Hot mom Phung Thanh Xuan

Phung Thanh Xuan

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 29-9-1989 (33 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1989: 64,77 millions

Global rank: #1919


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Who is Hot mom Phung Thanh Xuan?
Hot Mom Phung Thanh Xuan is also known by the close nickname Dumbo Mother. She belongs to the 8X generation, born in Hai Phong and currently lives and works in Hanoi. She is known for many articles sharing about scientific parenting methods. Especially the inheritance of delicious cooking tips made the online community give a lot of praise.
As one of the first hot moms on facebook, the way for brands to "inquire" is also very coincidental. Hotmom Phung Thanh Xuan shared: "After giving birth, I found her cute, so I took pictures of her and showed them on webtretho, lamchame, and then invaded Facebook". Unexpectedly caught the "blue eyes" of fashion brands. She was photographed lookbooks, performed for many famous brands such as Canifa, Kico, Mona, Jean Viet,... Since then, she has received a lot of attention. She started sharing about what her children eat, what milk they drink, what they wear, and their parenting tips.
Hotmom Phung Thanh Xuan said that her biggest difficulty was "doing things what was said". And that is also her point of view. For example, patience with children. Whenever her children did something wrong, she also got angry, but when she remembered what she had written, she quickly regained her composure.
Besides sharing about caring, raising children, and the community. The network also knows that she is the owner of a family of rice trays that are widely shared on social networks. Ms. Xuan often shares trays of home cooked meals, beautifully presented. In addition, she also creates many vegetarian dishes, delicious and nutritious vegan dishes. Thereby spreading a healthy, healthy lifestyle to everyone. Although she is busier, in return, she finds joy in her daily work by recording moments of activities with her family, dishes are cooked more methodically and meticulously to serve both work, while at the same time for the family to enjoy…
In the future, Ms. Thanh Xuan wants to make a book about vegetarian food. Organize workshops on child care and parenting. She also hopes that in a few years, when she goes to a bookstore, she can proudly show her child her name on the cover of a book. Hope hotmom Phung Thanh Xuan will be successful with her plans in the future!

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When was Hot mom Phung Thanh Xuan born?
Phung Thanh Xuan birthday 29-9-1989 (at the age of 33).
Where is Hot mom Phung Thanh Xuan's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Phung Thanh Xuan was born in Hai Phong, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Snake. Phung Thanh Xuan's global rank is 1919 and whose rank is 8 in list of famous Hot mom. Population of Vietnam in 1989 is about 64,77 millions persons.
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Portrait of hotmom Phung Thanh Xuan
Portrait of hotmom Phung Thanh Xuan
Fresh beauty of hotmom 8X
Fresh beauty of hotmom 8X
Family is the driving force of Hot Mom Phung Thanh Xuan
Family is the driving force of Hot Mom Phung Thanh Xuan
Hotmom Phung Thanh is happy with her family
Hotmom Phung Thanh is happy with her family

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Events in 1989 and 29-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Phung Thanh Xuan

  • US planes shoot down two Libyan fighters over international waters in Mediterranean (Jan. 4).
  • Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini declares author Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses offensive and sentences him to death (Feb. 14).
  • Tens of thousands of Chinese students take over Beijing's Tiananmen Square in rally for democracy (April 19 et seq.). More than one million in Beijing demonstrate for democracy; chaos spreads across nation (mid-May et seq.). Thousands killed in Tiananmen Square as Chinese leaders take hard line toward demonstrators (June 4 et seq.).
  • Mikhail S. Gorbachev named Soviet President (May 25).
  • P. W. Botha quits as South Africa's President (Aug. 14).
  • Deng Xiaoping resigns from China's leadership (Nov. 9).
  • After 28 years, Berlin Wall is open to West (Nov. 11).
  • Czech Parliament ends Communists' dominant role (Nov. 30).
  • Romanian uprising overthrows Communist government (Dec. 15 et seq.); President Ceausescu and wife executed (Dec. 25).
  • US troops invade Panama, seeking capture of General Manuel Noriega (Dec. 20).

Birthday Phung Thanh Xuan (29-9) in history

  • Day 29-9 year 1399: King Richard II of Bordeaux officially abdicated and became the first British monarch to abdicate.
  • Day 29-9 year 1829: Sir Robert Peel's police force, the "bobbies," began operations at Scotland Yard.
  • Day 29-9 year 1895: French chemist Louis Pasteur died.
  • Day 29-9 year 1978: John Paul I died one month after becoming pope.
  • Day 29-9 year 1982: Seven people died after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. This led to the use of safety seals on most consumer products.
  • Day 29-9 year 1988: The space shuttle Discovery was launched, the first American staffed space flight since the Challenger disaster.
  • Day 29-9 year 2001: Former South Vietnam president Nguyen Van Thieu died.
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