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Lam Xung

Living place: Chiet Giang

Birthday: ?-?-1070

Global rank: #56913

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Who is Chinese War Hero Lam Xung?
Lin Chong, whose pinyin name is Lin Chōng, is a real person in Chinese history. He is a character in the novel Chu Hu, one of the 108 heroes of Liangshan. In Luong Son Bac, he was the 6th leader to be ruled by the star Thien Hung Tinh.
Lam Chong lived in the Northern Song Dynasty, was one of the most outstanding leaders in Dong Kinh. He is 8 meters tall, round face, swallow jaw, newspaper head, very similar to Truong Phi. He has a very skilled technique of hitting snakes and spears, and is classified as a demonic-incarnation. Lam Chong is a man who respects brotherly feelings, very well seen in Nhan Nghia.
When he was still in Dong Kinh, Lam Chong had a close friend named Luc Khiem who held the position of a servant under Cao. Bridge. When Cao Cau took up the position of Thai lieutenant, he summoned all the top leaders at the palace to take attendance. The head spearman Vuong Tien rebelled against the order, so he was fined by Cao Cau and handed over to Lam Chong for trial. Lam Chong and Luc Khiem planned to hide Cao Cau to release Vuong Tien. Cao Cau has an adopted son, Cao Kham, also known as Cao Nha Noi, nicknamed Hoa Thai Tue, who is passionate about sex. Lam Chong's wife is Truong Thi, who is a person of attractive beauty. Hoa Thai Tue fell in love with Truong Thi. Once, he confessed to Truong Thi but was rejected, so he set up the next table with Phu An to appropriate the beauty. Phu An informed people that Lam Chong had eaten poisonous food, so he fainted at the mandarin and asked Truong Thi to come. When she arrived, Truong Thi did not see her husband but only Cao Kham. Cao Kham took the opportunity to attack her. Zhang's servant did not know what to do, so she ran to call Lam Chong to come. When Lam Chong arrived, Cao Kham had already escaped. Lam Chong took his wife back to the middle of the road when he met Luc Khiem, he sent a servant to take Truong Thi home and then chased and killed Luc Khiem alone to the palace of the Thai lieutenant. Luc Khiem fled to the palace, but Lam Chong was stopped, so he had to leave.
Cao Kham went home to offend Cao Cau, demanding that his adoptive father marry Truong Thi for himself. Cao Cau, because of his son's indulgence, agreed. He tries to harm Lam Chong. Cao Cau knew that Lam Chong had just bought a new knife and practiced very hard, so he devised a plan to trick him. He sent two stupid servants to invite Lam Chong to bring a knife to compete with the precious one in the royal palace. Lam Chong did not know Cao Cau was plotting to deceive him, so he took his knife with him and was led right into the White Tiger Thiet Duong (that's where the lieutenants discussed the military). When he got to the place, he realized that he had been tricked, so he wanted to run away but could not. Cao Cau ordered the soldiers to take Lam Chong away. Arriving at Khai Phong, Lam Chong clarified the matter with the mandarin, but the mandarin convicted him and exiled him to Cang Chau, ordering two public servants, Tiet Ba and Dong Sieu, to escort him. On the way, while resting at the inn, two public servants tried to torture Lam Sung. They promised to give him water to wash his feet, but they took boiling water that had just been boiled and soaked his feet in, causing his feet to blister. These two servants also intentionally bought a pair of grass sandals for him to wear to prevent the skin of his feet from being scratched. When he went to the forest of Da Tru, Tiet Ba told Lam Chong that he had received money from Cao Cau, so he had to kill him in this forest, or else he would be punished with death. At this time, Lo Tri Tham promptly came to rescue Lam Chong, arresting him. Tiet Ba and Dong Sieu carried Lam Chong to Thuong Chau.
When they arrived in Thuong Chau, Lam Chong met again Sai Tien and took refuge in Sai Tien's house. Before parting, Sai Tien gave Lam Chong some money as a toll. Lam Chong met his wife again, but then his wife was burned to death by Luc Khiem. He hated to kill Luc Khiem and went to Luong Son Bac. He went to Chu Quy's inn and stopped here. After getting drunk, he wrote poetry and wrote on the wall. Chu Quy recognized Lam Chong, had a letter of introduction from Sai Tien, so he was happy to welcome him, then took him to Luong Son to meet Vuong Luan. Vuong Luan saw that Lam Chong was a talented person, afraid of being robbed of his throne, so he withdrew, saying that he did not want to miss his future. Lam Chong suppressed his anger and asked to stay, but Vuong Luan forced him to surrender. Within 3 days, he went down the mountain to find people who were passing by to "head up the status". On the third day, he encountered Duong Chi. The two fought more than 20 rounds. When Vuong Luan saw this, he intervened and invited both of them to the camp to drink alcohol. Duong Chi saw that Lam Chong had great martial arts talent, so he gave gold and silver to Vuong Luan so that he could accept him.
Also during this time, the Tieu Cai, Cong Ton Thang, Ngo Dung, Tam Hung with the Nguyen and Luu Duong surnames, because of their robbery, were arrested by the government. This group of people ran to Luong Son. Vuong Luan was narrow-minded, so he did not want to accept them. Lam Chong couldn't stand it anymore and killed Wang Luan. Tieu Cai is honored as the leader. He also had merit in capturing Hu Tam Nuong in the battle of Luong Son army with Chuc Gia Trang, contributing to the victory of Luong Son later. After Tieu Cai's death, Lam Chong and other leaders honored Tong Giang become leader. After demarcation, Lam Chong took the 6th seat, the star Thien Hung belonged to the Thien Cuong Tinh group, the position of Ma Quan Chi Long general. In accordance with the imperial court, he went to fight the Liao Kingdom, Vuong Khanh, and Dien Ho, he also made many merits. He participated in the Phuong Lap war with Lu Tuan Nghia. After defeating Phuong Lap, his brother Lu Tri Tham passed away while meditating. Lam Chong felt sad and fell ill. Tong Giang gave the patient a cure that he couldn't get better, so he left the Luc Hoa temple and entrusted it to Vo Tong to take care of him. After half a year, Lam Chong passed away.

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Lam Xung ?-?-1070 (death).
Where is Chinese War Hero Lam Xung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Lam Xung was born in Chiet Giang, of China. Em, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Lam Xung's global rank is 56913 and whose rank is 8 in list of famous Chinese War Hero.
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Drawing of the Chinese war hero Lam Chong
Drawing of the Chinese war hero Lam Chong
 Shaping the character Lam Chong in the movie Water Margin
Shaping the character Lam Chong in the movie Water Margin

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