Only Toker Ha Mac Truong Giang

Ha Mac Truong Giang

Living place: Cao Bang

Birthday: ?-?-2004 (18 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2004: 81,44 millions

Global rank: #96021

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Who is Only Toker Ha Mac Truong Giang?
Tiktoker Ha Mac Truong Giang (born 2004), from Cao Bang. He is interested by many young people through music cover videos with a sweet voice. Truong Giang is currently a very prominent face on social networking platforms, especially Tiktok with 100 thousand likes on this MXH platform. Although only turning 18 years old, the young man already has many outstanding achievements in the field of art, with the effort to pursue his passion for singing.
To follow. After pursuing this career, Truong Giang said he had encountered many difficulties and pressures. In addition to learning basic professional knowledge, 10X has to hone many other skills to perfect himself.
He confided: “On the road to music and has partly reaped the rewards. Having achieved certain successes, the music teacher in childhood was the one who graciously taught and fueled her passion for art. I consider her as a second mother. Wishing her many great successes on her artistic path”.
Giang said that for him music is part of his passion as well. is to provide a part of the income to support the family. When he was still in school, he went to sing in the tea room, run shows to help his parents, especially during the time when the incident happened to his small house. “Unlike many other professions, the rejection in the singing profession is very high. If we don't practice and gather enough 'sharp form, masterful spirit', we will be very weak and give up halfway. ”, Giang confided.
It is because he is aware of the thorns and challenges that the young Cao Bang has made constant efforts from the very beginning. 10X shared, he always cultivates knowledge, skills, eloquence ability, sophisticated and civilized lifestyle and manners. GenZ confided, although he was not born into a family with a professional artistic tradition, he feels fortunate to have his family's support on the path he has chosen.
There have been initial results, however, Truong Giang said that he was quite passive in seizing opportunities: “In the past, I just tried to improve myself and wait for the opportunity to come. But now, I realize that, instead of waiting, go find and create opportunities for yourself”.
Although I know the road ahead is still difficult, but the boy Children are not afraid to face. Because he understood, there is no success without going through trials and tribulations.
Whenever he has free time, GenZ usually stays at home to sleep or talk to his mother. In addition, Giang also has a hobby of reading books, playing board games, chilling with friends or having a coffee at night.
“I always like a saying: “You are what you think”, so So don't be afraid to dream, don't be afraid to be ambitious. Think positive and dream big because the law of attraction is right. But don't forget, you still have to work and try every day! , Truong Giang expressed.

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When was Only Toker Ha Mac Truong Giang born?
Ha Mac Truong Giang birthday ?-?-2004 (at the age of 18).
Where is Only Toker Ha Mac Truong Giang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ha Mac Truong Giang was born in Cao Bang, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. Ha Mac Truong Giang's global rank is 96021 and whose rank is 359 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 2004 is about 81,44 millions persons.
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Portrait of hot tiktoker Ha Mac Truong Giang
Portrait of hot tiktoker Ha Mac Truong Giang
GenZ guy possesses musical talent and handsome appearance
GenZ guy possesses musical talent and handsome appearance
10X always strives to pursue his passion
10X always strives to pursue his passion
Truong Giang promises to be more successful on the artistic path.
Truong Giang promises to be more successful on the artistic path.

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