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Doi Tung

Living place: Quang Tay

Birthday: ?-?-1088

Global rank: #69963

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Who is Chinese War Hero Doi Tung?
Dai Tung's name is correctly transliterated as Dai Tong, pinyin name is Dai Zong, alias is Than Hanh Thai Bao, is a character in the novel Water Margin by Thi Nai Am. He is one of 108 heroes of Luong Son Bac. He has the magic of walking, wearing a horse armor on his leg can walk 200 miles a day, wearing 2 armor can travel 400 miles a day, wearing 4 armor can walk a day. 800 miles. He used to work as a prison guard in Giang Chau, along with Ly Quy. He was a man with high martial arts, so everyone in prison was afraid of him. Dai Tung has a close relationship with Luong Son Bac's Ngo Dung, and is very fond of Tong Giang.

Sai tri government of Giang Chau received news that Tong Giang had written a treasonous poem on Tam Duong floor, and sent Dai Tung to send a letter to his father, a Thai monk in Dong Kinh named Sai. Kinh knows this. On the way, Dai Tung was arrested by Chu Quy and brought to Luong Son to ask questions. When Ngo Dung heard of the news, he used a fake letter and asked Dai Tung to invite Kim Dalian, Tieu Nhuong came to fake Sai Kinh's reply, writing that he would escort Tong Giang to Dong Kinh to decide, in the middle of Tieu Cai street. The army robbed the prison car to rescue Tong Giang. Dai Tung received the fake letter and brought it back to Sai trifu. Sai trifu knew that the fake letter sent someone to bring Dai Tung to the Death Prison along with Tong Giang to wait for the day of beheading. Tieu Cai and many good brothers Luong Son robbed the Jiangzhou law school to rescue Dai Tung and Tong Giang. After that, the two joined Luong Son. Later, Dai Tung participated in many wars for the Luong Son insurgent army and recorded many victories, including those in the battle with Chuc Gia Trang, Phuong Lap and Tang Dau Thi.

After Tong Giang was killed by the imperial court, Dai Tung returned from the mandarin to Thai An province to work as a guardian, taking care of incense burners to worship the Jade Emperor. He lived here until his death.

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He and Vo Tong, Lou Tri Tham, Quan Thang, Lam Chong, Duong Chi, Lu Tuan Nghia, Cong Ton Thang, Yen Thanh, History, Sai Tien, Thach Tu, Chu Dong, Ho Dien Huo, Ly Ung... are the good han of Luong Son.

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When was Chinese War Hero Doi Tung born?
Doi Tung ?-?-1088 (death).
Where is Chinese War Hero Doi Tung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Doi Tung was born in Quang Tay, of China. Em, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Doi Tung's global rank is 69963 and whose rank is 22 in list of famous Chinese War Hero.
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Drawing of character Dai Tung in the novel Water Margin
Drawing of character Dai Tung in the novel Water Margin
 Shaping the character Dai Tung in the movie Water Margin
Shaping the character Dai Tung in the movie Water Margin

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