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Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy)

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 27-8-1996 (27 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1996: 73,16 millions

Global rank: #92183


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Who is Gamer Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy)?

Gamer Ngo Cong Anh is also known for ingame as crazyguy. He was born in 1996 and currently lives and plays in Ho Chi Minh City. He started playing Esports officially at the age of 18 with CS: GO. Before that, Cong Anh had competed in another FPS subject, the Speed ​​Squad since he was in 8th grade. He shared, what attracted him to a professional Esports career was probably the competition and calculation. aggressive. “The feeling when you are better than everyone else is really “already”.”

The first e-sports genre that Cong Anh competed in was an FPS game, Speed ​​Squad. From the time he first started playing CS 1.1, he has always been fascinated by FPS because of the variety and drama from these game genres. Before playing CS: GO, he tried to "plow" League of Legends all the time, but the passion was not equal to the FPS game. Like many other families, no parent would like their child to pursue a career in eSports. But then, knowing that his son can earn money and have the opportunity to go abroad to play, his family also somewhat less aversion to him playing professionally. However, it's only a part.

About Crazyguy, he can be said to be the best and most experienced FPS player Vietnam ever produced. Cong Anh is a member of the SkyRed CS: GO line-up, which was honored to represent Asia against top European teams at Dreamhack Open Stockholm Sweden. In the past, the guy born in 1996 played for foreign teams, notably India's Signify. This is also Crazyguy's last CS: GO team before moving to VALORANT.

Recently, the National E-Sports coaching staff selected 7 faces to compete in the tournament. VALORANT game at SEA Games 32. Accordingly, VALORANT Vietnam team consists of 5 official members and 2 reserve members including:

  • Ngo "crazyguy" Cong Anh .
  • Nguyen "Suka" Van Tien
  • Nguyen "Nhatthong2k" Nhat Thong
  • Hoang "ducT" Trung Duc
  • Nguyen "Viness" Trung Tin
  • Pham "d0rf" Huynh Toan Quoc
  • Nguyen "P1nA" Nam

Those faces are the best players of VALORANT Vietnam and are always at the top of their positions.


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When was Gamer Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy) born?
Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy) birthday 27-8-1996 (at the age of 27).
Where is Gamer Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy)'s birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy) was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Virgo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy)'s global rank is 92183 and whose rank is 120 in list of famous Gamer. Population of Vietnam in 1996 is about 73,16 millions persons.
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Portrait of Gamer Ngo Cong Anh - crazyguy
Portrait of Gamer Ngo Cong Anh - crazyguy
Gamer Crazyguy has participated in many major tournaments
Gamer Crazyguy has participated in many major tournaments
Gamer Crazyguy is passionate about FPS games
Gamer Crazyguy is passionate about FPS games
Daily life image of Gamer Ngo Cong Anh - crazyguy
Daily life image of Gamer Ngo Cong Anh - crazyguy

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Events in 1996 and 27-8

Events in the world in the birth year of Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy)

  • Chechens capture 2,000 Russians (Jan. 9). Chechnya peace treaty signed (May 27).
  • France agrees to end nuclear testing (Jan. 29). Background: nuclear disarmament
  • Britain alarmed by an outbreak of "mad cow" disease (March 20 et seq.).
  • UN tribunal charges war crimes by Bosnian Muslims and Croats (March 22). Nations pledge $1.23 billion in aid to rebuild Bosnia (April 22).
  • South Africa gets new constitution (May 8).
  • Israel elects Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister (May 31).
  • Iraqis strike at Kurdish enclave (Aug. 31); after warning, US attacks Iraq's southern air defenses (Sept. 2–3).
  • Militant Taliban leaders seize Afghan capital of Kabul (Sept. 27).
  • Ethnic violence breaks out in Zairian refugee camps (Oct. 13); Clinton approves plan for UN-backed relief mission for 1.2 million Hutu refugees starving in eastern Zaire (Nov. 13). Hundreds of thousands return to Rwanda (Nov. 15–18).

Birthday Ngo Cong Anh (Crazyguy) (27-8) in history

  • Day 27-8 year 1859: Edwin Drake drilled the first successful U.S. oil well near Titusville, Pa.
  • Day 27-8 year 1883: A massive volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa blew up most of the island and resulted in tsunamis that killed over 36,000 people.
  • Day 27-8 year 1928: The Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, was signed.
  • Day 27-8 year 1945: U.S. troops began landing in Japan after Japan's surrender in World War II.
  • Day 27-8 year 1962: The U.S. launched the Mariner II space probe.
  • Day 27-8 year 2003: Mars made its closest approach to earth in 60,000 years.
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