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Tran Mai Vy

Living place: Kon Tum

Birthday: 30-6-1978 (45 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1978: 51,44 millions

Global rank: #90727

Facebook: facebook.com/tmvy78

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Who is Teacher Tran Mai Vy?
Tran Mai Vy - a member of the charity group Love Connection is known for the story "The mother who raised a Nung boy with two legs paralyzed". The story has attracted the attention and affection of the online community before her kindness.
Lu Van Chien is a Nung boy, born in 2012 in the Nam Khoa mountains, Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province. His mother left, his father was in prison, he grew up with two tiny feet clasped together, from a young age lived with his grandmother and aunts. Like the people in the village, his childhood knew only corn and cassava. In September 2019, a Norwegian overseas Vietnamese on a volunteer trip took a photo of Chien Lelet in the mud, crawling with friends to school on a rainy day. "Does anyone know a doctor who can help this baby?", the overseas Vietnamese posted on his personal page. A volunteer group of families with children with disabilities, based in Saigon, knew about Chien's situation, so they contacted professor and doctor Tran Anh Ton - an orthopedic surgeon who is living and working. in the city of Melbourne, Australia. He accepted Chien's treatment and had to be examined via video.
At this time, Tran Mai Vy - an English teacher in the city Kon Tum, has a child. The first boy has cerebral palsy. Having taken her children for treatment for many years, understanding the suffering of children with disabilities, she and a friend, a few days later, departed Ha Giang to help Chien with the online examination. During the examination, Dr. Ton concluded that it could be cured if someone brought Chien to Australia, but the whole group of volunteers could not arrange work to accompany him. In November 2019, Chien's flight of hope took off. On this journey, Vy took her 17-year-old son with cerebral palsy with him. The success of Lu Van Chien's treatment was then reported by the Australian press with the name "Lucky boy" - the lucky boy. One newspaper wrote: "It is the luck that comes from the great efforts of many good people, including Vy's mother". In early 2020, when the parents returned home, Chien had to stay at the volunteer group center in Ho Chi Minh City practice and then return to Kon Tum to celebrate Tet. After that, Ms. Vy's family adopted Chien as their child.
Recently, the whole family brought Chien back to visit relatives, teachers and friends in Hoang Su Phi. Seeing the boy running and jumping, everyone was both surprised and happy because they couldn't believe that the boy with his two legs hanging down, moving with his hands, could now walk without anyone's help.

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When was Teacher Tran Mai Vy born?
Tran Mai Vy birthday 30-6-1978 (at the age of 45).
Where is Teacher Tran Mai Vy's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Tran Mai Vy was born in Kon Tum, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Cancer, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Tran Mai Vy's global rank is 90727 and whose rank is 219 in list of famous Teacher. Population of Vietnam in 1978 is about 51,44 millions persons.
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Portrait of Tran Mai Vy
Portrait of Tran Mai Vy
Tran Mai Vy is a member of the charity group Love Connection
Tran Mai Vy is a member of the charity group Love Connection
Tran Mai Vy regularly participates in charity programs
Tran Mai Vy regularly participates in charity programs
Picture of Tran Mai Vy and Lu Van Chien
Picture of Tran Mai Vy and Lu Van Chien

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  • Rhodesia's Prime Minister Ian D. Smith and three black leaders agree on transfer to black majority rule (Feb. 15).
  • US Senate approves Panama Canal neutrality treaty (March 16); votes treaty to turn canal over to Panama by year 2000 (April 18).
  • Former Italian Premier Aldo Moro kidnapped by left wing terrorists, who kill five bodyguards (March 16); he is found slain (May 9).
  • Pope Paul VI , dead at 80, mourned (Aug. 6); new Pope, John Paul I, 65, dies unexpectedly after 34 days in office (Sept. 28); succeeded by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland as John Paul II (Oct. 16).
  • "Framework for Peace" in Middle East signed by Egypt's President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Premier Menachem Begin after 13-day conference at Camp David led by President Jimmy Carter (Sept. 17).
  • Jim Jones's followers commit mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana (Nov. 18).

Birthday Tran Mai Vy (30-6) in history

  • Day 30-6 year 1859: French acrobat Charles Blondin, AKA Jean Francois Gravelet, walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
  • Day 30-6 year 1908: A powerful natural explosion from an unknown cause rocked the Tunguska Basin, in eastern Siberia, flattening hundreds of square miles of forest and resulting in tremors that could be felt hundreds of miles away.
  • Day 30-6 year 1921: President Warren G. Harding appointed former president William H. Taft chief justice of the United States.
  • Day 30-6 year 1934: Adolf Hitler secured his position in the Nazi party by a "blood purge," ridding the party of other leaders such as Ernst Roehm and Kurt von Schleicher.
  • Day 30-6 year 1936: Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind was published.
  • Day 30-6 year 1971: The 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18, was ratified by the states.
  • Day 30-6 year 1998: The remains of a Vietnam War serviceman buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers were identified as those of Air Force pilot Michael J. Blassie.
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