Chinese War Hero Ly Ung

Ly Ung

Living place: Ha Bac

Birthday: ?-?-1086

Global rank: #68768

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Who is Chinese War Hero Ly Ung?
Li Ying, whose pinyin name is Li Ying, nicknamed Phac Thien Dieu, is one of 108 heroes of Luong Son Bac in the novel Thuy Huu by author Thi Nai Am. He has a knack for using flying knives and swords, and he is also excellent at riding a horse. Legend has it that he can kill people hundreds of meters away in the blink of an eye. He was also a wealthy landowner, living a benevolent life, and liked to help heroic heroes. He is considered one of Luong Son Bac's best martial artists.

Thoi Thien, Thach Tu and Duong Hung were on their way to Luong Son, when they passed Doc Long Cuong, they stopped under the mountain to rest. When Thien stole a chicken from the inn for drinking, the owner of the inn discovered it. All three fought with the people of Chuc Gia Trang, unfortunately, when Thien Thien was arrested, Thach Tu and Duong Hung escaped. Duong Hung knew the family servants of the Ly Ung family, so he went to Ly Gia Trang to ask for help. Ly Ung accepted to help Thach Tu and Duong Hung. He wrote a letter and sent someone to the Zhu family to ask for his release, but unexpectedly, Chuc Biao (the youngest son of the Zhu family) did not release him, but also tore the letter and cursed badly. When Ly Ung heard the news, he immediately sent 300 troops to fight Chuc Gia Trang. Ly Ung and Chuc Biao fought for more than 10 rounds, suddenly Chuc Biao played a sneak attack, causing Ly Ung to fall from his horse. Thach Tu and Duong Hung risked their lives to save him and bring him back to Ly Gia Trang. a href="/job/chinese-war-hero/tong-giang/bblw">Tong Giang sees that Ly Ung is a talented person, so she wants to invite him to join the association. The military strategist Ngo Dung had devised a plan for some Luong Son leaders to disguise themselves as military officers to hunt Ly Ung's house. On the way, Tong Giang and another late leader intercepted robbers and brought Ly Ung to Luong Son Bac. After this, Ly Ung had to accept to join Luong Son and become the leader of Luong Son's army management. When assigning the second throne, he sat in the 11th seat, belonging to the group of Thien Cuong Tinh. Khanh, army of Lieu, Dien Ho, Phuong Lac. He contributed much in these conquests. After the victory at Phuong Lap, he was appointed Marshal of the Trung Son government. After half a year, he offered up the excuse of having rheumatism, unable to serve the court, and asked to return to his hometown from the mandarin. Later, he became a rich man and lived a long life.

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He and Lu Tuan Nghia, Cong Ton Thang, Yen Thanh, Hi Tien, Vo Tong, Lo Tri Tham, Quan Thang, Lam Chung , Duong Chi, Sai Tien, Thach Tu, Chu Dong, Ho Dien Chuoc... are the good han of Luong Son.

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When was Chinese War Hero Ly Ung born?
Ly Ung ?-?-1086 (death).
Where is Chinese War Hero Ly Ung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ly Ung was born in Ha Bac, of China. Em, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Ly Ung's global rank is 68768 and whose rank is 18 in list of famous Chinese War Hero.
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Born in 1086