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Nguyen Khanh Linh

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 23-3-1997 (25 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1997: 74,31 millions

Global rank: #49924


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Who is Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh?
Nguyen Khanh Linh was noticed by the online community after publicly showing his affection for midfielder Bui Tien Dung. Not only beautiful, Khanh Linh is also the owner of a famous hotel in Bac Ninh. The couple publicly announced their love on October 2, 2018, right on Tien Dung's 23rd birthday.
Even though no photos of them together have been posted on the personal page, the online community has rumored. predict the relationship between the two. Central defender Bui Tien Dung once made a rather sensitive comment on a photo of Khanh Linh: "Do you sell alcohol at my house, but why are you so drunk when drinking at my house". She also wittily replied: "If you don't sell alcohol at my house, how drunk will you be". Khanh Linh is often present in the stands to support football, especially in matches with midfielder Bui Tien Dung.
Public love has not been long, but the couple Bui Tien Dung - Khanh Linh often make people laugh because of the moments of "breakfast love" together. On her personal page, Khanh Linh is very diligent in updating her boyfriend's image and often sends words of encouragement and encouragement to Bui Tien Dung. Perhaps in the WAGS lineup of the Vietnamese team, Khanh Linh received the most sympathy from the fans thanks to her beautiful appearance and talent. Khanh Linh's elegant and luxurious style is also very popular with fans.
Khanh Linh recently posted a photo of herself wearing a white chiffon scarf just like the girls trying on wedding dresses to prepare for their wedding. . Many fans think that Khanh Linh and Bui Tien Dung have thought about going back to the same house in the near future.
Recently, Khanh Linh has been criticized for watching the movie and filming the clip "Hai Phuong" at the same time. post on social media. Many people believe that Khanh Linh using the phone in the cinema to record is not a good idea. However, there are also some opinions in favor of her because the clip only lasts 8 seconds is a fight scene and she also positively compliments the movie. Recently, Khanh Linh was also examined for her beauty in the past and revealed photos of parties going to bars and taking intimate photos with many boys.

Young / Before famous

Khanh Linh used to be an international student in Singapore.

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When was Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh born?
Nguyen Khanh Linh birthday 23-3-1997 (at the age of 25).
Where is Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Khanh Linh was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Ox. Nguyen Khanh Linh's global rank is 49924 and whose rank is 139 in list of famous Hotface. Population of Vietnam in 1997 is about 74,31 millions persons.
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Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh is beautiful and seductive
Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh is beautiful and seductive
 Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh is famous when she publicly loves Bui Tien Dung
Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh is famous when she publicly loves Bui Tien Dung
 Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh and midfielder Bui Tien Dung
Hotface Nguyen Khanh Linh and midfielder Bui Tien Dung

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Events in 1997 and 23-3

Events in the world in the birth year of Nguyen Khanh Linh

  • Hebron agreement signed; Israel gives up large part of West Bank city of Hebron (Jan. 16). Israeli government approves establishment of Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, a setback in Middle East peace process (Feb. 26). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations
  • US, UK, and France agree to freeze Nazis' gold loot (Feb. 3).
  • Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule (June 30).
  • Khmer Rouge hold trial of longtime leader Pol Pot (July 25).
  • Swiss plan first payment to Holocaust victims (Sept. 17).
  • European Union plans to admit six nations (Dec. 13).

Birthday Nguyen Khanh Linh (23-3) in history

  • Day 23-3 year 1775: Patrick Henry declared "Give me liberty, or give me death."
  • Day 23-3 year 1806: Lewis and Clark began their return journey east.
  • Day 23-3 year 1919: Benito Mussolini founded his own party in Italy, the Fasci di Combattimento.
  • Day 23-3 year 1983: U.S. President Ronald Reagan proposed a space-based missile defense system called the Strategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars.”
  • Day 23-3 year 1998: The motion picture epic “Titanic” won 11 Oscars at the 70th Academy Awards, tying it with “Ben-Hur” for the most ever.
  • Day 23-3 year 2001: Russia's Mir space station ended its 15-year orbit of the Earth, splashing down in the South Pacific.
  • Day 23-3 year 2003: A U.S. Army convoy was ambushed in Iraq with 11 killed and seven captured, including Pfc. Jessica Lynch.
  • Day 23-3 year 2010: President Barack Obama signed a health-care overhaul bill, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, into law.
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