Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh

Ngo Thuy Quynh

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 3-5-1998 (24 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1998: 75,46 millions

Global rank: #81465


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Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh profile

Who is Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh?
Ngo Thuy Quynh is known as a familiar photo model in many fashion magazines, a girl with albinism. From a young age, she has owned a different look, from hair, eyebrows to even eyelashes, all white. Quynh Ngo is currently a student at Faculty of International Studies - University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Possessing a gentle beauty and a very rare appearance, Thuy Quynh is impressed by her optimism and energy. The quality is always positive.
Recently, Quynh Ngo has uploaded the first set of photos of her modeling in front of a professional camera. Her charisma and very attractive performance are the praises of many viewers for Quynh. The series of photos of the young model has been shared on a number of photography forums, attracting more than 10,000 interactions and many compliments from the online community. She always believes that the photo series also partly affects and changes people's prejudices about people with this disease. For people with albinism like Thuy Quynh, the skin often burns easily, the eyes are shaken, the eyeballs are very weak if exposed to a lot of light, so the path to pursuing a modeling career is photo. also encountered many difficulties. She has a beautiful face, a "muse" aura that makes her chance to be a photo model just like that. If meeting Thuy Quynh for the first time, almost everyone is attracted by the image of a girl with white hair like a snow princess, pink skin and eyes that are always half-lidded as if enjoying, but actually she does this is to protect her eyes that are already weak due to albinism.
Understanding that she cannot be changed, Quynh Ngo decided to make this abnormality different, she became self-confident. Believe in yourself and step out of your fear. The girl who once closed herself, was afraid, running away from the light has now entered a new world, becoming one of the first albino models in Vietnam thanks to her unique and natural beauty. With her attractive beauty and charisma, Quynh Ngo is favored by the online community, commented as an expensive face in the modeling village and also called her with the name "Vietnam Snow Princess".

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Summary of Ngo Thuy Quynh profile

When was Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh born?
Ngo Thuy Quynh birthday 3-5-1998 (at the age of 24).
Where is Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ngo Thuy Quynh was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Ngo Thuy Quynh's global rank is 81465 and whose rank is 177 in list of famous Photo model. Population of Vietnam in 1998 is about 75,46 millions persons.
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Portrait image Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh
Portrait image Photo model Ngo Thuy Quynh
Ngo Thuy Quynh is a girl with albinism
Ngo Thuy Quynh is a girl with albinism
Ngo Thuy Quynh possesses unique beauty and attractive charisma
Ngo Thuy Quynh possesses unique beauty and attractive charisma
Daily life image of Ngo Thuy Quynh
Daily life image of Ngo Thuy Quynh

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  • India conducts three atomic tests despite worldwide disapproval (May 11, 13). Pakistan stages five nuclear tests in response (May 29, 30).
  • Indonesian dictator Suharto steps down after 32 years in power (May 21).
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  • Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet arrested in London (Oct. 16).
  • Wye Mills Agreement between Netanyahu and Arafat moves Middle East peace talks forward (Oct. 23). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations

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  • Day 3-5 year 1937: Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for Gone With the Wind.
  • Day 3-5 year 1948: The Shelley v. Kraemer Supreme Court decision stated that it is unconstitutional for a court to enforce a restrictive covenant which prevents people of a certain race from owning or occupying property.
  • Day 3-5 year 1979: Margaret Thatcher became the first woman elected prime minister of England.
  • Day 3-5 year 1986: At the age of 54, legendary horse jockey Bill Shoemaker became the oldest person to win the Kentucky Derby, riding Ferdinand to victory.
  • Day 3-5 year 1999: Kansas and Oklahoma were hit by an outbreak of more than 55 tornadoes, including one measured at F5 on the Fujita scale.
  • Day 3-5 year 2001: The United States, a member of the UN Human Rights Commission since its inception, lost its seat. It would be restored the following year.
  • Day 3-5 year 2003: New Hampshire’s symbol, the granite Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed in the state’s Franconia Mountains.
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