Football player Hoang Van Khanh

Hoang Van Khanh

Living place: Nam Dinh

Birthday: 5-4-1995 (29 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1995: 72 millions

Global rank: #68100


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Football player Hoang Van Khanh profile

Who is Football player Hoang Van Khanh?
Hoang Van Khanh is a young player born in 1995 in Tan Ky district, Nghe An province. He has a height of 1m81 and good judgment and air combat, so he has left a strong impression in the hearts of the audience as well as the coaching staff since he was just a young central defender.
Van Khanh is a mature player from Song Lam Nghe An training academy. In 2014 (when he was only 19 years old), he joined with player Ho Tuan Tai to occupy the national team. U19 Vietnam, the same age group as the current famous players such as: Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh... At that time, the country's central defender Nghe An was expected to shine brightly as one of the central defenders. A rare youngster who plays with poise.
However, at the 2014 U19 International tournament, which took place at Thong Nhat Stadium (HCMC), in a disputed situation, his tackle was causing Oduwa (Tottenham U19) player to break his leg. It was at this very moment that his budding career nearly came to an end. Van Khanh was elected by Germany bluntly and asked to leave U19 Vietnam. It was too big of a shock for him and he had a period of time when he was in a crisis and in a deadlock. Fortunately, the Southwest Can Tho team, under the guidance of Nghe An coach Vu Quang Bao, accepted him with a loan contract from Song Lam Nghe An. Under the guidance of his fellow countryman, Van Khanh gradually regained his confidence and style. In the 2015 season, with his excellent play, he quickly regained the opportunity in the home team SLNA. And in the shirt of his hometown team, Khanh played effectively, entered the typical team of the V-League 2017 and won the National Cup. Not only that, this central defender was also summoned to U23 Vietnam by coach Nguyen Huu Thang Men attended the 29th SEA Games.
But it wasn't until the 2019 season when the central defender Que Ngoc Hai moved to play for Viettel Club, and Hoang Van Khanh was really the leader in the defense of Song Lam Nghe An. He has shown his defensive qualities.
Into the 2020 season, when SLNA had to continue to bid farewell to a number of veteran players such as goalkeeper Nguyen Manh, defender Dinh Hoang, Van Khanh was The team's leadership trusted to hand over the captain's armband of Nghe team. With hard work as well as relentless efforts on the field, he had more than 2 years kept this tape, before handing it over to veteran midfielder Que Ngoc Hai earlier this season.
However, in June he had an injury and had to stop playing for nearly 2 months. Also because of this injury, I also missed the opportunity to be called up to the National Team under the coach Park Hang-seo.
In the 2021 season, he was injured again, but he still suppressed the pain and entered the field. In the last 2022 season, midfielder Van Khanh played excellently and helped the home team win 3 points against Club Binh Duong. However, in round 2, in the match against Binh Dinh at home, in a situation to intercept the striker of your team. , Van Khanh was injured again and had to leave the field right from the 14th minute. Also because of the injury, he was down in form this season. Hopefully in the near future, midfielder Tan Ky will work hard to practice, improve his injury and perform even better in the football club shirt Nam Dinh!

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When was Football player Hoang Van Khanh born?
Hoang Van Khanh birthday 5-4-1995 (at the age of 29).
Where is Football player Hoang Van Khanh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Hoang Van Khanh was born in Nghe An, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Nam Dinh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. Hoang Van Khanh's global rank is 68100 and whose rank is 3758 in list of famous Football player. Population of Vietnam in 1995 is about 72 millions persons.
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Handsome image of midfielder Hoang Van Khanh
Handsome image of midfielder Hoang Van Khanh
 Hoang Van Khanh - a talented young player
Hoang Van Khanh - a talented young player
 Hoang Van Khanh when he was still playing in SLNA club colors
Hoang Van Khanh when he was still playing in SLNA club colors
 Happy image of player Hoang Van Khanh with his wife
Happy image of player Hoang Van Khanh with his wife

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Birthday Hoang Van Khanh (5-4) in history

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  • Day 5-4 year 1999: Libya gave over two suspects in the Lockerbie, Scotland Pan Am bombing.
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