Only Toker Cao Nho

Cao Nho

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 7-9-1994 (29 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1994: 70,84 millions

Global rank: #72665


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: updating

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Who is Only Toker Cao Nho?
Little Fox's real name is Nguyen Chi Thien, a famous male Tiktoker and KOL on social networks. He owns the Tiktok channel @caonho with more than 4 million followers and more than 96 million likes. He is loved by the online community through videos with fun and humorous content. His videos also have the appearance of many famous Tiktokers such as: Tuong Hong Phu, Purple Cotton... In addition to creating content on the Tiktok platform, Little Fox is also known for role as an actor.
Little Fox has a height of 1m68, has a stylish, youthful and dynamic appearance. Before becoming a famous Tiktoker with millions of followers on the Tiktok platform, he was a freelance Acoutics artist. He has participated in several game shows and left a certain impression on the audience through his voice. Realizing that the Tiktok platform is a place with a lot of potential to develop his own abilities, Little Fox created a channel for himself and started building it. He specializes in creating funny content, which is why this 9X guy quickly attracted the attention of many people.
Before getting involved with the Tiktok platform, Little Fox developed the Youtube channel Little Fox Channel. At first, this Youtube channel was not too prominent, but after a series of impressive videos, it helped the channel become more famous. Among them, the series "Little Fox Tells Ghost Stories" has attracted a lot of views. After attracting a certain number of fans and being influential on social networks, Little Fox decided to work as a full-time content creator.
Tiktoker Little Fox also shared Regarding my time making Tiktok, it was a journey full of arduous, hard work and also encountered many difficulties. He alone took on all the work from coming up with ideas, acting, filming, editing videos.... Later, when he attracted a certain amount of followers, he had his own filming crew. mine. Until now, Little Fox has achieved much success in his career as a content creator.
If you are a regular follower of the Tiktok channel Little Fox, you probably won't out of curiosity about this 9X male Tiktoker's life partner. On his videos, he also often posts footage with beautiful girls. This made many netizens think that one of those beautiful girls has his lover. However, he is quite secretive about his personal life and has never made his girlfriend public. On his personal pages, he has never published the image of his other half.

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Summary of Cao Nho profile

When was Only Toker Cao Nho born?
Cao Nho birthday 7-9-1994 (at the age of 29).
Where is Only Toker Cao Nho's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Cao Nho was born in An Giang, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Virgo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Cao Nho's global rank is 72665 and whose rank is 718 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1994 is about 70,84 millions persons.
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Portrait photo of Tiktoker Little Fox
Portrait photo of Tiktoker Little Fox
New image of Tiktoker Little Fox
New image of Tiktoker Little Fox
Tiktoker Little Fox owns millions of followers on the Tiktok platform
Tiktoker Little Fox owns millions of followers on the Tiktok platform
Close-up of Tiktoker Little Fox's handsome appearance
Close-up of Tiktoker Little Fox's handsome appearance

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Events in 1994 and 7-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Cao Nho

  • Serbs' heavy weapons pound Sarajevo (Jan. 5-6).
  • Thousands dead in Rwanda massacre (April 6).
  • South Africa holds first interracial national election (April 29); Nelson Mandela elected President.
  • Israel signs accord with Palestinians (May 4), peace treaty with Jordan (Oct. 17).
  • IRA declares cease-fire in Northern Ireland (Aug. 31). Ulster Protestants declare cease-fire (Oct. 13).
  • Aristide returns to Haiti (Oct. 4), forms Government with Prime Minister and full Cabinet (Nov. 9).
  • US sends forces to Persian Gulf (Oct. 7).
  • Russians attack secessionist Republic of Chechnya (Dec. 11 et seq.).

Birthday Cao Nho (7-9) in history

  • Day 7-9 year 1822: Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.
  • Day 7-9 year 1901: The Boxer Rebellion in China officially ended with the signing of the Peking Protocol (Peace of Beijing).
  • Day 7-9 year 1940: Nazi Germany began its initial blitz on London during World War II.
  • Day 7-9 year 1979: The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) made its debut on cable TV.
  • Day 7-9 year 1986: Desmond Tutu became the first black to lead the Anglican Church in southern Africa.
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