Make-up Artist Vu Le Lam Vi

Vu Le Lam Vi

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 1-12-1996 (28 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1996: 73,16 millions

Global rank: #79629


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Phone number: 0932 882 929

Make-up Artist Vu Le Lam Vi profile

Who is Make-up Artist Vu Le Lam Vi?
Vu Le Lam Vi, also known as Lam Zi, is a young and very talented makeup artist. He was widely known when he participated in the Professional Makeup Contest "Shu Artistry 2020". With his makeup talent, although he did not win the highest position, he left a strong impression in the hearts of the judges as well as the entire audience. Currently, he is living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.
Lam Vi was born and grew up. up in Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province. After graduating from high school, he studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. HCM - HUTECH. While studying, he spent time learning about the field of beauty and makeup (Make up). The more he learns, the more passionate and gifted he becomes in this field. Therefore, after graduating from school, instead of pursuing a major at school, the original guy Dong Thap decided to turn to pursue makeup. In order to study methodically and nurture her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist, Lam Vi enrolled in a makeup course at Quan Nguyen Academy - Pu Le. With his inherent talent along with enthusiastic instruction from experts, the 9X guy's skills are getting higher and higher, he has had the opportunity to cooperate with many famous beauties in Vietnamese showbiz and since then. The name is also known and loved by more and more young people.
In 2020 he boldly registered to participate in a professional makeup contest called "Shu Artistry" - a contest honoring young talents in the makeup industry held for the first time by the Shu uemura brand at Vietnam. The contest attracted more than one hundred makeup artists from all over the country. Although only won the Consolation prize, Lam Vi's performance has also been highly appreciated by the judges. That is a great encouragement to help him firmly believe in his career and develop further in the future.
In addition to his passion for makeup, like most of his friends. In other age groups, Lam Vi also loves sports, likes to go to the movies, chat with friends in coffee and especially like to travel to explore famous places in the country. Each trip always brings him interesting experiences, helping him to remove stress, fatigue and pressure in life.
Nguoinoitieng. tv wishes makeup artist Lam Vi always healthy and shines more on the path he has chosen!

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When was Make-up Artist Vu Le Lam Vi born?
Vu Le Lam Vi birthday 1-12-1996 (at the age of 28).
Where is Make-up Artist Vu Le Lam Vi's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Vu Le Lam Vi was born in Dong Thap, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Vu Le Lam Vi's global rank is 79629 and whose rank is 13 in list of famous Make-up Artist. Population of Vietnam in 1996 is about 73,16 millions persons.
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Handsome image of male makeup artist Vu Le Lam Vi
Handsome image of male makeup artist Vu Le Lam Vi
Makeup artist Vu Le Lam Vi is handsome and elegant
Makeup artist Vu Le Lam Vi is handsome and elegant
Vu Le Lam Vi - Makeup artist passionate about bodybuilding
Vu Le Lam Vi - Makeup artist passionate about bodybuilding
Vu Le Lam Vi is handsome and very active
Vu Le Lam Vi is handsome and very active

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