Football player Marques Colston

Marques Colston

Living place: Harrisburg

Birthday: 5-6-1983 (39 years old)

Population of US 1983: 233,791,994

Global rank: #21801

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Football player Marques Colston profile

Who is Football player Marques Colston?
NFL wide receiver who began his career with the new Orleans Saints in 2006. He immediately became one of the team's top receivers, catching 70 passes for 1,038 yards and 8 touchdowns in His first with the saints.
He became the Saints record holder for goal partying.

Young / Before famous

He won letters in football and track at Susquehanna Township High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Family life info

He married Emily Colston. His father James played in the Canadian Football League.

Close relationship

Who is Boy (girl) friend/ wife (husband)/ darling Football player Marques Colston?
He quickly developed into a favorite target of quarterback Drew Brees when joining the Saints.

Body measurements of

How tall is Football player Marques Colston? What Marques Colston's weight?
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Summary of Marques Colston profile

When was Football player Marques Colston born?
Marques Colston birthday 5-6-1983 (at the age of 39).
Where is Football player Marques Colston's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Marques Colston was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania- United States. is a Football player, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. Marques Colston's global rank is 21801 and whose rank is 785 in list of famous Football player. Population of US in 1983 is about 233,791,994 persons.
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Events in 1983 and 5-6

Events in US in the birth year of Marques Colston

  • Second space shuttle, Challenger, makes successful maiden voyage, which includes the first US space walk in nine years (April 4).
  • US Supreme Court declares many local abortion restrictions unconstitutional (June 15).
  • Sally K. Ride, 32, first US woman astronaut in space as a crew member aboard space shuttle Challenger (June 18).
  • US admits shielding former Nazi Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, 69, the "butcher of Lyon," wanted in France for war crimes (Aug. 15).

Birthday Marques Colston (5-6) in history

  • Day 5-6 year 1783: Inventors Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier first flew in a hot air balloon they invented successfully.
  • Day 5-6 year 1884: Civil War hero Gen. William T. Sherman refused the Republican nomination for president with the words, “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.”
  • Day 5-6 year 1933: The United States went off the gold standard.
  • Day 5-6 year 1947: Sen. George Marshall proposed a plan (Marshall Plan) to help Europe recover financially from the effects of World War II.
  • Day 5-6 year 1967: The Arab-Israeli Six-Day War began.
  • Day 5-6 year 1968: Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was shot by an assassin and died the next day.
  • Day 5-6 year 1981: The Centers for Disease Control published the first report about the disease that would later become known as AIDS.
  • Day 5-6 year 2002: Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home.
  • Day 5-6 year 2004: Former president Ronald Reagan died.
  • Day 5-6 year 2013: The British newspaper the Guardian published the first of many stories based on leaks by Edward Snowden about the top-secret surveillance activities of the National Security Agency.
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