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Doan Thien An

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 13-4-2000 (22 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2000: 77,63 millions

Global rank: #16963

Facebook: facebook.com/thienannee

Email: Talents@senvangvn.con

Phone number: updating

Miss Doan Thien An profile

Who is Miss Doan Thien An?
Doan Thien An (nicknamed Bo) born in 2000 is a beautiful and talented girl. She excellently surpassed 49 contestants across the country to be crowned Miss in the final night of Miss Grand Vietnam at City Ho Chi Minh on the evening of October 1.
Doan Thien An was born and raised in Long An . She is currently a student at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Before coming to the Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 contest, she was once crowned the Face of the Vietnamese Ao Dai student in 2018. With a bright face, friendly smile, and a balanced body with a height of 1.75 m, three-round measurement 88.5 - 66 - 98 Thien An left a deep impression on the audience from the very first round of recruitment. To have a beautiful body like today is a whole lot of effort and effort of her. Previously, she weighed 75 kg, was despised by everyone, that's why she tried to lose 15 kg to become confident. Her makeover not only in appearance but also in her face is an inspiring story for those who are self-deprecating.
Before coming to Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, Thien An has accumulated experience on the catwalk along with her inherent confidence and attractive body. She quickly passed the contests: Performing ao dai, swimsuit, evening dress to enter the presentation round on the topic of peace and the top 5 behavior contest. In the top 5 behavior contest, Doan Thien An received a question: "Most of today's young people are thought to be indifferent and emotionless, what do you think about this?". The beauty born in 2000 from Long An said: "Indifference, emotionlessness is an emotion that exists in everyone, not only young people. I think it is important to criticize, ask questions. Ask them why they are like this, help them understand that family is the foundation for love. Thien An's short but succinct answer received many compliments from the audience as well as the judges. She excellently overcame the 1st runner-up Che Nguyen Quynh Chau , 2nd runner-up Tran Tuyet Nhu, 3rd runner-up Tran Nguyen Minh Thu, 4th runner-up Ngo Thi Quynh Mai won the title of Miss in the final night.
After the final of Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 last night, Doan Thien An will represent the beauty of Vietnam to Indonesia. participate in the Miss Grand International 2022 (Miss International Peace). Thus, the beauty from Long An has only 4 days left to prepare for her next journey in the foreign country.

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Body measurements of

How tall is Miss Doan Thien An? What Doan Thien An's weight?
Height: 1m75
Weight: 51kg
Three measurements: 88.5 - 66 - 98

Summary of Doan Thien An profile

When was Miss Doan Thien An born?
Doan Thien An birthday 13-4-2000 (at the age of 22).
Where is Miss Doan Thien An's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Doan Thien An was born in Long An, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Doan Thien An's global rank is 16963 and whose rank is 37 in list of famous Miss. Population of Vietnam in 2000 is about 77,63 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Portrait of Miss Friendly 2022 Doan Thien An
Portrait of Miss Friendly 2022 Doan Thien An
Image of Doan Thien An on the catwalk
Image of Doan Thien An on the catwalk
Doan Thien An in National Cultural Costume
Doan Thien An in National Cultural Costume
Pretty image of Doan Thien An from Long AN
Pretty image of Doan Thien An from Long AN
Doan Thien An's image In the swimsuit competition
Doan Thien An's image In the swimsuit competition
Miss Doan Thien An's real-life image
Miss Doan Thien An's real-life image

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Events in 2000 and 13-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Doan Thien An

  • Austria at center of European dispute after conservative People's Party forms coalition with the far-right Freedom Party, headed by xenophobe Jörg Haider (Feb. 3).
  • Reformists win control of Iranian parliament for first time since 1979 Islamic revolution (Feb. 26).
  • Governing of Northern Ireland passes back and forth between Britain and nascent Northern Irish parliament; major dispute over IRA's refusal to disarm (Feb-May).
  • Former Indonesian president Suharto under house arrest, charged with corruption and abuse of power (May 29).
  • Presidents of North and South Korea sign peace accord, and at least symbolically, end a half-century of antagonism (June 13).
  • Vicente Fox Quesada elected president of Mexico, ending 71 years of one-party rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) (July 2).
  • Concorde crash kills 113 near Paris (July 25).
  • Palestinians and Israelis clash, spurred by visit of right-wing Israeli leader Ariel Sharon to a joint Jewish/Muslim holy site; "Al Aksa intifada" continues unabated (Sept. 30 et seq.).
  • Nationwide uprising overthrows Yugoslavian president Milosevic (Oct. 5); Vojislav Kostunica sworn in as president (Oct. 7).
  • U.S. sailors on Navy destroyer Cole die in Yemen terrorist explosion (Oct. 12).
  • Mad cow disease alarms Europe (Nov. 30 et seq.).
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Birthday Doan Thien An (13-4) in history

  • Day 13-4 year 1598: King Henry IV of France issued the edicts of the city of Nantes allowing the Huguenots of France to enjoy religious tolerance.
  • Day 13-4 year 1742: The hymn Handel's Messiah was performed publicly for the first time in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Day 13-4 year 1964: Sidney Poitier became the first African American to win the Academy Award for best actor.
  • Day 13-4 year 1970: Apollo 13 announced "Houston, we've got a problem," when an oxygen tank burst on the way to the Moon.
  • Day 13-4 year 1975: Civil War began in Lebanon when gunmen killed 4 Christian Phalangists who retaliated by killing 27 Palestinians.
  • Day 13-4 year 1997: Tiger Woods became the youngest person to win the Masters Tournament and the first of African descent to win a major golf title.
  • Day 13-4 year 2004: Barry Bonds hit his 661st homer, passing Willie Mays to take third place on the lifetime list.
  • Day 13-4 year 2012: Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3, a North Korean Earth observation satellite, exploded shortly after its launch. The U.S. and other countries called the launch a violation of United Nations Security Council rules.
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