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Living place: Vietnam

Birthday: 26-7-1996 (27 years old)

Population of the world 1996: 5.760 billions

Global rank: #35641


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: updating

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Who is Youtuber 1m88?
1M88 real name is Nguyen Dinh Duy, is an emerging young Youtube, Beauty Blogger in Vietnam Beauty Blogger village. This 9X guy has a handsome appearance and skincare knowledge that makes many girls admire. After only 2 months of setting up the channel and uploading videos to the channel, Youtube channel 1M88 has attracted nearly 35,000 channel subscribers. Up to now, the channel has owned more than 170 thousand subscribers.
Nguyen Dinh Duy is no longer a strange face on social platforms. The student of the University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City currently owns a certain number of followers on various platforms. Social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram... With the advantage of an outstanding height of 1m88, he soon fell in love with modeling. The photos showing off the impressive charisma of this 9X guy are receiving a lot of attention from young Vietnamese. Not only possessing a beautiful appearance, Dinh Duy also has a talent for singing. He became a potential candidate of a Korean media company, competing in the show Produce 101.
As a Beauty Blogger, Nguyen Dinh Duy attracted the attention of netizens by sharing videos to share skincare knowledge. From the first videos posted on Youtube channel 1M88, he has attracted viewers thanks to his honest review, praise and criticism, helping customers to understand the product in the most objective way. Each topic is deeply analyzed by Dinh Duy from the theory of skin cream ingredients, practical experiences when using the product. It can be seen that the review ability of this Beauty Blogger guy is not inferior to any veteran female beauty blogger. The topics that he reviews are carefully "prepared with lesson plans", unlike the content of anyone else, so sometimes they also get a very high number of views. For example: video 6 level peel skin that you must know, Chinese domestic goods are cheap auto? , Skincare is not very basic for boys. With his knowledge and understanding and practical experience of cosmetic brands from popular to high-end, Nguyen Dinh Duy is still a Beauty Blogger that receives a lot of love from users on Youtube. .

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When was Youtuber 1m88 born?
1m88 birthday 26-7-1996 (at the age of 27).
Where is Youtuber 1m88's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
1m88 was born in Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Leo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. 1m88's global rank is 35641 and whose rank is 161 in list of famous Youtuber. Population of the world in 1996 is about 5.760 billions persons.
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Portrait of Youtuber 1m88
Portrait of Youtuber 1m88
New image of Youtuber 1m8
New image of Youtuber 1m8
1m88 is a Beauty Blogger
1m88 is a Beauty Blogger
Youtuber image of 1m88 in a set of promotional photos
Youtuber image of 1m88 in a set of promotional photos

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Events in 1996 and 26-7

Events in the world in the birth year of 1m88

  • Chechens capture 2,000 Russians (Jan. 9). Chechnya peace treaty signed (May 27).
  • France agrees to end nuclear testing (Jan. 29). Background: nuclear disarmament
  • Britain alarmed by an outbreak of "mad cow" disease (March 20 et seq.).
  • UN tribunal charges war crimes by Bosnian Muslims and Croats (March 22). Nations pledge $1.23 billion in aid to rebuild Bosnia (April 22).
  • South Africa gets new constitution (May 8).
  • Israel elects Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister (May 31).
  • Iraqis strike at Kurdish enclave (Aug. 31); after warning, US attacks Iraq's southern air defenses (Sept. 2–3).
  • Militant Taliban leaders seize Afghan capital of Kabul (Sept. 27).
  • Ethnic violence breaks out in Zairian refugee camps (Oct. 13); Clinton approves plan for UN-backed relief mission for 1.2 million Hutu refugees starving in eastern Zaire (Nov. 13). Hundreds of thousands return to Rwanda (Nov. 15–18).

Birthday 1m88 (26-7) in history

  • Day 26-7 year 1788: New York became the 11th state in the United States.
  • Day 26-7 year 1847: Liberia became Africa's first republic.
  • Day 26-7 year 1908: The Office of the Chief Examiner, which in 1935 became the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was created.
  • Day 26-7 year 1947: President Harry S Truman signed the National Security Act, creating the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Day 26-7 year 1952: King Farouk I of Egypt abdicated after a coup led by Gamal Abdal Nasser.
  • Day 26-7 year 1953: Fidel Castro was among a group of rebelling anti-Batistas who unsuccessfully attacked an army barracks.
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