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Nguyen Huu Linh

Living place: Da Nang

Birthday: ?-?-1958 (66 years old)

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Nguyen Huu Linh is the former Deputy Director of the People's Procuracy of Da Nang City. In April 2019, Mr. Linh groped a little girl in the elevator at Galaxy 9 apartment building on Nguyen Khoai Street, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Linh's act of groping the little girl has made netizens "surprised" and extremely dissatisfied. However, after more than 2 weeks, Mr. Linh has not been prosecuted, so netizens are asking a huge question mark for the authorities.
More specifically about the case, it is April 1, 2019. Nguyen Huu Linh groped a girl in the elevator at the Galaxy 9 apartment building and was recorded by the camera in the elevator. According to camera footage, a girl and a man entered the elevator together. When entering, each person stands in a separate corner. But as soon as the elevator door closed, the man in blue immediately approached and hugged the girl, not only stopping there, this man also groped the girl's sensitive points. Then the man had the phone, so he let go of the girl and the girl hurried to stand in front of the elevator door. However, this person still deliberately pulled the girl towards him. As soon as the elevator door opened, the little girl ran out in a panic to the point of falling.
After reviewing the camera, the building's management realized that there was a serious problem. The building management has verified it. the apartment that this man came to live in and invited to work. The owner of the apartment said that the man in the clip is his father named Nguyen Huu Linh. Mr. Linh admitted to hugging and kissing the girl and said that it was just an act of "patching" the girl because he found her cute. The Management Board recorded the incident by making a minutes and this man signed it. After the incident, Mr. Linh and the child's family had "negotiations" about the incident. The family did not want to make a big deal out of fear of affecting the child's psyche. However, the management board of the building realized that the matter was more serious than that, so they reported it to the police.
Since then, netizens have had the opportunity to see the clip extracted from the camera, so they were extremely upset. and asked the authorities to prosecute the case quickly and have the appropriate punishment for the lewd.
However, 2 weeks have passed and the prosecution of Mr. Linh has not yet taken place. public opinion has not yet subsided. Many disgruntled elements went to Mr. Linh's house to throw dirt, even paint on the fence of Mr. Linh's house.
More than anyone, Mr. Linh is a law worker who understands the law well. It is also understandable that the law has taken such unacceptable actions, causing public "waves".
Hopefully, the authorities will collect clear and complete evidence and then prosecute. and severely punished Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh according to the provisions of article 146 of the Penal Code 2015 amended and supplemented in 2017 on the crime of lewdness against people under 16 years old.
BREAKING NEWS: April 21, 2019 - That is, after more than 20 days of groping a girl in the elevator, the Police Department of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has just issued decisions to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh (SN 1958, hometown Da Nang City ) on lewd acts against people under 16 years old, according to Article 146 of the Penal Code and applying the measure of banning exit, ban from leaving the place of residence. The prosecuting agency prosecuted Mr. Linh to expand the investigation.
BREAKING NEWS: This morning on August 23, 2019, the first-instance trial of defendant Nguyen Huu Linh took place at the People's Court of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. . HCM. At the end of the trial, defendant Linh was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the crime of "lewdness towards people under 16 years old". After the full sentence was pronounced, Mr. Linh was extremely suddenly unsteady and looked lost. He immediately appealed the entire sentence.

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Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh before retiring he was the Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Director of the People's Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City. Danang. He also served as Head of the Committee for the Advancement of Women of the People's Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City. Danang.
After retirement, Mr. Linh joined the Party in the locality (Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City), and registered to join the City Bar Association. Da Nang, currently has been granted a membership card but has not actually practiced.

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Nguyen Huu Linh birthday ?-?-1958 (at the age of 66).
Where is Law officer Nguyen Huu Linh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Huu Linh was born in Da Nang, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Nguyen Huu Linh's global rank is 91188 and whose rank is 26 in list of famous Law officer.
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Portrait of Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh
 Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh in office
Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh in office

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  • European Economic Community (Common Market) becomes effective (Jan. 1).
  • Egypt and Syria merge into United Arab Republic (Feb. 1).
  • Khrushchev becomes Premier of Soviet Union as Bulganin resigns (Mar. 27). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Gen. Charles de Gaulle becomes French premier (June 1), remaining in power until 1969.
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