimp Noodles, and Hui Nhi - The class hegemony. She also took on the role of MC for the first street interview with Soha Production and became a guest on TV shows on VTV6. Still quite young, but Hanie Hue Nhi has achieved a lot of success and received much love from the audience. In the future, Hui Nhi will develop herself more and more and bring many surprises to the audience.

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When was Performer Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie) born?
Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie) birthday 28-5-1996 (at the age of 28).
Where is Performer Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)'s birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie) was born in Bac Giang, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)'s global rank is 64521 and whose rank is 652 in list of famous Performer. Population of Vietnam in 1996 is about 73,16 millions persons.
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Portrait of actor Vu Hue Nhi
Portrait of actor Vu Hue Nhi
Actor Vu Hue Nhi is a well-known Kols
Actor Vu Hue Nhi is a well-known Kols
New image of actor Vu Hue Nhi
New image of actor Vu Hue Nhi
Actress image of Vu Hue Nhi - an actor who attracts fans of SVM TV
Actress image of Vu Hue Nhi - an actor who attracts fans of SVM TV

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Events in 1996 and 28-5

Events in the world in the birth year of Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie)

  • Chechens capture 2,000 Russians (Jan. 9). Chechnya peace treaty signed (May 27).
  • France agrees to end nuclear testing (Jan. 29). Background: nuclear disarmament
  • Britain alarmed by an outbreak of "mad cow" disease (March 20 et seq.).
  • UN tribunal charges war crimes by Bosnian Muslims and Croats (March 22). Nations pledge $1.23 billion in aid to rebuild Bosnia (April 22).
  • South Africa gets new constitution (May 8).
  • Israel elects Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister (May 31).
  • Iraqis strike at Kurdish enclave (Aug. 31); after warning, US attacks Iraq's southern air defenses (Sept. 2–3).
  • Militant Taliban leaders seize Afghan capital of Kabul (Sept. 27).
  • Ethnic violence breaks out in Zairian refugee camps (Oct. 13); Clinton approves plan for UN-backed relief mission for 1.2 million Hutu refugees starving in eastern Zaire (Nov. 13). Hundreds of thousands return to Rwanda (Nov. 15–18).

Birthday Vu Hue Nhi (Hanie) (28-5) in history

  • Day 28-5 year 1863: Robert Gould Shaw, leading the first northern all-black regiment, leaves Boston for the Civil War.
  • Day 28-5 year 1929: The first all-color, full-length talking picture, On With the Show!, debuted.
  • Day 28-5 year 1934: The Dionne quintuplets were born in Ontario, Canada.
  • Day 28-5 year 1957: Baseball owners voted to allow the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants to move to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. Many New Yorkers still haven’t recovered. See other baseball city and nickname changes.
  • Day 28-5 year 1987: Mathias Rust, a 19-year-old pilot from West Germany, landed his private plane in Moscow’s Red Square. He was arrested and sentenced to four years in a labor camp, but was released after just one.
  • Day 28-5 year 1997: Linda Finch completed Amelia Earhart's attempted around-the-world flight.
  • Day 28-5 year 1998: Pakistan staged nuclear tests in response to India's nuclear tests two weeks earlier.
  • Day 28-5 year 2003: Pres. Bush signed a $350 billion tax cut into law; the third largest tax cut in U.S. history.
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