Youtuber Nino Hoang

Nino Hoang

Living place: Vietnam

Birthday: 24-4-1995 (29 years old)

Population of the world 1995: 5.682 billions

Global rank: #1755



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Who is Youtuber Nino Hoang?
Nino Hoang (real name Nguyen Duy Hoang) The hidden YouTuber makes the sister association fall in love thanks to his ingenuity clever with extremely delicious dishes, every dish is cute and lost. Nino Hoang always appears mysteriously with a lovely bear hat in cooking clips. Even on Nino Hoang's personal Facebook and Instagram, there are no photos showing his real face. Rarely does the guy post blurry photos, revealing his face. Even though his face can't be seen clearly, the sisters are still sure that this guy has a not-so-medium beauty. Manly and seductive hands when cooking make women "stand still".
Hidden face behind a bear hat makes many people curious about Nino Hoang's true appearance. Nino Hoang himself did not want to appear. He hopes people will pay attention and focus on the food he makes, not on his face. Nino Hoang feels very happy and happy to be supported by many people. Many people share that they love baking and cooking after watching his videos.
Nino Hoang's charm comes from super meticulous, lovely cooking videos and "salty like sea salt" content. His lovely dishes make anyone who looks at them immediately soften their hearts. His Youtube channel Oh Nino has more than 300,000 subscribers, Nino's Home channel has more than 3.58 million subscribers. Most of the videos Nino Hoang posted attracted millions of views after only a few days of being broadcast. Nino Hoang mainly guides to make ice cream and confectionery dishes, especially recent "hot trend" dishes such as: Dalgona coffee, garlic butter bread, Korean fried eggs...
Lovers When it comes to cooking and baking, it's impossible not to know about Nino Hoang's channel. The guy who always focuses on food, beautiful filming angles, meticulous instructions with humorous comments is quickly loved by domestic and foreign audiences. Nino Hoang creates a special attraction for food enthusiasts. Nino Hoang's video only focuses on ingredients, dishes, and the sound of the kitchen, accompanied by funny and lovely subtitles.
Despite having skillful hands, Nino Hoang cannot avoid mistakes. "difficult" mistake in his kitchen. The guy who posted his "completely broken" footage made fans excited.

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When was Youtuber Nino Hoang born?
Nino Hoang birthday 24-4-1995 (at the age of 29).
Where is Youtuber Nino Hoang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nino Hoang was born in Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. Nino Hoang's global rank is 1755 and whose rank is 55 in list of famous Youtuber. Population of the world in 1995 is about 5.682 billions persons.
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YouTuber Nino Hoang hides his face behind a mask of a delinquent
YouTuber Nino Hoang hides his face behind a mask of a delinquent
 YouTuber Nino Hoang enjoys cooking and raising cats
YouTuber Nino Hoang enjoys cooking and raising cats
 YouTuber Nino Hoang has many million-view cooking videos
YouTuber Nino Hoang has many million-view cooking videos

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Events in 1995 and 24-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Nino Hoang

  • US rescues Mexico's economy with $20-billion aid program (Feb. 21).
  • Russian space station Mir greets first Americans (March 14). US shuttle docks with station (June 27).
  • Nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway kills eight and injures thousands. The Aum Shinrikyo ("Supreme Truth") cult is to blame (March 20). Background: International Terrorism
  • Death toll 2,000 in Rwanda massacre (April 22).
  • Fighting escalates in Bosnia and Croatia (May 1). Warring parties agree on cease-fire (Oct. 5); sign peace treaty (Dec. 14).
  • France explodes nuclear device in Pacific; wide protests ensue (Sept. 5). Background: nuclear weapons
  • Israelis and Palestinians agree on transferring West Bank to Arabs (Sept. 24). Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin slain by Jewish extremist at peace rally (Nov. 4).

Birthday Nino Hoang (24-4) in history

  • Day 24-4 year 1800: The Library of Congress of the United States was established.
  • Day 24-4 year 1898: Spain declared war on the U.S..
  • Day 24-4 year 1915: Turks began deportation of Armenians that led to the massacre of between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians.
  • Day 24-4 year 1916: The Easter Rebellion begins in Dublin, Ireland. Although unsuccessful, the uprising was an important symbolic event leading to the establishment of the Republic of Ireland.
  • Day 24-4 year 1953: Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Day 24-4 year 1990: The shuttle Discovery blasted off with the Hubble Space Telescope.
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