Businessmen Tran Oanh

Tran Oanh

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 5-1-1992 (30 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1992: 68,45 millions

Global rank: #3483


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Businessmen Tran Oanh profile

Who is Businessmen Tran Oanh?
Tran Oanh is the CEO of Luxury Paris Cosmetics Manufacturing Service Co., Ltd. CEO Luxury Girl creates sympathy with the opposite person thanks to her beautiful appearance and gentle voice. Tran Oanh is a quite famous name in the world of Vietnamese cosmetics business with the starting point of online sales. At first, Tran Oanh faced many difficulties, in 3 months she only sold 3 shirts. These difficulties did not defeat the will of the 9X girl. Tran Oanh turned to a relatively new field of cosmetics business. After 4 years of perseverance, Tran Oanh is now a successful businessman of the Luxury Girl brand with more than 200 distribution agents nationwide. Tran Oanh always believes that in order to have success in business, there must be the word "MEMBER". The word "MEMBER" is a solid foundation for a cosmetic company to develop based on the main factor of product quality. For Tran Oanh, success must include both values ​​and ethics.
The program "Beauty dinner" organized by Tran Oanh's Luxury Paris production trading company at Capella Park View convention center, gathered more than 150 beautiful beauties attracting great attention from the public. essay. These are the company's cosmetic business distribution agents nationwide. The "beauty party" is like gratitude, tightening the solidarity between agents, sharing the secret of the agents' success.

Young / Before famous

Tran Oanh graduated with a major in Finance from Banking University. Before, she had never thought of starting a cosmetics business. In one incident, Tran was invited by a friend to cooperate in the cosmetics business. Initially, Tran Khoanh felt that the plan was not feasible, but still tried to meet experts from France. Passion for the beauty business grew, Tran Oanh decided to set up her own company to put all her heart into it.

Family life info

Tran Oanh and designer Tran Chinh are sisters. Despite their different personalities, they are very close to each other. Designer Tran Chinh loves his sister very much and is always a costume consultant if she doesn't have time to sew for her sister. In the big event "Beauty dinner", Tran Oanh turned into an angel in a costume designed and sewn by her sister herself as a birthday gift.

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When was Businessmen Tran Oanh born?
Tran Oanh birthday 5-1-1992 (at the age of 30).
Where is Businessmen Tran Oanh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Tran Oanh was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Capricorn, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Goat. Tran Oanh's global rank is 3483 and whose rank is 58 in list of famous Businessmen. Population of Vietnam in 1992 is about 68,45 millions persons.
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Successful young businessman Tran Oanh
Successful young businessman Tran Oanh
Sexy and charming businesswoman Tran Oanh
Sexy and charming businesswoman Tran Oanh
Successful businessman Tran Oanh in the cosmetic business
Successful businessman Tran Oanh in the cosmetic business
Beautiful appearance of businessman Tran Oanh
Beautiful appearance of businessman Tran Oanh

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Events in 1992 and 5-1

Events in the world in the birth year of Tran Oanh

  • Yugoslav Federation broken up (Jan. 15). US recognizes three former Yugoslav republics (April 7). UN expels Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia (Sept. 22).
  • Bush and Yeltsin proclaim a formal end to the Cold War (Feb. 1).
  • US lifts trade sanctions against China (Feb. 21).
  • General Manuel Noriega, former leader of Panama, convicted in US court (April 9) and sentenced to 40 years on drug charges (July 10).
  • Russian Parliament approves START treaty (Nov. 4).
  • US forces leave Philippines, ending nearly a century of American military presence (Nov. 24).
  • Czechoslovak Parliament approves separation into two nations (Nov. 25). Background: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • UN approves US-led force to guard food for Somalia (Dec. 3).
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed (Dec. 17).

Birthday Tran Oanh (5-1) in history

  • Day 5-1 year 1896: A German newspaper reported German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen's discovery of X-rays.
  • Day 5-1 year 1914: Henry Ford introduced the $5-a-day minimum wage.
  • Day 5-1 year 1925: Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first woman governor of a state (Wyoming).
  • Day 5-1 year 1972: President Nixon ordered the development of the space shuttle.
  • Day 5-1 year 2000: INS Commissioner Doris Meissner ruled that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez must be returned to Cuba.
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