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Ho Duy Khang

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 20-5-1999 (25 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1999: 76,6 millions

Global rank: #85241


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Who is Singer Ho Duy Khang?
Ho Duy Khang is a young and very talented singer of Vbiz. He owns many songs with typical personal impressions such as the song: Fading flower color, Painful for a lifetime, Bitter Men and Melancholy, Pink silk connection, ... or the latest work is "Doi Twenty Em Theo Husband". attracted a lot of attention from the music-loving audience.
Ho Duy Khang's real name is Vu Cong Hiep, he was born and raised in his hometown of Chiem Hoa, Tuyen Quang province. From an early age, he showed a talent and a burning passion for music. At that time, outside of the main time of studying at school, the young student researched and learned music by himself through books, newspapers and the internet. When he was in high school, in addition to learning to sing, Duy Khang also practiced writing, composing and performing these songs himself. He shared: "The songs I wrote at that time were not yet finished products, but only temporary draft demos on a blank page."
After After completing the high school program, Ho Duy Khang decided to go south to find opportunities to develop as well as affirm his talents. In order to properly study vocal skills, the original guy Tuyen Quang made great efforts to study and pass the entrance exam to the Academy. City Music. HCM. Here, he is well-trained, teachers guide and share many valuable skills. Outside of school, that 9X guy still doesn't stop composing. His works are meticulously elaborated in each melody and lyrics and since then, the most thoughtful products have been born. Many of his songs have been selected for release, and have received a lot of support from family, friends and music lovers.
Up to now, he has been in the profession for 7 years and he has owned many unique music products, attracting millions of listeners from the audience. On December 1, 2022, Ho Duy Khang released a music product called "Doi Twenty Em Theo Husband" in collaboration with Rapper TooNy. With a beautiful melody and unique lyrics, the MV quickly reached the top of searches and entered the ZingMp3 chart.
Sharing about upcoming plans, the young singer said that he will make constant efforts, collaborating with the brothers in the team to launch many quality products to send to you audience. He also hopes to receive a lot of love from the music-loving audience!

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When was Singer Ho Duy Khang born?
Ho Duy Khang birthday 20-5-1999 (at the age of 25).
Where is Singer Ho Duy Khang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ho Duy Khang was born in Tuyen Quang, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Ho Duy Khang's global rank is 85241 and whose rank is 1606 in list of famous Singer. Population of Vietnam in 1999 is about 76,6 millions persons.
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The handsome image of the young singer Ho Duy Khang
The handsome image of the young singer Ho Duy Khang
the handsome Ho Duy Khang in the MV "Pain for one last time"
the handsome Ho Duy Khang in the MV "Pain for one last time"
the handsome Ho Duy Khang
the handsome Ho Duy Khang
the young talented singer Ho Duy Khang
the young talented singer Ho Duy Khang

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Hồ Duy Khang 19/04/23 12:50
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Events in 1999 and 20-5

Events in the world in the birth year of Ho Duy Khang

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  • Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa, steps down (June 16), and Thabo Mbeki takes over.
  • War erupts in Kosovo after Yugoslavia's president Slobodan Milosevic clamps down on the province, massacring and deporting ethnic Albanians. NATO begins Operation Allied Force on March 24, 1999, launching air strikes against Belgrade for 78 consecutive days until Milosevic relents. Background: Timeline: The Splintering of Kosovo and Timeline: NATO in Kosovo.
  • Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills more than 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless in Turkey (Aug. 17).
  • East Timor population votes for independence from Indonesia (Aug. 30, 1999), which causes pro-Indonesian forces to massacre and uproot thousands of East Timorese.
  • Pakistani government is overthrown in the midst of economic strife and intensified fighting with India over Kashmir (Oct. 12). Background: 1999 in Review.
  • The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug, with more drastic millennial theorists warning of Armageddon.
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Birthday Ho Duy Khang (20-5) in history

  • Day 20-5 year 1506: The great Italian explorer Christopher Columbus passed away in Spain.
  • Day 20-5 year 1861: North Carolina voted to secede from the Union.
  • Day 20-5 year 1927: Charles Lindbergh began the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight, departing from Long Island aboard the Spirit of Saint Louis.
  • Day 20-5 year 1932: Amelia Earhart took off from Newfoundland to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
  • Day 20-5 year 1961: A mob attacked a busload of "freedom riders" in Montgomery, Ala., setting the bus on fire.
  • Day 20-5 year 1978: Mavis Hutchinson, 53, became the first woman to run across America. The 3,000-mile trek took her 69 days. She ran an average of 45 miles each day.
  • Day 20-5 year 1996: In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court rejected a Colorado measure banning laws that protect homosexuals from discrimination.
  • Day 20-5 year 2002: East Timor became the what was then the world's newest nation.
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