Only Toker Foxie


Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 1-6-1998 (24 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1998: 75,46 millions

Global rank: #47854



Phone number: updating

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Who is Only Toker Foxie?
Foxie or Nhu Conway whose real name is Lam Y Nha Nhu, is a hot Tiktoker known by many people. She started creating content on the Tiktok platform from 2019. At first, her channel only earned a small amount of headlines, but she was not discouraged but constantly looking for ideas for her videos. To date, her Tiktok channel "9tailsfoxie" has 1 million followers.

After a period of creativity and hard work, Foxie has achieved many achievements and achievements. memorable memories. She also collaborates with some famous Tiktokers and has received love from the online community. When asked why she became a Tiktoker about beauty, the 9X girl said that the reason why she became a beauty blogger was because when she posted videos on the Tiktok platform, she received many negative comments. extreme, and since then she was determined to change. When she embarks on the beauty industry, she wants people to see that she has changed from an ordinary girl to become the current Foxie.

As a long-time makeup artist, Foxie believes that applying eyeshadow is the most difficult part of the makeup process. It is this stage that determines the difference for the makeup look. She admits that her skills are still not really good because she has never been through any professional training school. She just watched the tutorial videos of the makeup artists. But thanks to the spirit of learning and hard work, she now has professional makeup skills.

In addition to the how-to video Point, this Tiktoker girl born in 1998 also produces attractive trending clips with fun content. To get those scenes, she faced many difficulties many times, but for her, they were all memorable and helped her become more mature. Sharing about future plans, Foxie said that she will continue to make makeup tutorial videos on the social platform Tiktok. In addition, she also reviews the products that she has experienced. This 9X beauty has a plan to invade Youtube and she wants to receive everyone's support.

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When was Only Toker Foxie born?
Foxie birthday 1-6-1998 (at the age of 24).
Where is Only Toker Foxie's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Foxie was born in Nha Trang, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Foxie's global rank is 47854 and whose rank is 311 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1998 is about 75,46 millions persons.
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Portrait of Tiktoker Foxie
Portrait of Tiktoker Foxie
New image of Tiktoker Foxie
New image of Tiktoker Foxie
Tiktoker Foxie is famous in the field of beauty
Tiktoker Foxie is famous in the field of beauty

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Events in 1998 and 1-6

Events in the world in the birth year of Foxie

  • Serbs battle ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (March 5 et seq.). Serbs renew attack on Kosovo rebels (June 1). NATO, on verge of air strikes, reaches settlement with Milosevic on Kosovo (Oct. 12).
  • Good Friday Accord is reached in Northern Ireland (April 10). Irish Parliament backs peace agreement (April 22). Background: N. Ireland Peace Negotiations
  • Europeans agree on single currency, the euro (May 3).
  • India conducts three atomic tests despite worldwide disapproval (May 11, 13). Pakistan stages five nuclear tests in response (May 29, 30).
  • Indonesian dictator Suharto steps down after 32 years in power (May 21).
  • Iraq ends cooperation with UN arms inspectors (Aug. 5). Clinton orders air strikes (Dec. 16–19).
  • US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed (Aug. 7). US cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan (Aug. 20).
  • Russia fights to avert financial collapse (Aug. 17).
  • Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet arrested in London (Oct. 16).
  • Wye Mills Agreement between Netanyahu and Arafat moves Middle East peace talks forward (Oct. 23). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations

Birthday Foxie (1-6) in history

  • Day 1-6 year 1792: Kentucky becomes the 15th state to adopt the US constitution.
  • Day 1-6 year 1796: Tennessee becomes the 16th state to adopt the US constitution.
  • Day 1-6 year 1938: The first issue of Action Comics, featuring Superman, was published.
  • Day 1-6 year 1958: General Charles De Gaulle became the premier of France.
  • Day 1-6 year 1968: Helen Keller, blind and deaf author-lecturer, died.
  • Day 1-6 year 1980: Cable News Network (CNN) debuted.
  • Day 1-6 year 2001: Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal wiped out most of the royal family before shooting himself.
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